Epic Gem Vendor coming in 3.2

As mentioned in one of my previous posts, there will be a new epic gem vendor in the next patch.  Technically he’s not new, it’s the current badge vendor Harold Winston.  The good news here is that we’ll be able to purchase epic gems with Badges of Heroism!  This is great for non-jewelcrafters who won’t be able to prospect their own ore.  And it follows in the tradition of the precedent set in Burning Crusade, so it’s not really shocking.  It’s nice though =)

I will be doing some titanium testing in a future post – still waiting on my JC to transfer over with her ore.  In the meantime, I wanted to share these screenies I nabbed which show the gem vendor and the recipe vendor:

Epic Gem Vendor in Dalaran

Epic Gem Vendor in Dalaran

Epic Recipe Vendor in Dalaran

Epic Recipe Vendor in Dalaran

As you can see our JC trainer is now selling epic gemcutting recipes for 5 quest tokens, which is the same price as some of our current recipes.  I think this is downright sporting of him to give us these new and improved recipes for a price equivalent to current recipes.  Start saving those tokens now if you don’t already have a beefy stash!


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  1. Gibbie Says:

    I heard that the epic gems were purchasable with honor (10k to be precise). no?

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