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Professions Straight from LeCraft!

August 21, 2009

I’m so tickled that Jon LeCraft was the presenter of the Professions information on the WoW panel – woot!  Some day I’d like to have an actual conversation with him to ask all my burning questions about crafting, but for now this will have to suffice.  <I’m SUCH a nerd!>  Now let’s get to the goodies:


Updated WotLK Herb Chart

March 31, 2009

Several changes have been implemented with Herbalism, mostly a few of the herbs have had their skill levels tweaked over the last six months.  On the Test Realm I went ahead and revisited my original Herb Skill Chart to compile an updated version…


WotLK Herbalism 375-450

December 2, 2008

I’m sure many of you have figured out how to level your Herbalism already :)  I really should have posted sooner since I actually capped on Day 1, but with so many other things going on it got pushed to the back burner.  The first thing I want to recommend is a pair of +5 herbalism gloves.  You can purchase plain white gloves from an armor vendor in any major city and enchant them.  They won’t be soulbound, so you can mail them to an alt when you’re done.  This may seem like a strange suggestion since Goldclover (the first Northrend herb) is yellow at 375.  The gloves aren’t for the clover, they are so you can move up the chain quicker.  While Goldclover is certainly a useful herb, no one wants to hang out in noob zones any more than necessary.


Sneak Peek at WotLK Alchemy 375-420

September 26, 2008

My last post focused on Herbalism, so it’s only natural that I should follow up with Alchemy.  The main reason Herbalism got any attention at this stage was because I wanted to collect some mats to test out Alchemy.  “But Kaliope,” you say, “didn’t you have to leave your Alchemist out of Beta?”.  “Why yes I did!”, I respond.  My guild leader, who is in the Beta with me, has been kind enough to make his Alchemist available for testing purposes :)


WotLK Herbalism: List of Herbs and Skill Level

September 22, 2008

After several sessions of struggling with my level 70 hunter to travel all the various Northrend zones in search of herbs and coming up mostly empty, I finally had the bright idea to use my premade PvP druid since he is level 80 and can fly over Northrend.  That is a much easier way to find herbs rather than trekking through the aggro-crazy mobs on land as a level 70 noob.  Alas, Mr PVP did not have any tradeskills, but a quick visit to the Herbalism trainer took care of that.


More 2.4 Updates for Jewelcrafters & Gatherers

March 24, 2008

I have some bad news for Jewelcrafters. The new Brilliant Glass item has already been nerfed. Today I logged in and tried making a few more, and it now has a 23 hour cooldown. While I understand the reasons behind this, likely an attempt to avoid a flood of blue gems on the market, I’m still a bit sad. It was nice to think that I would clear my bags of all the green tribbles and make something useful from them. Ah well, at least the gem economy won’t go down the crapper 24 hours after the patch, right?


Gathering Daily Quest in 2.4

February 21, 2008

Yes, there’s a gathering quest coming in the 2.4 patch. I actually didn’t realize this until I got in there and started picking up quests. This one starts in Shattrath City, near the flight master. You are asked to collect 8 nether residue, which supposedly drops anywhere in Outland. I’ve done this quest 2-3 times on each of my gatherers to try and figure out the best way to complete it. Unfortunately all of my research is subject to change between now and release. It’s pretty obvious to me that they are still tweaking drop rates. On the first day of mining I collected all 8 quest drops after about a dozen nodes. Two days later it took over 30 nodes to get the same 8 drops, so clearly the drop rate is in flux. Either that or I just had horrible luck on the second pass.