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I’m still perusing this “Systems” panel recap, which you wouldn’t expect to include crafting-related goodies.  But in the course of describing some of the new systems they are implementing for Cataclysm, they are tossing out extra tidbits that are relevant to us.  Bear in mind that Cataclysm is at least a year away, so the mechanics mentioned here may not be the final implementation.  I still find it interesting tho :)

Archaeology will allow you to find and turn in artifacts, which will be used to earn “Ancient Glyph” sockets.  Ancient Glyphs are not like Inscription glyphs, they are part of the Path of the Titans system.  According to the recap, you’ll be able to progress down your chosen “path” in a number of ways such as questing, raiding, PVP and trade skills. The description I heard yesterday made it sound like finding artifacts was the only way to progress the Titan path, so this is an interesting twist.

It says that the Titan system will be available to players at max level, which looks like you won’t be able to even start leveling Archaelogy until you reach 85.  If so, that’s unfortunate because you’ll be doing lots of exploring and quests while you level up, maybe not so much once you reach the cap.  I know my druid does very little solo play now that she’s 80, she’s mostly a raiding toon.  I still do quests on other toons, but again that’s because they are still leveling/gearing up.  So I hope I’m understanding that part wrong, I think lots of people will check out Archaeology right way.  Having to wait several weeks to even unlock it could be off-putting for some players.

Too bad I’m not at Blizzcon to ask burning questions like this!


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  1. bldavis Says:

    it will be interesting to see just how soon we can start lvling arch. im hoping we can do it as we lvl (only 1 80 but all 10 slots full)

    the impression i got was u could lvl arch as u lvl, but only find “Titan” relics at 85. i wish i was there to get more info on this as well!

  2. kaliope Says:

    You may be right, I found this other blurb on the Cataclysm panel recap:
    “Those who master the profession will be able to explore our new Path of the Titans system, which allows for greater character customization.”

    This description makes it sound like you would need to cap (aka master?) Archaeology in order to activate the Titan feature. Who knows? Much of this could change in final implementation, lol.

  3. Kring Says:

    Then you probably don’t have to level it in a way you have to level mining. Also, wouldn’t make sense to send a whole server back to Elwynn to farm some artifacts…

    Will there be a daily archeology quest?

    Probably one of the 5 daily quests will have a 0.7% chance to reward one of 4 artifact pets. You’ll have a chance to get one of these pets multiple times. And they are BoP.

    Did I mention that I finally got all 4 croco babies? :-)

  4. bldavis Says:

    first of all gratz on the pets!

    and second, maybe they will have it b a thing u need to lvl through the lower zones like mining or herbalism to get high lvl players back to lowbie zones to see and expirience the changes.

    all that is for sure is well have many more questions before we have many answers

  5. Angel Says:

    From what I understand, it is going to be like Fishing and First Aid. It isn’t required to play the game, just an option that people can take. Very early models show it as a way to make money while leveling from 1 to 450, turning in artifacts for gold or tokens, or selling them on the AH like selling fish. Once you hit the cap, you learn how to excavate Titan Relics, which are used to slowly progress your character AFTER you hit the level cap. The purpose of the Path of the Titans is so that as you play at Lv.85, you still get to “level up” every week or two, gaining more stats, and unlocking abilities that are similar to Inscription Glyphs or Talents.

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