Epic Gem Changes Already

So there was a Blue post on Monday indicating more changes to the epic gem transmutes that were just discovered last week.  Most importantly to all Alchemists is the addition of a cooldown:

Epic Gem Transmute Cooldown (Patch 3.2)

Epic Gem Transmute Cooldown (Patch 3.2)

If you click on the image, you can clearly see in my chat log where I transmuted an Eye of Zul.  And here on the Cardinal Ruby recipe the 20 hour cooldown is in effect.  This cooldown appears to be shared between all of the epic gems.  I checked each of them and they all had the same timer.  For those of you wondering (hoping) whether the CD would stay off, at this point it time it looks like that’s not going to happen.

The other major change is that the mats have been completely redone for all of the epic gem recipes:

Ametrine v2.0

Ametrine v2.0

Cardinal Ruby v2.0

Cardinal Ruby v2.0

Dreadstone v2.0

Dreadstone v2.0

Eye of Zul v2.0

Eye of Zul v2.0

King's Amber v2.0

King's Amber v2.0

I have to say that these new mats certainly make more sense than the old ones.  Except the Eye of Zul… 3x Eternal Life… what’s that about?  Blizz is determined to keep Forest Emeralds useless.  Aside from that oddity, it’s fairly logical that you’d combine a rare gem and an eternal to create an epic version of the same color.  That said, I’m pretty sad to see 3x Eye of Zul for a Cardinal Ruby going down the drain.  I’m sure that’s why they made the change though, folks were already stocking up on cheap rares to convert into the nicer epics.  Now we’ll have to use a valuable Ruby to get a valuable Ruby.

I think the real lesson here is, things can change on the PTR.  Things can change radically on the PTR.  Be wary of stocking items based on information coming out of the PTR.


10 Responses to “Epic Gem Changes Already”

  1. Tilman Says:

    WTS 140 Forest Emerald
    WTS 120 Sky Sapphire

    /w me


    But even if I hadnt invested my gold so stupidly I would not like these changes.
    I think the whole shared-cooldown implementation of transmutes is bad.
    I dont want to write again why because I already tried to explain it here:

  2. Molsan Says:

    Thanks for sharing these changes… Back to Wintergrasp for Crystallized Fire and Shadow farming! :D

  3. Tsark Says:

    Although Forest Emeralds are far from useless to me (Sky Sapphires and Twilight Opals are much less in use for al my alts), I think the changes make sense – the cooldown prevents from flooding the market with epic gems, and the mats make more sense (except the 3 eternal life, which remain a mystery). I wouldn’t be surprised if the cooldown was eventually lifted (like they did with some other transmute in the past, for ex the void crystal one), but I think it’s fair to leave it for the beginning.

  4. Dave Says:

    If Alchemists can make only 1 a day, the other venues should be restricted. So you can only buy 1 with badges per day, and you can only prospect 1 a day.

    This is a dumb change.

  5. Simes Says:

    It makes sense, whilst being annoying, that the epic gem transmutes share a cooldown…. but do they also share a cooldown with the eternal transmutes as well ?

  6. Kunrak Says:

    I think there needs to be a cooldown, but it wouldnt kill the game to shorten the cooldown to 4 hours or something. That way if a player wants to make his own gems for his own gear, it only takes a couple days rather than a couple weeks. But i definitely want some level of a cooldown or epic gems will be too cheap to be marketable.


  7. kaliope Says:

    I went back to the Test Realm to check the CD on the gem transmutes and find out what else might be shared with them. At this time epic gem transmutes are currently on the same CD with each other, the eternal transmutes and the metal transmutes (mithril, titanium). I submitted a suggestion report on this because I think it’s not terribly appropriate to have the metals in the mix. The eternals I would prefer not to see shared either, but I guess it’s not the end of the world.

    I would agree that it would be great to have no CD at all, but I can understand why they put it in. The market will be flooded with these things due to prospecting, badges and honor. I guess they felt they should have some sort of bottleneck in place to keep the market from being a total free-for-all. And for all we know they may put limits on the other methods too, it’s really too early to tell.

  8. Loren Says:

    I read Tilman’s post on the official boards, and I have to say, I agree with it. If we get a 20 hour CD on our gem transmutes, why not put the same cooldown on prospecting Titanium for instance. If they implemented the CD to keep Alchemists from flooding the market with epic gems, they totally missed their goal, because every JC will flood the market with the gems they get out of prospecting. Something they can do all they long if they choose.

    • Simes Says:

      There probably isn’t a 20 hour CD on the prospecting titanium for two reasons – you don’t have a 100% chance of an epic gem and you don’t get to choose the colour of gem you want. Chances are that the red gems will be worth more than others – only with transmuting will we guarentee that you can get a red.

      You also need to get a lot of titanium ore as well; right now on the server I’m on titanium ore is going for ~180-200g per stack. In a normal run around the three zones you can get saronite / titanium I’d expect to get ~12 stacks of saronite ore for half a stack of titanium.

      To really get a large number of epic gems to flood the market you’d need to either spend a lot of money on buying titanium (counter productive) or spend a large amount of time farming saronite.

      Still; my enchanter is overflowing with mats now – gotta do something with all of the green quality gems and crystallized earth my mining trips bring back!

  9. Simes Says:

    In the latest PTR update the Eye of Zul transmute was changed from needing 3 x eternal life to 3 x Forest emeralds.

    And part of me wonders if in another build we’ll see it change to a forest emerald and an eternal life in line with the other transmutes.

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