Cardinal Ruby Quest for Alchemists

I had hoped to have good new for you all today, but sadly I do not.  Yesterday I picked up the Cardinal Ruby quest, as I’m sure you did.  Despite the truly horrific lag and lack of mail service on my server, I transferred appropriate mats to my Alchemist for all of her transmutation needs.  She did her first transmute after picking up the quest and got credit for one transmute.  Then I had Kaliope buy her another gem from the badge vendor to see if that might also count.  Sadly, it did not.  She has two epic gems in her bags, but she still only has credit for one.

We also have a reader report that Transmute specialists who proc do not get credit for the extra procs.  This would seem to indicate that the act of transmutation is what’s being counted, not the resulting items.  So it would appear that all Alchemists will be waiting the full five days to receive their Cardinal Ruby recipe. That makes Kali a sad puppy.

In the meantime everyone else will be madly using their honor points and badges to purchase needed rubies.  The only bright side is that badges are in limited supply at the moment and will quickly dry up.  Honor will also quickly be spent and require more effort to replenish.  At that point I suspect Alchemists will be the most reliable source for rubies, since Titanium is completely random.

I would also like to suggest to those who haven’t planned for this – transmute the crappy gems for the next 4 days.  Since you have to give them to the quest midget, why give away the good stuff?  I plan to give her 5 Eye of Zul, or maybe Dreadstone.  Whatever is cheap and easy, just make that.  You have to kiss it goodbye anyway, unless they’ve changed the quest since PTR.

Also on a side note… too damn many people farming my mechanicals in Storm Peaks… where’s that Mind Control device?!?!?


5 Responses to “Cardinal Ruby Quest for Alchemists”

  1. Matt Says:

    I’m pretty sure that you’re not required to turn in the results of your transmutations (i.e. the gems), it’s just observing that you’ve actually completed five transmutations. I guess we’ll find out when I stop back in a few more days…

  2. kaliope Says:

    I honestly cannot recall if Lizzy took my gems from me on the PTR or not, I had so many in my bags at that point (no CD then, weeeeee!) that I was not paying attention to my stash. Those who want to hedge their bets can make less expensive but still marketable items like King’s Amber or Dreadstone. If we get to keep our gems, you’d still be able to sell those later on.

  3. Polymyxin Says:

    I made an eye of zul on day 1 and got a point. I made a second eye o f zul on day 2 and got no point towards quest progression. I put in a ticket but it’s almost 24 hours and still no word from the GMs.

  4. Haunau Says:

    I am a transmutespec and the first day I transmuted a King’s Amber. I procced and got no credit at all. The second day I transmuted an Eye of Zul and got credit for 1 (no proc). It seems to me that the quest is bugged and I’ll be submitting a ticket. Hopefully Polymyxin and I will get responses soon.

  5. kaliope Says:

    I have been keeping a close eye on my quest log ever since Poly mentioned his problems with the quest. I’m sure none of us wants to fall victim to this bug. I encourage everyone to watch their quest updates like a hawk and report anything that goes wrong. Considering how long we’re having to wait for our new recipe, it would be a shame for anyone to lag behind due to a missed transmute.

    I’m also keeping a closer eye on my inventory to make sure all the gems I’m supposed to have are there. I’ve turned into a paranoid freak on this thing, lol!

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