Titanium Prospecting Results (Patch 3.2)

I brought two stacks of Titanium with me and farmed a third stack on the PTR yesterday.  So I had 3 stacks of ore to test prospecting with – I know it’s not a huge sample.  As soon as the character copies open up again I’m going to send more ore across to expand on this list.

I got 12 prospects from my 3 stacks of ore, here are the results:

#1: Huge Citrine, Huge Citrine, Titanium Powder
#2: Dark Jade, Bloodstone, 2x Titanium Powder
#3: Shadow Crystal, Cardinal Ruby (E)
#4: Huge Citrine, Shadow Crystal, Eye of Zul (E)
#5: Sun Crystal, Bloodstone, 2x Titanium Powder
#6: Sun Crystal, 2x Titanium Powder
#7: Chalcedony, Majestic Zircon (E)
#8: Huge Citrine, 2 Titanium Powder
#9: Huge Citrine, Bloodstone, Cardinal Ruby (E), Majestic Zircon (E)
#10: Shadow Crystal, Sun Crystal, Scarlet Ruby (R)
#11: Sun Crystal, Chalcedony, Titanium Powder
#12: Huge Citrine, Chalcedony, Forest Emerald (R)
* R=Rare, E=Epic

As you can see, I ended up with 5 epic gems, 2 rare gems, a bunch of green gems and 10 titanium powder from my three stacks.  Titanium powder can be turned in to Timothy Jones through a repeatable quest that rewards one Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Token.  This quest requires a 10-stack of titanium powder:

Jewelcrafting: Titanium Powder Quest

Jewelcrafting: Titanium Powder Quest

So you can see that it would take a bit of effort to collect enough for even one quest.  But if you somehow have more, you can keep doing this quest as much as you like.  There is no daily limit on the turn-ins.  You can also see in this image the new option to view his wares, this is where the epic gem recipes are accessed.  As I mentioned previously, each recipe costs 5 tokens, so it will take a while for most JCs to collect them all.

LIVE UPDATE:  Titanium Powder is now turned in to Tiffany Cartier (behind the counter) at the exchange rate of 10 powder to 1 daily token.  Also, Epic recipes now cost 4x daily tokens instead of 5.  Be sure you check your mail when you get a chance, Timothy has been sending emails out for a nice little quest.


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  1. Tilman Says:

    so it seems that you get green quality gems and then either an epic gem, rare gem or titanium powder. Looks fair.

    some crazy guy prospected a 141 stacks(!) of ore over there:

    Quick summary of his results:
    Chance per stack of ore:
    Epic: 0.92
    Rare: 1.05
    Uncommon: 6.00
    Powder: 2.95

  2. Atzum Says:

    I did a similar test with 300 titanium ore on the PTR, here’s my results. (I’m not listing all the names because I’m lazy)
    Epics gems(18 total)
    6 blue
    2 yellow
    3 red
    6 orange
    0 green and 1 purple

    Rare gems (17 total)
    1 blue
    4 yellow
    2 red
    1 orange
    7 green
    2 purple

    Green gems (64 total)
    11 blue
    16 yellow
    9 red
    7 orange
    9 green
    13 purple

  3. Melanie Says:

    I prospected 28 stacks of ore twice. First batch resulted in 30 epics, 26 rares, over 150 greens, 84 powder. 2nd batch resulted in 25 epics, 26 rares, 167 greens, 92 powder.

  4. kaliope Says:

    Thanks for all the extra information – this is great stuff! Hopefully there’s enough sample data here for folks to decide what they want to do to prepare for 3.2

  5. cyberghost Says:

    I did a similar test with 70 stacks of Titanium Ore. That comes out to 280 individual prospects. I hope this info helps all those statisticians out there.

    Epic Gems (76 Total)
    12 Red – Cardinal Ruby
    09 Yellow – King’s Amber
    13 Blue – Majestic Zircon
    12 Orange – Ametrine
    15 Green – Eye of Zul
    15 Purple – Dreadstone

    Rare Gems (64 Total)
    15 Red – Scarlet Ruby
    05 Purple – Twilight Opal
    11 Blue – Sky Sapphire
    12 Green – Forest Emerald
    11 Orange – Monarch Topaz
    10 Yellow – Autumn’s Glow

    Uncommon(Green) Gems (407)
    69 Red – Bloodstone
    75 Purple – Shadow Crystal
    68 Blue – Chalcedony
    62 Green – Dark Jade
    76 Orange – Huge Citrine
    57 Yellow – Sun Crystal

    163 Titanium Powder (Redeemable to Timothy Jones in stacks of ten for Dalaran Jewelcrafter’s Tokens)

  6. Tilman Says:

    okay. i combined all your results (and the one from elitist jerks) to one big sample:

    sample size: 1052 total prospects

    droprates per prospect:
    262 => 24,9% epic
    270 => 25,6% rare
    1534 => 145% uncommon
    725 => 68% titanium dust

    I think we can safely assume that the drop chance for the different colors is equal.

  7. Ebs2002 Says:

    So in other words, for each stack you can expect 1 epic, 1 rare, 6 uncommons, and 2-3 dusts.

    Each prospect, there are 2 slots: Uncommon, and Dust/Rare/Epic.
    50% chance of 1 uncommon, 50% chance of 2 uncommons.
    25% chance of 1 rare, 25% chance of 1 epic, 25% chance of 1 dust, 25% chance of 2 dusts.

  8. Kunrak Says:

    On the repeatable quest for the 10 dusts, is it considered a daily? Or if I have 100 dust, can simply repeat the quest 10 times?

    Thanks in advance,

  9. kaliope Says:

    Kunrak: At this time the quest appears to be repeatable, much like the Sons of Hodir rep items. I completed one turn in and when I came back to the trainer a bit later the quest was available. So right now the quest is not a daily – it’s a repeatable turn-in quest. That could change at any time tho…

  10. RFairney Says:

    You can get two epics from the same prospect.
    You can get two rares from the same prospect.
    You can get BOTH of the above together

    EBS2002, All that junk on the end of your message is guesswork, and unfounded guesswork at that, as I have had results proving that it does not happen like that.

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