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3.2 Recipes + Updated First Aid

July 25, 2009

Hey all – sorry for the long delay in posts!  I’ve been recovering from my trip and getting caught up on web site work.  We just put up the new 3.2 recipes for Jewelcrafting, Alchemy and Engineering.  Make sure you select “Test Realm” if you want to see just 3.2 recipes.  The items aren’t fully working yet because the WoWHead 3.2 data isn’t live, but everything is in place for when that happens.  All of the new recipes are there and the information should be current as of the most recent build.  No promises on the epic gem transmutes… we’re on the 3rd revision of mats for them rofl!

Also, I’ve updated our First Aid guide to include Lich King information as well as the recent change to trainers.  The First Aid recipe list has also been updated to match.  I’ll be spending the summer doing clean-up on the site while we have this lull in WoW action.  Hopefully 3.2 will come out soon and liven things up, eh?


WotLK First Aid 375-450

December 7, 2008

Often I work on multiple projects at once and collect materials while I go about my normal activities.  When I feel I’m close enough to cap a profession, I gear up for a final push so I can write up a post.  Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been slowly leveling my First Aid as I collected cloth.  Just as in the Beta, Frostweave Cloth has a fairly skimpy drop when you start adventuring in Northrend.  As a result, it appears that the average person would have difficulty powering up First Aid in a short period of time.


First Aid 300-375 (guide update)

April 10, 2007

300-375: First Aid in the Expansion

Our level cap has been raised to 375 and now we are faced with leveling the First Aid skill once again. Because the caps of every other skill have been raised as well, this means you will be competing with Tailors for runecloth. Hopefully you were smart and saved some of your runecloth from before the Burning Crusade. (more…)

Cooking & First Aid recipes now online

January 1, 2007


First Aid 300-350

December 5, 2006

As promised, I powered up my First Aid with Kayree (tank) after she was copied to the beta server. I had 8 stacks of runecloth that I’d saved up from my various toons, so I felt confident about my ability to zoom through First Aid.

Crafting Medley

December 4, 2006