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This morning my first task was to work on Engineering, since I spent the first night of the patch doing Alchemy and Jewelcrafting.  First my Engineer needed to learn the new recipes, then make a Wormhole Generator.  Once that was done, I immediately portalled myself to Ulduar to try farming the Jeeves recipe.

I arrived in the late morning, although it was closer to lunchtime on my server.  There were already a handful of people there, killing the mobs and likely doing the same thing I was.  At first I had trouble finding a workable spot, but I’m a patient little booger.  I just parked myself on a little perch and waited.  Eventually I was able to carve out a section for myself on the upper ledge by the Scrapbot dude.

The most annoying thing about this farm is that other Engineers stalked me and I’m guessing tried to skin my kills.  The Jeeves recipe isn’t looted, you need to skin it from the mechanicals.  And for whatever reason, they didn’t think I was there for the recipe.  Either that or they wanted to ninja me, I have no idea.  But being a small person, having other players flap their Netherray or Bronze Drake on your head is kind of annoying.  So be aware that other people might get aggressive with you during these early days.  Mostly I just ignored them and there was no trouble.

I got the recipe after about 40 kills, but it might have been closer to 50.  I kind of upset another dude who was there farming, he claims to have spent 2 hours in the same spot with no drop.  From reading comments on WoWHead, this drop rate looks pretty random.  You could get it the first kill or the 500th.

Also, it looks like the Armory is already updated with 3.2 information and they are showing Jeeves as dropping from the Borean Tundra mobs.  You may recall that on the PTR I tried farming there but had no luck.  In this case it really was just bad luck, so if you want to give Borean Tundra a shot then go for it.

Now I’m collecting mats to make myself one, I actually didn’t put much effort into this ahead of time.  For you engineers who’ve never gotten some of the older recipes from Vanilla WoW or Burning Crusade, you may get frustrated with this project.  The older recipes you need include all three Repair Bot Schematics (Scrapbot, 110G and 74A) and the various parts to make them.  You also need two of the new epic gems (King’s Amber) and 8 Titansteel Bars.  Jeeves sure is epic, isn’t he?  You may have to farm the older recipes if you don’t know any other Engineers with them, I wouldn’t expect this kind of stuff to pop up on the auction all that often.  This is looking like a pretty big project, so good luck out there!

FYI: Crafter’s Tome has been updated with almost all of the 3.2 recipes (still missing dungeon/raid drops) and the Jeeves information is also available.


7 Responses to “More on Farming Jeeves”

  1. Ian Says:

    On the one hand I really want a Jeeves. On the other I’m not sure it’s worth the cost and effort. :(

    I’ve got my Wormhole Generator and my Frag Belt though, so that’s a nice engineering boost.

    Will be interested to see if the bombs from the Frag Belt are any use in instances. I don’t expect them to work on bosses, but could be handy on adds and trash.

  2. Aetius Says:

    I got my Jeeves pattern after about 40 kills of those same mobs. I had to go grab the patterns for the other bots, but making him wasn’t too terrible.

    Remember that the new epic gems can be purchased with Honor or Emblems of Heroism as well!

    Good Luck with farming, Jeeves is totally worth it.

  3. casual_juergen Says:

    I got the Jeeves recipe from the robots in Borean Tundra. My engineer is only level 77, so going near Ulduar did not seem like a good idea to me. Especially as I imagined the place to be over-farmed. I started at the northernmost part, north-east of the alliance settling there. After killing and skinning everything there, I moved counter clockwise through the area inhabited my mechanical denizens. The recipe dropped when I was nearly once around. From a Mechagnome.

  4. theerivs Says:

    Jeeves dropped in Halls of Lightening for my group Tuesday night.

  5. Ian Says:

    “Remember that the new epic gems can be purchased with Honor or Emblems of Heroism as well!”

    Good point, especially given the EoHs I already have are probably not gonna get used as I’d got the two EoH pieces I wanted. Good thinking. :)

  6. Diabolos Says:

    I got my Jeeves schematic after about 20 mobs or so at the Inventor’s Library, much easier than I thought it’d be! I was hoping he’d rocket off when his timer was up instead of just despawning =(. The height of laziness: Putting out Jeeves and MOLL-E in Dalaran next to the little raised grass area next to the coin fountain.

  7. Alazasthas Says:

    Hey if you have the item, it doesnt cost you nothing to summon them and you have them in your bag, why dont use it :D

    Now that I have 3 heartstones I use them more freely. For example, I usually do my cooking daily everyday first thing in the morning, then I usually go and do my Northrend fishing daily, use heartstone. Go to Outlands to see if an easy fishing daily is up (I usually dont do netiher Hellfire or Nagrand daily), if I need to go to SW I port there, then heart to Dalaran with my ring, port back to Outlands to turn it. Use Tabard to port to Argent Grounds and do the dailies and instance there. After that I usually have a port again to return either to Dalaran or to the Grounds to hand out the quests that Im missing :D

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