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Ok, so I’ve been playing a bit more with WoWPopular :) I put together a few lists for you guys, just to see what you think of the results.  This is an approximation (based on their star ranking) of the five most popular crafted items for various tradeskills:


  • Titansteel Destroyer
  • Spiked Titansteel Helm
  • Savage Saronite Pauldrons
  • Tempered Titansteel Helm
  • Tempered Titansteel Treads


  • Ice Striker’s Cloak
  • Trollwoven Spaulders
  • Trollwoven Girdle
  • Durable Nerubhide Cape
  • Giantmaim Legguards


  • Deathchill Cloak
  • Wispcloak
  • Hat of Wintry Doom
  • Ebonweave Gloves
  • Ebonweave Robe

Jewelcrafting (not gems)

  • Titanium Spellshock Ring
  • Titanium Earthguard Ring
  • Titanium Impact Band
  • Titanium Spellshock Necklace
  • Titanium Impact Choker

For the purposes of these lists, I removed raiders from the results.  Most raiders will not be wearing crafted gear, they will have already upgraded to raid gear.  This list does include PVP players because a good number of them are still using some types of crafted items.  All other players are included as well.  Also, the data is based on what players are wearing.  If more casuals end up making their own gear, this doesn’t help your sales.  Either way, let me know what you think of these lists, do they match your personal experiences?

David at WoWPopular has graciously agreed to make his database available to Crafter’s Tome in order to create more detailed lists.  Please let me know if you’re interested in this as a regular feature of the site.  It will require a lot of work and some begging/bribing of the programmer hubby, but if you guys are on board – I’ll make it happen.


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  1. bldavis59 Says:

    Thank you for this wonderful information Kaliope!

    I have been struggling with wat LW patterns to make due to not having time to do much research on my own.

    I would love if you added lists such as this to Crafterstome!

    And I will DEFINETLY let the other crafters in my guilod know about this post! It could end-up helping ALOT of us!

  2. Indy Says:

    I’m interested in seeing the most popular enhancement/enchants for various slots… assuming it’s not too difficult to pull that information together. Even simply information on the leg slot enhancement for lw/tailoring would be useful.

  3. (Ray the) Cartographer Says:


    Thank you for mentioning wowpopular. I’ve visited the site and played with the various menus on a couple of occasions. Other than the occasional spotlight involving your own playing results, however, I don’t think it necessary to make it a regular feature on Crafter’s Tome. I visit here several times throughout the week whether in hopes of finding a new blog entry or reviewing the various lists/archives that can be found. If I wanted the info on wowpopular, I would (and do) go there.

  4. kaliope Says:

    Ray: The plan with the “top” lists would be to put together rankings that are currently difficult to do on the WoWPopular site. Right now it’s very time consuming to get a top five for all crafted plate because you can only sort the lists by class (or all, which includes non-plate wearers and drops most plate items off the lists). Enchants are also very difficult to view since it’s broken down by slot and only show the top two. So we’d be taking the same data and slicing it up differently. Granted, anyone can go to WoWPopular and do what I did on these lists, but this took me 2+ hours of cross referencing each class that can use a particular item. I would imagine most folks will not spend that much time with it themselves.

    Our plan is not to duplicate the filtering you can currently do with WoWPopular, but to create new filters just for tradeskills. An example would be Top 10 Leather, which would include items from both the Enchant list and the Gear lists. You can’t combine gear with enchants on the current site. David at WoWPopular has graciously agreed to share his data files with us for just this purpose. We’re trying to arrange this as a collaborative effort between both sites. Hopefully the result will provide a boost for his site in addition to giving our readers some much welcome statistics from our favorite part of the game :)

  5. Hagu Says:

    Very nice. thank you.

    I certainly would like to see more. I think it would be useful and I know it would be interesting.

    Is it possible to see an absolute indication? I.e. WowPopular shows the most popular hands, legs, and chest as Valorous. Now I don’t run with the most leet crowd, but I do not see t7.5 as that common. You can’t really tell whether 40% of casters have WispCloak, versus there are nearly 100 things with about 1% market share so something with 1.2% could be the most popular.

  6. Hagu Says:

    A suggestion for you and/or WoWPopular.

    In RL I wrote a project management product. There are a lot of ways you could get a database of your current data points and many ways to view and aggregate. But far less common were ways to see the *changes* in the data. In this context, knowing the Deathchill cape was still #1 but half as many people have it as a month ago while 37% more have TS Ring.

    So if you were to keep a snapshot of the database every week, and then showed the *changes* in popularity, that would be interesting and not something any current data miner, including WowPopular, could provide. My feeling is that the changes could be an indication of profitability.

    Although, there is still no way to use data mining to look at *sales*, which is what crafter’s want. Lots of Cobalt-whatevers being sold to DKs in December does not necessarily make them the thing to craft in June. Is there any way to run your analysis on people who have been 80s for less than a month (target crafter market.) Is there anyway to tell from the data, who ever had a WispCloak, which is what we crafters want to know. Whether they replace it in Nax in a week or three months does not affect the desirability of the item.

    Totally changing the subject but an niche would be for you to publish weekly numbers on items crafted with runed orbs – it is way too small to show up on WowPopular. But many crafters are eyeing that market and would like an excuse to enter; what’s is selling? Independent of all this fascinating data mining, are you doing Runed Orbs yet? A Runed Orb blog entry coming soon? I saw them down to 1050g on my AH, when will you jump in?

  7. kaliope Says:

    Hagu: We’ll be coming up with a representation scheme for the compiled data. Part of our arrangement with WoWPopular includes respecting his data and keeping it private, so we’ll be devising our own method for displaying the charts. I agree that a top ten rank can be misleading if the #2 item actually has half the usage as the #1 item. So we’d like to show some level of proportionality with the numbers if we can. We’re still working this out, but I’ll make sure the hubby sees your suggestions. I like the possibilities of tracking movement over time, I believe NetFlix has a similar feature in their Top 100 rentals.

    I don’t see any way to incorporate items that aren’t tracked by WoWPopular though, such as Runed Orbs. Since we’d be using their data, we’re depending on the bits scraped by them from the Armory. As far as I know he’s not tracking anything stats that aren’t being used on the site.

  8. Hagu Says:

    By runed orbs I meant “crafted items that require runed orbs” –

    E.g., if i wanted to get into this, what would be the most profitable pattern to try first: Sash of Ancient Power, Indestructible Plate girdle, ??? These things are tracked by WP, but will never be popular enough to make a standard top-10.

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