Epic Gems from Patch 3.2 (part 2)

Here’s some more images of the gem recipes I found earlier today, I’m just dumping them all in one big gallery :)  Enjoy!

For those who want to jump straight to a particular cut:

Cardinal Ruby: Subtle, Fractured, Bright, Precise, Bold, Delicate
Dreadstone: Tenuous, Infused, Puissant, Mysterious, Guardian, Defender
Dreadstone: Royal, Regal, Shifting, Purified, Glowing, Sovereign
Eye of Zul: Turbid, Opaque, Energized, Shattered, Radiant + Runed Cardinal Ruby
Eye of Zul: Lambent, Intricate, Shining, Tense, Misty, Sundered
Eye of Zul: Forceful, Seer’s, Jagged, Timeless, Vivid, Dazzling
Eye of Zul: Enduring, Steady
King’s Amber: Quick, Thick, Mystic, Brilliant, Smooth + Balanced Dreadstone
Majestic Zircon: Lustrous, Sparkling, Stormy, Solid + Rigid King’s Amber + Flashing Cardinal Ruby

Oh yeah… one more thing… FIRST!


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