Midsummer Guide Repost + Update

For folks who missed this last year or don’t want to go digging for the link, here’s our Midsummer Festival Guide from last year.

I’ve been working the bonfire XP on my 74 warrior, so some new tidbits for this year…

About 10k XP for each Friendly Fire
About 20k XP for each Hostile Fire

This is up from last year’s numbers.  I’ve also been trying to get the Lord Ahune kill on a couple of toons, so we worked out a solid game plan for a 2-man group…

Duo Strat for Lord Ahune
The Lord Ahune fight in Slave Pens has NOT been changed.  Luckily we are all beefier now :)  So if you were unable to get that done, this year you should have a much better chance at it.  I did it earlier today with just two people: an 80 DK and 79 Resto Druid, with a rogue stealthed in the back leeching the kill.

If you’re not doing a full group, keep dps/heals at max range for the “adds” part of the fight.  Those players should try not to cast so the tank can keep aggro on all the adds.  For emergencies, pop a heal and then do a ‘drop aggro’ ability.  Non-tanks simply hang back and dance around to avoid taking damage from floor spikes.  Any tank with heal ability (DK, Pally, Druid) should be able to keep the adds busy and survive on self heals.

When the adds are gone, heal up the tank and start DPSing the boss.  Make sure to continue dancing to avoid floor spikes – they know where you are!  Right before the boss leaves, hot up the tank if you want and then back off to max range again.  This fight will take 3-4 rounds but you’ll eventually kill Ahune.  The important thing is to keep everyone except the tank at max range to avoid spike damage or getting aggro from the waves of adds.  We did this strat in Normal mode and it worked fine.  We plan to try Heroic later, so I’ll update if that works out.  Keep in mind that Heroic mode guarantees the Enchanting recipe, so if you’re collecting you should try to do the Heroic version.

Also, if you bring a leech to the party (some one who is not participating in the fight but just there to get the achievement) have them stand ON TOP of one of the prison cages in the back.  If they hop into or on the cage, they’ll be off the floor and therefore away from any spikes that may target them.  We did this with my rogue and even though spikes were popping on the floor under her, she didn’t take any significant damage because she was above the floor.

I hope this helps anyone else who might want to try this fight with a small group.  If anyone else has tips for the Midsummer Festival, feel free to share in the comments!


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  1. Diabolos Says:

    You can PROBABLY get away without a standard tank for the fight in regular SP. 2 DPS and a healer should be able to bring the one elite add down and mop up the non-elites just fine. We did it with 1 tank, 1 heal, 2 DPS group with a low 60 to mooch exp/loot, and we got him down on first submerge phase. The DPS just nuked the elite add (to hell with threat!), and we had no issues with the non-elite adds afterwards.

  2. Kol Says:

    I did it with a melee and range DPS, just the two of us, both level 80 with some purple gears.

    If you zerg him all out you can probably get him down during the first exposed phase.

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