About Kaliope

Kaliope of Llane is a level 80 Night Elf Restoration Druid in World of Warcraft. She’s a Scribe and Leatherworker by trade (both at 450). She also dabbles in Fishing, Cooking and First Aid, having 450 skill in Cooking and Fishing.  Kaliope is a proud member of the Guardians of Stormwind guild, a casual raiding guild on Llane.

Another vital member of the team is Krystella, a level 80 rogue who is honored and thrilled to be the World First Grand Master Jewelcrafter, having reached 450 skill within the first 24 hours of the Lich King expansion.  Krystella is also the Realm First Miner of Llane, being the first person to level her Mining skill to the maximum on her server.  In addition, Krystella has maxed her Cooking and First Aid skills.

Other characters who help with our various research projects are Kayree,  a level 80 Protection warrior with 435 Enchanting and 450 Goblin Engineering.  There is also Korlyn, an 80 Beastmaster Hunter who is a 450 Master Weaponsmith and also the team Herbalist.  In addition we have an adopted 70 Warlock named Kalli who has 450 Alchemy and 425 Tailoring.

My Profiles:


If you’d like to know more about Kaliope, you can check out this little resume she created in a pathetic attempt to suck up to Blizzard for a Wrath of the Lich King beta key.


25 Responses to “About Kaliope”

  1. Jim Moreno Says:


    Afternoon Kaliope! Been reading you blog now for a couple of months, even though my highest character is but 35. But, one day, I’ll be putting all the superb knowledge I’m gaining from your posts to good use!

    Just wanted to /greet a fellow WoW player and WordPress blogger, and /introduce myself and a new blog I am building: RoleCraft. Please stop in sometime!


  2. Carl Says:

    Just wanted to say: Awesome site!!!

    As a talent-junky I love all the effort you have put into the site. Truly amazing. Keep up the good work!

  3. kaliope Says:

    I’m so glad you enjoy the site guys – thank you so much for sharing your appreciation with me =)

  4. dmosbon Says:

    Discovered your blog via the Crafter’s Tomb…which is now my home page at present(great site!).

    Just beginning to read through it now…got some reading here!

  5. kaliope Says:

    I’m so glad you like the site and the blog! Since I’m responsible for both, I appreciate the fact that you’re finding them useful :)

    Feel free to submit any suggestions you think of – we’re always looking for new ideas for Crafter’s Tome as well as the blog.

  6. Me Says:

    Nice blog :)

  7. Bobby Says:

    Hi kaliope,

    I’ve been reaing your blog recently and had a few questions about it. What would be the best way to get in contact with you? You can email me at bmpham@gmail.com


  8. kaliope Says:

    Hi Bobby,

    If you want to send me an email you can visit my site — crafterstome.com and use the contact form :)

  9. DaddyGamer Says:

    Hello Kal
    I saw you added me to the blogg list. Thnx a lot.
    But I did see an error in the link, double http:// makes it point wrong.

  10. kaliope Says:

    Eek, ur right Daddygamer! I didn’t fully clear out the stub data before I pasted the full URL in, my bad. It should be working now :)

  11. Halabar Says:


    posting here, since I can’t visit your main site at work.

    would you consider doing a post about the best professions for non-raiders for specific classes?.. I recently decided to drop blacksmithing for my pally-tank, as none of the BOP gear was really designed for a tank, but the googles and the rocket launcher are ftw for a non-raiding tank.

    So, I am wondering about what to do with my hunter. He’s up to only 220 something engineering, but, I’m thinking that the LW BOP epics might be better for a hunter…

    anyway, thought it would make a great topic…

  12. Kestrel Says:

    Hi there. :) Got here via the above trackback, via my own site. I must say, I’m very glad to have found you, and I am going to try to send a bit of traffic your way.

    Thanks for filling a void I didn’t even realize existed in WoW Blogdom!

  13. Hobbes Says:

    The comment above is SPAM for a porn site. :(

  14. kaliope Says:

    Thanks for catching that – it’s gone now!

  15. BobTurkey Says:

    Great blog Kaliope. I wish i could figure out how to get mine to display only part of the article on the homepage like you have your blog set up. I’ll have to google it.

  16. Zigg Says:

    Nice blog, I ended up using your herbalism strategy on my alt, worked awesome!

  17. kaliope Says:

    Great! I’m glad it helped :)

  18. Markco Says:

    Kaliope – I love your blog and would like to write a guest post for you regarding inscription and the soon to be released dual specs. Could you email me for details? My email is at the bottom of the page on my blog; Just My Two Copper.

  19. J.p. Says:

    Great work Kali. Keep it up and grats on the Nod from WOWinsider. :)

    BTW…where is this new black diamond recipee??


  20. kaliope Says:

    Hey Dag, fancy seeing you here =) What is this WoWInsider nod you speak of? I just did my daily perusal and saw nothing of note…

    And the new black diamond recipe was in my post from last Wed:


    It’s at the end of the article :)

  21. Tlo Says:

    Wowinsider cites you as the authority on 3.1 JC recipes:


  22. kaliope Says:

    Hehe, that’s funny. One of the few times I get the jump on them for news… free publicity for me tho!

    Thanks for the link ;)

  23. Merlot Says:

    Hey Kaliope. Love the blog, thanks for the great content! I was wondering if you have you done any work on pigment drop rates for Northrend herbs like you did for Outland? I’m sure it’s just me being dim but this is the only article I could find:


  24. kaliope Says:

    Merlot: No I did not do additional research for Northrend, but that’s because El beat me to it and I just sent my numbers to him since he was soliciting data for his own compilation. You can see his info here:


  25. Merlot Says:

    Thanks Kaliope, happy crafting :)

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