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Midsummer Guide Repost + Update

June 23, 2009

For folks who missed this last year or don’t want to go digging for the link, here’s our Midsummer Festival Guide from last year.


Argent Tournament Pets

May 2, 2009

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m going out of my mind with all the activities that are going on right now!  As soon as 3.1 hit I started working the Argent Tournament to beef up my pet collection.  I have three toons who are high enough to do it, so I’ve been doing the dailies on all three when I can.  Then Noblegarden rolled into town and after waiting out the first couple of days to let the furor die down, I started walking my gals through that too.  Since these events only happen once a year, I try to get at least two of my toons through each holiday so they can all make progress on the “Strange Trip”.  Then as I was in the midst of taking my third gal through the Noblegarden egg farming, the server time rolled over and Children’s Week went live.  Phew!  There’s not enough of me to go around, heh.


A bit of goodness in Northrend

April 28, 2009

As I write this, I’m standing in Dalaran near the fountain at a late night party.  I have no idea how long it’s been going, but I’ve been here for almost half an hour.  There have been 20-30 players coming and going, despite the fact that it’s 3am server (12am to me). (more…)

Kaliope’s Guide to Noblegarden

April 25, 2009

Tomorrow kicks off the newly revamped Noblegarden and I’m very excited about this event being expanded in Patch 3.1.  I’ve always liked this holiday but thought the content for it was pretty skimpy.  So when it went up on the test servers, I made a point to check it out.


The Argent Tournament

April 16, 2009

I seriously considered writing a guide to this event, I actually did the whole chain up to Champion status and took a couple of pages of notes to document the progression while the Test Realm was up.  Then the WoWInsider folks said they were writing a guide and shortly after that I found an excellent walk-thru already available at Banana Shoulders**.  There’s also an article on WoWWiki for folks who prefer a more outline-oriented format instead of the walk-thru version.  So instead of a tourney guide… I wrote one for Noblegarden :)


Argent Tournament Intro (3.1 Patch)

March 10, 2009

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m working on the new Tournament event on the Test Realm and I finally have something concrete to share.  I don’t want to give away too much because it’s nice to actually discover new content when Blizz puts in the time to create it.  I thought I’d just give a general overview of the process for those who’ve been wondering how it will work.  This isn’t normally the sort of thing we cover here at the Kaliope Blog, but I know many crafters are also avid Achievement Hounds as well as collectors of novelty items and the Tourney has a good supply of both.


3.1 Blacksmithing Changes + Tournament Update

March 2, 2009

We got a question over the weekend regarding the upcoming “tweaks” that are being made to low level Blacksmithing items.  I confess, I didn’t have much interest in this when I first read it since my Smith is already capped.  But clearly this could be an important issue for new players or folks who are just picking up Smithing.  So I went ahead and did a quick eyeball review of the new vs. old items to give an overall impression of the changes.


Day 2 on the 3.1 PTR

February 26, 2009

And the word of the day is: Slow.  This is how things are moving on the  PTR right now.  Luckily we got a new patch last night which seems to have improved performance a bit today, but there’s still a good amount of lag, frequent server crashes and occasional client crashes.  Most people don’t realize that being on the PTR means you’re testing new content, not just discovering new content.  Having come from a software testing background, I have more patience than the average WoW player so the current sitation doesn’t overly upset me.


The Lunar Festival is Back!

January 26, 2009

Over the weekend the Lunar Festival rolled back into town.  I know many of you are busy working the Elders for your Achievements, but let us not forget that there are recipes waiting to be had as well.  Specifically Tailors and Engineers can benefit from the quests by collecting Coins of Ancestry as they visit each Elder.  In Moonglade you can purchase goodies from the vendors there including patterns to make the Lunar Festival wear and fireworks schematics for Engineers.  So if you haven’t gotten these recipes in a previous year, now is your chance!


State of the Tome

January 6, 2009

Sorry peeps, I know I’ve been MIA for a couple of weeks.  It’s been a hectic holiday season and I’d hoped to get caught up on my backlog of work with my extra free time.  Unfortunately I had a house guest over the holidays, so my free time kinda got consumed with cleaning and entertaining.  So the bad news is that the backlog is still lingering.  The other bad news is that I’ve had the misfortune of being on the wrong side of the PTR glitch that locks some folks out of the server.  I might be able to get in with a full or partial reinstall, but haven’t had time to fuss with that.  Which means at this point… no PTR news :(