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Cardinal Ruby Quest, Part 2

August 10, 2009

I’m sure many of you finished up the Cardinal Ruby quest this weekend, as did I.  One thing we learned for those who are still working on it, is that Lizzy does not take your gems from you.  This means you can transmute any gem you like, not just the cheap junk.  The second thing we learned is that the quest is counting the act of transmutation, not the resulting product.  As we’ve discussed in our comment area, Tranmute procs do not give you a leg up for this quest.  No matter what happens, the quest will take five days to finish.  We also learned that the quest is a tad buggy, so be sure all of your transmutes get counted.  If you run into a problem, contact a GM asap!


Cardinal Ruby Quest for Alchemists

August 5, 2009

I had hoped to have good new for you all today, but sadly I do not.  Yesterday I picked up the Cardinal Ruby quest, as I’m sure you did.  Despite the truly horrific lag and lack of mail service on my server, I transferred appropriate mats to my Alchemist for all of her transmutation needs.  She did her first transmute after picking up the quest and got credit for one transmute.  Then I had Kaliope buy her another gem from the badge vendor to see if that might also count.  Sadly, it did not.  She has two epic gems in her bags, but she still only has credit for one.


3.2 Recipes + Updated First Aid

July 25, 2009

Hey all – sorry for the long delay in posts!  I’ve been recovering from my trip and getting caught up on web site work.  We just put up the new 3.2 recipes for Jewelcrafting, Alchemy and Engineering.  Make sure you select “Test Realm” if you want to see just 3.2 recipes.  The items aren’t fully working yet because the WoWHead 3.2 data isn’t live, but everything is in place for when that happens.  All of the new recipes are there and the information should be current as of the most recent build.  No promises on the epic gem transmutes… we’re on the 3rd revision of mats for them rofl!

Also, I’ve updated our First Aid guide to include Lich King information as well as the recent change to trainers.  The First Aid recipe list has also been updated to match.  I’ll be spending the summer doing clean-up on the site while we have this lull in WoW action.  Hopefully 3.2 will come out soon and liven things up, eh?

Epic Gem Changes Already

June 30, 2009

So there was a Blue post on Monday indicating more changes to the epic gem transmutes that were just discovered last week.  Most importantly to all Alchemists is the addition of a cooldown: (more…)

New Alchemy Recipes from Patch 3.2

June 25, 2009


So I popped into the Test Realm this morning and found new Alchemy recipes on the trainer in Dalaran.  They weren’t there yesterday when I checked, but they brought the server down around suppertime so perhaps that’s when they were added.  Anyway, these are the new recipes from the Alchemy trainer.  They may not be 100% accurate – I don’t have my Alchemist copied yet so I was just going by memory.


Patch 3.2 info trickles out…

June 19, 2009

Some of you may have noticed over the past few days that Profession changes have started to make their way into the  official patch notes.  There’s a lot of great stuff to digest there, but the one that I’m the most excited about is this:


New Alchemy Goodies in Patch 3.0.8

January 19, 2009

Alchemy is getting a couple of new items in the upcoming patch, nothing major but still interesting.  The first new item is called “Lesser Flask of Resistance” and it gives +50 to all schools of magic for one hour.  Like all other flasks, it persists through death.  This doesn’t seem like a highly beneficial item, but for guilds who are moving through new content it could be handy to beef up resistance among your ranks.


WotLK Alchemy to 450 (LIVE)

December 12, 2008

I have been terribly remiss in not writing this post weeks ago, and I humbly apologize.  I’ve been so busy with all the various professions that it was hard to find time to go back to this.  I suspect that part of the problem was that I did this in such a frenzy during my all-nighter on release day, that I wasn’t looking forward to figuring out what I did.  My notes are pretty crappy for that day, all I really have is a bag full of potions that I saved.


WotLK Prep for Jewelcrafters

October 19, 2008

I probably should have posted this last week, but I didn’t really think about it until this weekend.  For those of you who haven’t been poring over the new gem recipes from Northrend, it may not be obvious what the new content will mean for your current wares.  So let me make it clear: the new green gems are better than our current epics.  And for those of you who are thickies… THE NEW CRAP GEMS ARE BETTER THAN OUR EPIC GEMS! If you haven’t done so already, please cut and sell any gems you have left in your bank/bags/etc.  Stop holding them in the hopes that they will sell like hotcakes on release day.  Anyone with half a brain will wait a day or two until the Jewelcrafters on their realm start cutting masses of green gems and selling them for chump change.


Sneak Peek at WotLK Alchemy 375-420

September 26, 2008

My last post focused on Herbalism, so it’s only natural that I should follow up with Alchemy.  The main reason Herbalism got any attention at this stage was because I wanted to collect some mats to test out Alchemy.  “But Kaliope,” you say, “didn’t you have to leave your Alchemist out of Beta?”.  “Why yes I did!”, I respond.  My guild leader, who is in the Beta with me, has been kind enough to make his Alchemist available for testing purposes :)