More New Website Goodies

I just wanted to let folks know that in addition to the new design that went up earlier this week, we also put up some new content.  The Blacksmithing and Cooking guides were both updated for WotLK.  Also, we put a new version of TradeTrak on and WoWInterface.  The new TradeTrak has all the 3.2 recipes except for dungeon drops, it now matches the current web site lists.  Make sure you get the newest copy!

TradeTrak @ Curse

TradeTrak @ WoWInterface

I don’t know if this will be helpful to us at all, but I signed up for the Blizzard internet stream of Blizzcon.  I’ll be monitoring the action as much as I can over the next few days.  There have been no announcements of anything relating to professions at this time, but it’s my understanding that they often discuss more than they let on beforehand.  If anything happens that I think will be of interest to crafters, I’ll be sure to post it up :)


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  1. bldavis Says:


    i will download the new trade trak when i get home!

    and btw, now that im used to it, i like the new site!
    you and hubby did a wonderful job on it!

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