Bring Back Crafting Quests!

I know – I hear you saying that we have crafting quests.  The daily Cooking quest, the daily Jewelcrafting quest, and just recently the daily Fishing quest.  These are fine and I’ve been enjoying the new Fishing daily.  In fact, just a few days ago I scored the nifty crab pet =)  This isn’t really what I mean by crafting quests, the cooking and JC quests hardly even use our crafting skill.  The quests I want back are the old AQ/AD style crafting quests that required actual tradeskill abilities to complete.

Perhaps some of you don’t remember these quests, but I have fond memories of them.  I farmed raptor meat for the War Effort back in 2006 and I had a blast collecting (and selling) items that were needed to open the gates of Ahn’Qiraj.  I wasn’t even in a raiding guild at the time, but I was happy to be using my crafting skill for a world-wide cause.  There’ve been several other events from the early days of WoW which included turn-in quests for crafted items.  You could fill Craftsman’s Writs for the Argent Dawn, earn tickets with the Darkmoon Faire, and complete Field Duty quests for the Cenarion Circle.  Each time one of these events launched, I threw myself into the effort with glee.  Lately I find myself hoping that the Argent Tournament will host a similar event, where the talents of crafters are needed to help complete the coliseum.

So this is me requesting that we bring back tradeskill quests!  I love being able to make items and turn them in for XP, Rep or tokens.  I love that adding quests like these increases the value of the goods we make, so we revitalize the markets with new uses for old and unpopular items (armor kits, engineering parts, etc).  It certainly appears that Northrend is preparing for a conflict of some kind, so the next few patches would be the perfect time to dust off the idea of tradeskill quests and implement them.

And really, it’s been a long time since we had true tradeskill quests.  Through all of Burning Crusade the closest we ever got was the cooking and fishing dailies, and then the gathering daily for the Shattered Sun Offensive.  I enjoyed the gathering quest and I would love to see a Northrend version, but what I’d really love to see is a more comprehensive crafting scenario.  Let’s utilize ALL of our tradeskills for some upcoming event in Northrend, not just a cooking quest here or a gathering quest there.  Surely there’s a way to streamline the quest design process so that multiple item types can be accepted by the quest giver.  If so, then you could create just one quest that covers all tradeskills, and save a lot of time making redundant quests.

What do you say people, do we want more tradeskill quests or are we happy with the status quo?


5 Responses to “Bring Back Crafting Quests!”

  1. Garumoo Says:

    I also specially liked the community advancement effects of the SSO – there was some great cross-realm rivalry going on there. It was fun seeing every little contributn having an effect (vs. quest handins simply going into a black hole).

  2. Adarin Says:

    I completely agree. This is a great idea to revitalize crafting!

  3. Debrashavi Says:

    Here!Here! I love the crafting professions and hope Blizz will expand more on them in the very near future.

  4. bldavis59 Says:

    there are 2 types of crafting quests, the right of passage, or the craft-supporting quest

    the right of passage quests include the now removed Triage quests.
    i spent HOURS trying to finish that one.

    and it is wrong they have taken it out!
    sure it was a HUGE pita, but it made you want that next level oh so much more.

    I was so relieved when i fianlly got it completed. To this day, Triage bandages are still my most used (169 lol i told you it took awhile)

    and yet now ppl can just go to the trainer?

    i feel that there should be a Feat Of Strength achievement for completeing the quest, sadly this is not possible as im pretty sure there is no way to determin when you have finished a quest, unless you just had.

    i went through the hell of triage, and endless dragon slaying for my dragonscale LW spec, and i feel everyone should expirience the same frustrations and satisfaction

    not only will this drive players to suceed if they want the next level, but also weed out those that just want to buy their way into a 450 prof

    dont get me wrong, i dont mind power-levelers, i just feel the rop questss gave a real sense of achievement.

    and i agree they should bring back crafting-quests. they provide a source of income for those of us who are crafters, and open up more networking oppertunites between players.

  5. howtoloseyourlifetoanmmorpg Says:

    Such an awesome Blog you have. You speak on many things that I like and am concerned about.

    Ugh, it would be so awesome if they brought back the importance of crafting, with the next update.

    I’ve been so disappointed that I’ve been crafting in Runes of Magic(which is overly simplistic right now) and it takes forever.

    I might jump to Vanguard or EQ2 for a more robust/worthwhile/fun crafting experience. What say you?

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