Changing Engineering Specs in Patch 3.2

So Engineers are FINALLY getting the ability to change specializations in Patch 3.2. I believe this is the last profession to be given  this option, and it’s at least a year overdue compared to other tradeskills. But what does this actually entail?  The patch notes say nothing about who/when/where. Don’t you love it when Blizzard adds a new feature and neglects to include any details on the subject? I know I do ;)

Well you know what this means of course – ‘Investigative Cub Reporter’ Kayree (aka Kaliope’s Engineer) is on the job! My first stop was Dalaran.  I tried repeatedly over the past month to locate any sort of specialization modification information from any person in the Engineering department and never found anything.  But now the word on the street is that this patch is gonna drop soon, failure is no longer an option! I resorted to drastic measures…

My next stop was Ironforge, where I met with the big Kahuna to see if he would teach me a bit of Gnomish engineering (I’m currently Goblin spec). Sadly all he wanted to talk about was his mad little Techbot minion going berserk in Gnomeregan, so I left him muttering over his “poor creation”.

After striking out with the Gnomish types, I decided that perhaps my old mentor in Gadgetzan would be more forthcoming. Nixxy taught me everything I know, after all. Sure he can be a bit cranky, but that’s why we love him. Unfortunately the only thing he had to offer me was a couple of Burning Crusade recipes I’d never bothered to train. For so-called ‘experts’, these guys are really dumb.  So far they won’t even give me a hint about changing specialties.

Ok, I’m not doing so well on my mission, but I’ve got one more ace up my sleeve. I’m already in Gadgetzan, why not ride out to Steamwheedle Port and talk with that nutty little Soothsayer who used to be in possession of a certain book…

Would you believe that the book charges you money just to read it?? That’s just crazy talk! Needless to say if I deposit 150 gold into the book, it will suck all the Goblinish thoughts right out of my head. Now I have room in the old noggin for all those Gnomish recipes I’ve been dying to try out. You have to chat up the book a second time to learn your new specialty, so don’t forget that part.

An interesting note: I changed back and forth a few times just to doodle around. If you go back to your original spec, you get all your old recipes back. If you change to a new one, you don’t get any recipes. So it looks like they’ve build in a feature that allows you to recapture recipes you’ve learned before – pretty slick! I’ll have to play with that more on the Gnomish side and see if it remembers your recipes for both sides.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with “Soothsaying for Dummies”, there’s an engineering hut just north of town from Steamwheedle Port in Tanaris.  Inside the hut is a book on a table to your right.  Back in the day if we wanted to switch specs, we had to unlearn our entire Engineering profession.  Then we had to relevel it to 225 — reading the book let us choose a new specialty.  Luckily Blizzard has finally seen fit to fix that and enable Engineers to easily switch between specs just like other crafters do.  Yay!

Next up will be Part Two of my WTB More Engie Info series — Jeeves and the Frozen Crusade!


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  1. kaliope Says:

    Update on the recipe recapture, I went to Ironforge to learn some Gnomish recipes. Then I returned to the Soothsaying book and dropped Gnomish spec. When I retrained Goblin I got my old recipes back again. Then I dropped Goblin and went back to Gnomish. All the Gnomish recipes I had learned were given back to me. So it appears that the recipe recapture ability works both ways. Whichever specialized recipes you’ve learned will be given back to you when you switch back to that spec.

    Previously when you used the Soothsaying book, you had to completely unlearn Engineering. Any recipes you got via quests were gone forever – you could not repeat the quest under your new spec. This is one of the main reasons Engineers have been dissatisfied with their spec-switching option. Not only do you have to completely re-level Engineering to switch specs, but you’d permanently lose any quest recipes you had. That problem now appears to be fixed, woot!

  2. bloodshrike Says:

    Hey Kaliope,
    SweeeeeEEeeeeeT! I’ve leveled 2 paladins to get the Battle chicken and Death ray at level 35 (as well as doing the repeatable money turn-in roulette game to get the Gnomish pet), then dropped it, respecced to Goblin, and leveled it right back up to 300.
    All I can say is that this is extremely good news. :)

  3. Ian Says:

    “If you go back to your original spec, you get all your old recipes back. If you change to a new one, you don’t get any recipes. So it looks like they’ve build in a feature that allows you to recapture recipes you’ve learned before – pretty slick!”

    So… if you switch from (for example) Gnomish to Goblin and learn all the recipes and then switch back to Gnomish do you get all your old recipes back?

    And if you THEN switch back to Goblin later will you still remember/relearn all the Goblin recipes again?

    Just wondering if once you’ve learned all the recipes of the other specialisation you can then just switch back and forth between the two (for the fee, obviously) with little hassle.

  4. Raima Says:

    I wonder if they’ve worked the recipe recapture feature into other professions as well. I’d really like to give up Jewelcrafting to learn engineering up to the flying machines, for the 100 mount achievement, and then drop it for tailoring to get the carpets, and then go back to Jewelcrafting and not have to rebuy all my JC patterns again.

  5. kaliope Says:

    Ian: Yes, I switched back and forth multiple times and I got (“You have learned XX recipe”) each time I picked up a spec I had trained before. Now the first time I picked up Gnomish I did not get recipes, because I had never learned any. But once you have trained recipes for a particular specialty, when you respec you get them back. Theoretically, you could go back and forth between Goblin and Gnomish for the 150g fee.

    Raima: No, this does not apply to other professions as far as I know. In this case the player is not actually switching professions, just specializations. Since a fair number of Engineering recipes are quest-based, you currently have no way to relearn them when you switch specs. That’s the reason they put this in, not as a way to facilitate spec swapping but as a way to resolve all the complaints from Engineers about permanently losing access to certain recipes (including the Zapthrottle Mote Extractor – a key Engie item) when they decide to change specialties.

    What you’re referring to is more of a convenience issue, you have a way to get your JC recipes back, it would just cost you a fair amount of money/time. For the Engineers, they had no way to reacquire quest recipes because you can’t repeat the quests. Personally, I’d be surprised if they decided to cater to the scenario you’re describing. It seems like it has the potential to create a lot of chaos with the economy if swapping tradeskills was made easier.

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