Preliminary Jeeves Farming Report

In our last post we talked about the new re-speccing process and how we’ll be able to easily switch between Goblin and Gnomish specialties.  Another big addition to our toy chest in the next patch is Jeeves.  I have to tell you, I was seriously excited when I read about this.  Not because of the functionality – no no.  I just want my own personal manservant and it doesn’t get any better than a Jeeves.

I’ve always had this perverse obsession with being waited on hand and foot, not sure why that is.  It may have something to do with being the Mom (aka House Slave) in RL that drives me to covet slaves in WoW.  When I was level 60 I used to force my guildies to run me through The Last Barov so I could have a Barov Peasant Caller on every toon (I still have them).  I loved Children’s Week because I could drag that kid around with me everywhere, just like a personal minion.  And when the Argent Crusade came around I made a point to do the quests so I could have my own Squire (each of my 80 girls has one).  So naturally, I need a Jeeves!

One of my big projects on the Test Realm was to find out more about this guy.  The patch notes weren’t very helpful, so I went to WoWHead to find out where the mechanicals were hanging out.  Unfortunately, there are only two groups of them outside Ulduar: Storm Peaks and Borean Tundra.  Most of the comments about Jeeves focus on the Storm Peaks mobs, which is obviously fine for level 80 folks.  But what about us youngsters who maybe haven’t leveled our Engineers yet?  Since my Engineer was only 75 on the PTR (she’s 77 now on Live) I decided that my project was to figure out how to farm Jeeves for low level peeps.

First I went to Fizzcrank Airstrip to try farming there.  I recruited a level 80 DK to AOE groups for me while I skinned.  We killed 100 or so mechanicals before we quit and we didn’t get a recipe drop.  On the other hand, I got 2 stacks of cobalt bolts, 1 stack of volatile triggers and 5 froststeel tubes, which I thought was pretty good for skinning loot.  But they don’t seem to be a reliable source for the Jeeves recipe.  Either it has a really low drop rate from them or I was just terribly unlucky.  We won’t know for sure until this goes Live, but for now I’m gonna call this plan not worth it.

I guess this leaves us with Plan B – get to Storm Peaks.  You’re probably thinking this is a terrible idea because the mechanicals are at the Terrace of the Makers and you can’t get there without a flyer.  And you’re right, you can’t get there without a flyer… now.  But in 3.2 you’ll have a way to get there if you are at 435 in Engineering and can make yourself the Wormhole Generator.  I talked about this item a few weeks ago, it makes a portal that you can use to get to five different places in Northrend.  One of them is Storm Peaks, which takes you right to Ulduar.  From here it gets a little tricky and you have to be willing to die for the project.  As long as you’re ok with that, you can get to the Terrace of the Makers without flying.

First you Wormhole yourself to Storm Peaks and walk over to the Halls of Stone.  Go around the circular ledge at the Halls of Stone, the lower ledge is preferable.  Partway around the building you should see a black walkway that leads southwest.  You want to jump down onto that and be aware that you’ll lose a good chunk of health in the process.  If you have some sort of ‘safefall’ ability, this would be a good time to use it.

Now you take the black crosswalk to the Temple of Wisdom.  At the southwest corner of the Temple of Wisdom, you’re going to jump again.  This time you’re planning to die, so don’t jump onto the little snowbank that’s nearby.  Make this a glory jump, not a wimpy flop.  Once you’re dead, you’ll be able to rez at the Snowdrift Grave Yard.  You’ll probably want to wait out your rez sickness, but you can still kamikaze up to Boulderfist if you don’t want to stand around that long.

Assuming you’re ready for the final push – head west from Boulderfist’s Crag and go around Narvir’s Cradle.  Run between the mountains at Narvir and Grom’arsh and on the other side is the Terrace of the Makers.  I made a nifty map to show the route for you visual types:

Patch 3.2: Map to Jeeves

Patch 3.2: Map to Jeeves

These mobs are 79, so you might have trouble soloing them if you’re not 75+.  They were orange to my 75 warrior and she killed onesies without too much trouble.  I was having to bandage after each fight so  I probably wouldn’t be able to kill more than one at a time.  If you are 70-74 you might not be able to do much damage at all, since they’ll probably be red to you.  But if you can at least get here, you might be able to recruit a buddy to kill them while you skin.

I would like to thank my daughter “Emy” for her discovery of the HoS path and the death jump.  Tasked with nothing more than “figure out a way” from A to B, she did a great job!  If you have a warlock buddy who’s willing to summon you to Storm Peaks, you could certainly avoid all of this mess.  But I’m going to assume that you don’t have a warlock at your beck and call – if you do then feel free to disregard this post :P


7 Responses to “Preliminary Jeeves Farming Report”

  1. Ian Says:

    I will never, ever use the Wormhole Generator without checking I have my parachute cloak equipped at least twice. :D

  2. logtar Says:

    I wonder if it is finally time to break down and level my little green haired engineer… say no to altoholism.

  3. Alazasthas Says:

    Well, the pain of having to do this will only be needed if the engineer is your first toon to get close to 80. As in 2.3 you can buy Cold weather Flying on a BoA tome that you can send to your other toons so they can fly in Northrend at lvl 68. It still cost you 1,000 gold to do this but then you can safely fly around with all of your toons.

  4. kaliope Says:

    Thanks for the tip Alaz, that will certainly help some folks with their alts. Sadly, I know all too many people who are fiscally challenged and can’t manage to keep more than 500g in their pocket. I guess this post will be catering to them =)

  5. Alazasthas Says:

    Well, I need to clarify that the tome is consumed when you use it, so you will need to dish 1,000 gold for eaach of your toons to get them all with Cold Weather Flying. If you are like Kaliope that has a gazillion toons @ 80 that can easily build up really quickly.

    If you are planning to do this it will be advisable that you start collecting money. Right now the room is open as epic gems are starting to get into the Auction House, jump into the bandwagon and start mining titanium, prospecting it and sell the gems in the Ah while the prices are up.

    Also if you can make enhacements like leather kits, buckles or the like, a new PvP season will mean more oportunities to sell your stuff in the AH and trade channels, start to stock up for it.

  6. kaliope Says:

    I agree, the boom after a big patch is a great time to cash in with your crafted consumables. Especially with all the new tournament gear flying around, I fully expect people to be upgrading gear and buying enhancements to go with it. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see the glyph market shifting. Some classes got major tweakage – which could impact which glyphs they use or even force some folks into a different spec entirely.

  7. Kunrak Says:

    If you are a miner, just sell the titanium. On Korialstrasz it was going for 500g a stack.


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