Epic Gems from Patch 3.2 (part 1)

There are 70+ new epic gem recipes on the Test Realm right now and I’m bringing them to you LIVE and IN COLOR =)  Heh, well something like that.  I’m madly cropping up these screenshots I took so I can share them with you as quickly as possible, but there are a ton of them.  This is the first group of recipes I have, it’s the new orange gem called “Ametrine”.  I also have more info about acquiring these gems, so stayed tuned for more goodies!

For quick links to a specific cut:

Ametrine: Stark, Resolute, Lucent, Deft, Fierce, Resplendent
Ametrine: Stalwart, Empowered, Champion, Glimmering, Wicked, Accurate
Ametrine:  Glinting, Reckless, Pristine, Etched, Veiled, Durable
Ametrine:  Potent, Deadly, Inscribed, Luminous

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