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The Crafting Diva Earns Her Crown

November 13, 2008

Like I’m sure some of you did, I picked up my copy of WotLK at 12am this morning.  My main purpose in doing so was to get a jump start on professions so I could stay in front of the wave of crafting activities.  Since it’s my task to report on tradeskills, I wanted to at least try to be a frontrunner :)


First Peek at WotLK Mining

September 11, 2008

For the last few days I’ve been working to collect some of the new ore in WotLK so Krystella can start prospecting and cutting gems.  For those of you who do not have mining… I fear you’ll have some problems leveling up in the early weeks.  Ore isn’t exactly what I would call plentiful in the starting zones.  What with three different professions requiring ore, I’d be surprised if there was much available on the auctions.


Skilling Up Mining… A New Trick

August 7, 2008

This tip was submitted to me by my son Wildark.  I’ve added links to the appropriate ores for those who aren’t familiar with them.  I have not personally tested this, but I present as a potential help it to those of you who may be working on your mining skill:


More 2.4 Updates for Jewelcrafters & Gatherers

March 24, 2008

I have some bad news for Jewelcrafters. The new Brilliant Glass item has already been nerfed. Today I logged in and tried making a few more, and it now has a 23 hour cooldown. While I understand the reasons behind this, likely an attempt to avoid a flood of blue gems on the market, I’m still a bit sad. It was nice to think that I would clear my bags of all the green tribbles and make something useful from them. Ah well, at least the gem economy won’t go down the crapper 24 hours after the patch, right?


Gathering Daily Quest in 2.4

February 21, 2008

Yes, there’s a gathering quest coming in the 2.4 patch. I actually didn’t realize this until I got in there and started picking up quests. This one starts in Shattrath City, near the flight master. You are asked to collect 8 nether residue, which supposedly drops anywhere in Outland. I’ve done this quest 2-3 times on each of my gatherers to try and figure out the best way to complete it. Unfortunately all of my research is subject to change between now and release. It’s pretty obvious to me that they are still tweaking drop rates. On the first day of mining I collected all 8 quest drops after about a dozen nodes. Two days later it took over 30 nodes to get the same 8 drops, so clearly the drop rate is in flux. Either that or I just had horrible luck on the second pass.


Mining Nerf? A closer look at the 2.1 change

April 16, 2007

Despite the constant (and I do mean constant) outages on the test server, I’ve managed to do a bit of testing on the new mining changes. The biggest thing I’ve identified is the “proximity” nerf. Basically this means that you must stand within 1-2 feet of the node in order to mine it. No more standing at max range to avoid mobs, you’re going to have to be on top of the thing. To my mind this is the biggie – the most significant change that was made.


BC Mining to 375

December 12, 2006

Yes, I got my mining up to 375 yesterday – woot! The Fel Iron can be mined all the way to 375, it’s still green. (more…)

Mining Fel Iron… an update

December 5, 2006