Those who can’t do… fake it

Ok, so I have no actual news to report.  No new investigations or anything exciting like that.  But I still want to put posts up so I’m going to delve into seldom-charted territory.  I’ll just share something that I personally found entertaining.  I know that we get our weekly infusion of WoW comics and WoWInsider makes sure we don’t miss any bit of news that’s even mildly relevant to WoW. Even so, just happened across this on Wired and thought I’d share:

Sam Raimi’s Warcraft Movie Production Diary



3 Responses to “Those who can’t do… fake it”

  1. Ian Says:

    Chuckled, I did.

    I think the man Raimi will do a good job.

  2. Shawn Says:

    Good one :) And it says quite a bit about the quirky world we spend our spare time in, doesn’t it?

    Welcome back, btw :)

  3. bldavis Says:

    that rings SOOOO true with anyone who has done ANY raiding, dungeans or heck just parties in wow!

    that had me ROFLMAO for close to 20 min, thank you kaliope, you made a long stressful day at work fun and enjoyable!

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