New Alchemy Recipes from Patch 3.2


So I popped into the Test Realm this morning and found new Alchemy recipes on the trainer in Dalaran.  They weren’t there yesterday when I checked, but they brought the server down around suppertime so perhaps that’s when they were added.  Anyway, these are the new recipes from the Alchemy trainer.  They may not be 100% accurate – I don’t have my Alchemist copied yet so I was just going by memory.

New Flask: Flask of the North

New Flask: Flask of the North

Transmute Epic Gem: Ametrine

Transmute Epic Gem: Ametrine (orange stone)

Transmute Epic Gem: Dreadstone (purple stone)

Transmute Epic Gem: Dreadstone (purple stone)

Transmute Epic Gem: Eye of Zul (green stone)

Transmute Epic Gem: Eye of Zul (green stone)

Transmute Epic Gem: King's Amber (yellow stone)

Transmute Epic Gem: King's Amber (yellow stone)

Transmute Epic Gem: Majestic Zircon (blue stone)

Transmute Epic Gem: Majestic Zircon (blue stone)

As you can see, the new Flask is BoP and therefore only usable by Alchemists.  Also, I did not find the Cardinal Ruby recipe, although MMO-Champion is showing that there is one.  The Alchemy trainer in Dalaran has a weird chat option regarding vendor wares that I don’t recall being there before.  But since my Alchemy toon isn’t copied yet, I can’t find out what she has behind the curtain, lol.

As soon as my Alchemist arrives on the Test Realm I’ll try out the transmutes and see how they work.  My Jewelcrafter arrived this morning, so I have my full gem stash to play with now.  I’ll also be playing around with Titanium prospecting later today :)


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  1. Rhom Says:

    So I guess hanging onto those sapphires and emeralds wasn’t the worst decision I’ve ever made ;) Thanks again for the info!

  2. (Ray the) Cartographer Says:

    I’ve been a transmute master since BC and I have to say I’m a little non-plussed with the only occasional proc which produces an extra of whatever’s being transmuted. I like the fact they’re giving us more items to transmute, but if they’re going to keep the profession with a 20 hour cooldown (much better than the four days some professions have/had), I’d like to see it either broken down more (transmute metal, transmute gem, transmute element) each with an available cooldown or having a higher success rate in proccing that extra item or four.

  3. Tilman Says:

    Well, the weird chat option starts a quest to transmute 5 epic gems. Once you’ve done that you will learn the recipe to transmute 3 epic green gems (eye of zul) into an epic red gem (cardinal ruby).

    At the moment there is no transmute cooldown and it would be really lame to add one. Just imagine: you’d need 4 days to get a cardinal ruby from rare gems.
    Considering that the other methods of obtaining epic gems are also not limited by a cooldown (15 emblem, some honor, prospecting titanium) it would make no sense at all.

    Well my money has already been converted into blue and green rare gems… we’ll see if it was a mistake.

  4. kaliope Says:

    Thanks for the heads-up Tilman, my alchemist is still MIA so I appreciate the info from another Alchie =) I’m with you on the transmute CD, considering the ruby is already more work/mats than all the other epic gems, it’s pretty silly to put even more roadblocks on it. Especially when folks using emblems or HP can get them all for the same rate.

    Ray: Not sure I quite feel ur pain on the procs. While I agree they are fairly skimpy, several professions are getting zero benefit from their specialization (LW, Eng, BS). I would probably rank those higher on the need for attention than low Alchemy procs, but I can understand why it would be annoying.

  5. Tilman Says:

    i think ray’s point was that of all the alchemy specializations, transmuters always had only one proc-chance a day. The wotlk meta-gem-transmutes are the exception here but if i am not mistaken the ones in bc also had a cooldown.
    If you brew one million elixirs one cloudy afternoon you’ll get the bonus of about 150.000 elixirs from your specialization… a transmute alchie gets one measly proc a day or nothing.

    For me at least that was the very reason i became an elixir-alchie… like everybody else. With the patch i will switch… like everybody else
    I am so unoriginal…

    ah.. and thanks kaliope that you were the first one to share jewelcrafting information from the ptr with us.
    Very much appreciated!

  6. Tsark Says:

    Kal, just a heads up – the transmute materials seem to have changed (at least, MMO-champion reports them as changed). Each gem now requires its blue-rarity equivalent and one primal: Fire for rubies, Air for Zircon, Life for King’s Amber and Shadow for Ametrine and Dreadstone. Exception is the Eye of Zul, which only requires 3 life (?).

    Oh and they added a 20 hour CD.

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