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Dual Specs & Incribers

February 12, 2009

A new page has gone up on the official WoW site with lots of details regarding the implementation of Dual Specs (at least the current plans for implementation, these things can always change!).  Naturally this is a great read for any class that’s considering Dual Specs, but it’s also an interesting read for Inscribers.



Welcome our First Guest Poster!

February 3, 2009

I’m pleased to introduce our very first Guest Poster -> Markco from Just My Two Copper.  His blog is focused on the WoW economy and he shares his tips for making gold in WoW.  I’ve popped over to his blog a few times and I’ve enjoyed getting his insights on the economic tides of the game as various changes are implemented by Blizzard. He was also recently featured on Tobold’s MMORPG Blog, so he’s shaping up to be an active participant in the WoW blogging family.


New Inscription Goodies from the PTR

January 13, 2009

Somehow I thought I was the only Scribe struggling with this issue.  I mill and mill and mill and only get a couple of Snowfall Inks, even when I use the best herbs.  Meanwhile my Ink of the Sea is piling up and I don’t know what to do with it.  Sure, I could sell my glyphs for cheap, but it pains me to price them for less than the exorbitant herbs cost me.  Sadly that’s what they’re currently going for, Glyphs have become the new uncommon gem cuts of WotLK.


Inscription 360-390

November 14, 2008

I was quite sad that I didn’t get a chance to level Inscription in the Beta, I would have liked to provide some insight into the progression before it went Live.  Luckily I was able to get Kaliope to Dalaran last night (thank you Oldone for getting our guild into the city!!) and visit the Inscription trainer.  And thanks to my newly leveled Herbalism, I was able to hang out in higher zones and farm the herbs needed without fighting the throngs of levelers.


Final Pre-WotLK Status on Inscription

November 6, 2008

I’ve gotten a few emails regarding Minor glyphs on Crafter’s Tome, asking when they are going up and offering help.  The biggest obstacle I had was that our database had no option to separate Major/Minor.  I knew this would be an issue for folks wanting to search the list, so I held off on posting them until I had a solution.  Well, it’s not ideal but we’ve come up with a way to work around the problem for now and I’ve started putting Minor Glyphs in the Inscription list.  Right now we’ve got about a third of them up and I’ll continue expanding that number over the next week or so.


Fun with the Scroll of Randomness

October 16, 2008

There’s no such thing you say?  Ahhh, I beg to differ.  Perhaps you know it by another name: Scroll of Recall.  “But”, you say, “it’s unreliable above level 40, why would I use that???”  Well, I’m about to give you a reason!


Inscription Madness!!

October 15, 2008

I don’t know about you guys, but my server was a madhouse yesterday.  Glyphs were flying and so were people!!  Ok, mostly just folks trying to get the “fall 65 yds” achievement.  Anyway, I was lucky to get on my server about 11pm ET and it stayed stable enough for me to power up to 350.  I followed the guide on Crafter’s Tome and noticed very few changes.  Nothing that will impact it’s effectiveness, just a few areas where recipes don’t change color in the same spot.  For anyone who didn’t manage to level up Inscription yesterday – the Power Leveling guide is still good!  Have fun :)

Inscriptions Now Viewable by Class

October 14, 2008

Just a quick FYI to let all of you know that our Inscription recipe list now has a filter (under Type) for the class. This let’s you select a Class and show only the glyphs that match. Unfortunately it still shows the ‘blank’ items as well, but at least you can turn all the other glyphs off. Feel free to send folks here who want to see what glyphs they can use for their character!

WotLK Inscription List Update + Call to Arms!

October 13, 2008

In case you guys haven’t noticed, we posted some updates to Inscription recipe list yesterday.  It’s now current as of the latest build on the beta server.  While I don’t feel too comfy with the progression, it probably has most of the actual items that will be available.  On the other hand, I believe there are still problems with it.  All of the Glyph recipes are lumped up at 375 and 400 skill, instead of spread out every 5 points like the under 300 recipes.  None of the glyph recipes use 2x common ink like the upper levels of other inks do.  There are huge gaps of 25 points between each wave of recipes and the only recipes over 400 skill are scrolls.  I’d be very disappointed if the pinnacle of the Inscription was scrolls <gack>. 


Inscription: A look at pigment drop rates for Milling

October 9, 2008

We had a question on the blog yesterday regarding the drop rate of uncommon pigments when milling herbs.  The thinking behind this is whether or not you can stockpile more common herbs to mill and avoid destroying more difficult herbs from the same “group” when collecting a specific type of pigment.  In my example, I’m using Felweed as the baseline herb and then comparing the drop rate to more high-end herbs like netherbloom and nightmare vine.  If we can get by with milling a bunch of felweed (which isn’t as valuable) then we can save our netherbloom for something else.