3.2 Patch – Inc!!

I’m just twiddling my thumbs, waiting for the servers to come back up.  Well actually, I have some additional database changes I need to make now that the 3.2 content is here, so I’ll probably work on that while I wait.  But I’m noticing that WoW.com is doing a ton of these “3.2 Guide to XXX” posts.  Normally I wouldn’t jump on this bandwagon… but we’re bored right.  So I decided I’d take a stab at 3.2 for Professions:

I truly hope you’ve been collecting and hoarding your daily quest tokens.  If not – you’re a boob and I have no sympathy for you.  I actually had to fight guildies off to keep mine, heh!

1) Buy Epic Recipes from TimmyBoy
2) Prospect any Titanium you’ve set aside for this purpose
3) Use up your Emblems of Heroism buying more gems
4) Visit the Honor Vendor and buy more gems
5) Rake in the dough

There are lots of new goodies for you and your priorities may not be the same as mine.  However, I’m going to list the highlights of what I think should be on any Engie’s hit list:

1) Visit Steamwheedle Port for Respec (if you plan to change specs)
2) Hit Dalaran trainer and learn Wormhole Generator recipe (you saved mats right?)
3) Learn Mind Amplification and add it to your farming helmet.
4) Grab your Parachute Cloak (or Flexweaved cloak) and make a spot in your bags
5) Put on helmet and cloak and portal somewhere cool – weeeeeeeee!
6) Go to Storm Peaks and start farming Jeeves… Mind Control the other Engies who get in your way.

I can only hope that your Transmute is not on cooldown, I purposely didn’t use mine yesterday so that it would be fresh no matter what time the servers came back up.

1) Visit trainer and learn epic gem transmutes
2) Do not transmute an epic gem!
3) Try to complete the Cardinal Ruby quest anyway you can
4) Turn in Cardinal Ruby quest – then do your transmute :)
5) Make Flask of the North

Blacksmiths, Enchanters, Leatherworkers, Scribes and Tailors

Cry cuz you didn’t get anything cool to make <sniff>

So there you have it, my guide to 3.2 Professions.  I hope this information has helped you kill another 5-10 minutes as you wait for the patch.  Feel free to list anything of merit that I’ve forgotten below.

UPDATE: Turns out Alchemists cannot use purchased gems for their Cardinal Ruby quest, so disregard steps 2-4 and do your transmute.  Also, check our update post here for more details on the Live quest.

8 Responses to “3.2 Patch – Inc!!”

  1. bldavis Says:

    the only think i can list as a forgotten item is that LW get the fur lining binuses increased, as soon as servers are uip ill be able to update at least the ap lining (the one i have on my gear) it was 110 ap , maybe 200+? (ok ok i know wishful thinking but hey!)

  2. Alfay Says:

    Regarding Step 2 +3 for Alchemy:
    Are the epic gem transmutes on seperate cooldowns?

    Otherwise I don’t see how to get the required 5 gem transmutes on day one. According to wowwiki only epic gem transmutes count towards the quest requirement.

  3. kaliope Says:

    Alf: No the epic gems are not on separate CDs, they are shared. No, there is no way to complete the quest on Day 1. I already tried buying an epic gem and sending it to my alchemist, it was not recognized. The quest will only count gems that *you* transmute. Therefore you will not be able to complete this quest for five days (maybe less if you are transmute spec and you proc, if procs are counted). Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, I just found this out myself earlier today.

  4. Ian Says:

    Will need to farm some ore when I’m doing Oracles and Ebon Blade dailies. I’m a bit low on mats because I used getting Fury as a second spec as an excuse to make myself a Nesingwary 4000 (I’m Prot so I have the shotgun for main spec.)


  5. Twisp Says:

    I got a 2x proc on my epic gem transmute yesterday; it only counted as 1/5 for the ruby quest.

  6. kaliope Says:

    Thanks for the update Twisp – I am also Transmute spec and was hoping to clarify the proc contribution towards quest completion. At this point it sounds like it will be a five day wait no matter what.

  7. Ian Says:

    The Wormhole Generator is a blast. Went to Howling Fjord and ended up on Utgarde Keep.

    It’s a pity you can’t wormhole to ALL of the zones, though.

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