What’s Your Style?

I read this entertaining post over at WoWenomics the other day, and found this horribly accurate description of myself:

The Master Craftsman: Crafting specced, sometimes even dual crafting specced. Can answer questions like, “What mats do I need to craft X?” without even opening her tradeskill window. Bank is filled with crafting materials, even stuff that’s been obsolete for years because “you never know when you’ll need it.”

I am very sad to say that I actually created my own bank guild with three tabs which is primarily used to store old-world crafting mats.  And if asked, I would totally say “you never know when you’ll need it”.  The weird part is that it has actually been helpful from time to time.  Although a sane person would argue that I could just buy those same items on the rare occasion I needed them, but apparently I’m a pack rat.

And where most folks I know have one bank alt, I have FIVE of them.  Each of my crafters has her own alt who stores crafting mats and finished items.  You would think this would give me plenty of space for all my stuff, but I am constantly running low on bank space.  Really, Blizzard just needs to invent a huge, walk-in closet for me to save all my goodies, banks are too small!

As for the dual crafter, I don’t have just one.  I have three!  One Leatherworking Scribe, one Enchanting Engineer and one Tailoring Alchemist.  Luckily I can at least say I don’t know the mats for things off the top of my head.  Back in the vanilla WoW days I used to be able to recite recipe details from memory.  Two expansions later, my head is too crammed full of random recipe facts to make sense of anything.

It’s not all my fault though, I keep getting all these novelty items from the various seasonal events.  I can’t bear to get rid of my Hallowed Wands, Preserved Holly, Elegant Dresses or Bags of Candies.  If Blizzard won’t give us player housing, they should at least give us a trophy case to save all our fun or obsolete items.  I know it would help me reclaim a ton of space if I could store my “out of season” items elsewhere.  I’m sure there are other folks who’d love to save their old level 60 set items and weapons, but at some point have to delete them because of bank cram.  After four years, there’s just a ton of content and I don’t think the old bank system has really kept up with the times.  And it’s really too bad because we put a lot of work into getting some of this stuff and I for one hate deleting something I worked hard to get.

By the way, I’m praying that we don’t get any new Professions in the next expansion.  I’m selfish, I don’t have any more toons left to craft with on my server.  If a new profession comes along, I’m gonna have to drop a craft or sacrifice a bank alt.

So what’s your style?  Pop on over to the rest of the article at WoWenomics and see for yourself :)


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  1. Bloodshrike Says:

    lolz, I’m an Opportunist Master Craftsman. I HATE when other smugglers underprice my Ally cooking recipes by 1 copper in the Horde AH.

    I recently took my 61 DK to Azshara, to grind for the recipe for Stormshroud Armor, since my level 35 LW had just learned all the other Stormshroud recipes. That pattern is never on the AH, so I put in the hour of grinding to get it. It’s a nice Dodge/Crit set though.

  2. bldavis59 Says:

    I am one of the few players in WoW without a bank-alt.

    I know, i know, im crazy

    i do have one of every class, and at least one of every (well ervery alliance) race on my main server (Drenden)

    Wat i do have is a toon with EVERY proffesion.
    I have a Skin/LW hunter main, a Mine/BS pally, Mine/JC warrior (dranei oc) Mine/Engin Rogue (gniome oc) Herb/Ins Druid, Tailor Preist, Herb/Alch Lock, Enchant DK, and my poor mage has no profs, yet!

    wat about a shammie i hear ppl saying?

    well that is my token horde on drenden, and he is a Mine/JC as well

    i may not be a dual-craft spec, but i am def craft crazy, for example, my 10 dwarf preist is at 127 tailoring, and my 24 druid is closing in on 150 ins (got to that one late, he was already 21)

    My main has Skinning maxxed and is currently at 421 LW, would be higher, but i have sacrificed my farming of leather for teh Argent tournament (i am a pet fanatic as well, have 41 one my main) in fact just last night i got the Dun Moragh Cub! and it looks so cool following behind me on my Black War Bear! (i admit im an achievement nut too)

  3. bldavis59 Says:

    i just checked out the Woweconics blog and i hate to say it but i am
    sadly a mix, i dont even fit into one, or 2 catagories, but 3!

    i am a Daily grinder (well the tournament daiies anyway) a Master Crafter (almost), and worst of all a Barter (shameful isnt it?)

    alot of those point hit home :(

  4. Ian Says:

    I guess I’m somewhere between the daily grinder and the gatherer-farmer one. I actually don’t do much on my main aside from instances (slowly working our way through 5-man heroics). I probably do a set of Tournament dailies every two or three days and once I have enough Seals to buy a vanity pet I will do so and sell it for much gold. :D

    I don’t even mine that much at the moment because I don’t need the ore for anything, but once I get my DK into Northrend or start running out of repair bots and saronite bombs I suppose I’ll do a few mining runs around Sholazar.

  5. Dorgol Says:

    I no longer try to make money at all. It’s just too easy.

    I haven’t used a tradeskill to make money since early TBC (when I would transmute Diamonds). I haven’t farmed for herbs or ore specifically for selling since… well, ever. There just comes a time when you have enough money and the rest is gravy.

    That said, I hate having to depend on others for my needs. So I support my own needs with most tradeskills at 440+ (Tailoring 446, Enchanting 415, Alchemy 450, Inscription 448, Engineering 441, Mining 450, Herbalism 450×2). I would have Blacksmithing up there, but I moved my BS to another server and thus he doesn’t get much attention. I’m also planning on leveling JC on my Deathknight (if I can ever bring myself to level him to 65).

    So if I ever DID find myself short of cash, I have the resources at hand to provide plenty of income for myself.

    Oh – and I also tend to be a packrat. I’m trying to cure myself of it, though, so I’ve started selling off my TBC mats. I’ve a fortune in “opportunity costs”:

    I ended TBC with 3-4 stacks of every Primal (except Air)
    I had nearly 2,000 Outland herbs when 3.0 releaed
    I still had several hundred herbs when 3.1 released
    To this day I have 10 Primal Nether

    I’m trying my best NOT to hoard things in Northrend. I finally downloaded Auctioneer and hit the AH each weekend to unload stuff. I probably bring in 300-500g every week doing that.

  6. Raima Says:

    I’m a Master Crafter. My main is a JC/Enchanter (she gave up Mining when I realized that she was buying all her ore anyway). My other level 80 is Alch/Herb. I have one of every class except warrior (I went with 2 paladins instead). And I have all the crafts spread through them randomly. However I do not level evenly, so my tailor is only level 26. My LW is only level 22, and my Engineer is only level 38. But I save mats for them anyway. My tailor has a large supply of cloths of all levels including frostweave, sent to her constantly. My bank toon even has gathering professions, but is only level 11. I actually intend to level it, even while it is a bank, but it is far down the list of who will be leveled next. My hunter (inscribe/mining) just hit level 68 yesterday and got to Northrend. Her inscription was already over 430 well before then though.

  7. Diabolos Says:

    I’m a little bit of Master Craftsman (#3) and Daily Grinder (#4). My lower level alts have more or less been converted to mules and I only really have 1 bank alt. My alchemist mage gets all of the herbs I picked up from chests in BC (I loved Treasure Sense back then!). My warrior smith has stacks of bars of all levels. My paladin enchanter has all of my enchanting mats. All of my WotLK food mats have been going to my L58 DK. I even have stacks of BC food mats on another food alt! I just recently started cleaning out my alts of old, old stuff, but I recently helped a couple guildies powerlevel JC with the vanilla WoW mats I had muled away.
    Black Diamonds? Pristine or non?
    Mojo? A stack of which kind? I got em all!
    STACKS of Tigerseye and Malachite? Sure thing!
    I even sent some Moist Towelettes to my bank alt before they became BoP!

  8. Nel Says:

    Hmmm … well, i have one toon that is a gatherer (herb/mine), one lw/skinner and the rest are all dual spec crafters. i suppose i kinda go between the

    I have to admit I have been most of those types at diferent times. I played the AH at times, like the daily’s, have soloed dungeons for the quick cash, and most frequently barter my skills.

    I also have a bank toon that is full of ore, gems, herbs, meat and fish.

    My request from Blizz would be a 40 slot refrigerator for cooking supplies. I send all of the meat and fish I collect to my bank alt, as well as the spices that my 2 high level toons collect. Then I sit down one day and just cook up everything. it would be wonderful to have a cooking bag!

  9. Diabolos Says:

    If you think about it, the in-game mail system really is pretty advanced. Not only can you send weapons and explosives through the mail with no hassle, fish and meat keep just fine and don’t spoil!

    “I just sent you a stack of raw fish, with no packaging, using the cheapest possible postage. Enjoy!”

  10. Jagas Says:

    I’m a Opportunist Master Crafter Grinder apparently.
    Like you, I have 5 bank alts, though a couple of them are less active than the others; 2 guild banks; a couple alts just parked in strategic locations. I am constantly running out of space as well.

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