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Professions Straight from LeCraft!

August 21, 2009

I’m so tickled that Jon LeCraft was the presenter of the Professions information on the WoW panel – woot!  Some day I’d like to have an actual conversation with him to ask all my burning questions about crafting, but for now this will have to suffice.  <I’m SUCH a nerd!>  Now let’s get to the goodies:



3.2 Recipes + Updated First Aid

July 25, 2009

Hey all – sorry for the long delay in posts!  I’ve been recovering from my trip and getting caught up on web site work.  We just put up the new 3.2 recipes for Jewelcrafting, Alchemy and Engineering.  Make sure you select “Test Realm” if you want to see just 3.2 recipes.  The items aren’t fully working yet because the WoWHead 3.2 data isn’t live, but everything is in place for when that happens.  All of the new recipes are there and the information should be current as of the most recent build.  No promises on the epic gem transmutes… we’re on the 3rd revision of mats for them rofl!

Also, I’ve updated our First Aid guide to include Lich King information as well as the recent change to trainers.  The First Aid recipe list has also been updated to match.  I’ll be spending the summer doing clean-up on the site while we have this lull in WoW action.  Hopefully 3.2 will come out soon and liven things up, eh?

Other craftables in Patch 3.2

June 28, 2009

I wasn’t able to find enough data for some of the other tradeskills on the 3.2 Test Realm, so I’m just going to combine this information into one post.  Here are some screenshots I took of new recipes in Leatherworking, Inscription and Engineering, plus a couple of items for Alchemy and Jewelcrafting: (more…)

Titanium Prospecting Results (Patch 3.2)

June 26, 2009

I brought two stacks of Titanium with me and farmed a third stack on the PTR yesterday.  So I had 3 stacks of ore to test prospecting with – I know it’s not a huge sample.  As soon as the character copies open up again I’m going to send more ore across to expand on this list.


Epic Gem Vendor coming in 3.2

June 24, 2009

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, there will be a new epic gem vendor in the next patch.  Technically he’s not new, it’s the current badge vendor Harold Winston.  The good news here is that we’ll be able to purchase epic gems with Badges of Heroism!  This is great for non-jewelcrafters who won’t be able to prospect their own ore.  And it follows in the tradition of the precedent set in Burning Crusade, so it’s not really shocking.  It’s nice though =)


Epic Gems from Patch 3.2 (part 2)

June 24, 2009

Here’s some more images of the gem recipes I found earlier today, I’m just dumping them all in one big gallery :)  Enjoy! (more…)

Epic Gems from Patch 3.2 (part 1)

June 24, 2009

There are 70+ new epic gem recipes on the Test Realm right now and I’m bringing them to you LIVE and IN COLOR =)  (more…)

Top 5 Lists

June 17, 2009

Ok, so I’ve been playing a bit more with WoWPopular :) I put together a few lists for you guys, just to see what you think of the results.  This is an approximation (based on their star ranking) of the five most popular crafted items for various tradeskills:


Fun with Number Crunchin’

June 15, 2009

Last week I found a couple of web sites that really peaked my interest.  In fact, I kind of wish I’d known about them prior to the 3.1 patch.  One has been around quite awhile: WarcraftRealms.  This site collects population statistics for all servers and you can filter based on a number of criteria.  What does this have to do with crafting?  Well if you’re a crafter, it helps to know what classes are more popular than others.  I mean, you could use your personal observations if you like.  But for those who prefer facts and figures, you can check WarcraftRealms instead.


More New JC Goodies in Patch 3.1

March 13, 2009

Last night a new update went up on the test realm with a handful of Jewelcrafting recipes added to the mix.  These were easy to find, one was on the token vendor and four were available from the Trainer, right in Dalaran.  The first one is a recipe that I know folks have been waiting on: the Shifting Twilight Opal recipe that’s been absent from the lineup since November. (more…)