World Drop Recipe Blues

I’ve been having a problem since 3.1 that maybe some of you have also experienced.  I was excited by the idea of getting my hands of some of these new Books of Glyph Mastery that randomly teach new glyphs.  The problem is that despite all my best efforts, I could never manage to get one.  I tried really hard, I did the tournament dailies each day on 2 toons and killed the Icecrown mobs.  I spent a couple of hours farming in Storm Peaks.  To this day I have yet to loot one.  About a week in I gave up and bought one off the auction for 300g.  My guild leader was also kind enough to give me one that he got in a raid, thanks for that!!

But I’m starting to get frustrated because this patch has been out for weeks now and I’ve learned 2 whole glyphs.  The only way I can see to get the other 55 is to buy more books from the auction.  Even with the price coming down from thousands to an average of 200g this past week, that would still run me about 11,000g.  I’m sorry, I’m not about to sink that into my profession just to learn recipes.  If I were power-leveling it all the way up, then maybe that would be a reasonable expense.  But just to acquire the drop recipes, I don’t believe it is.

Perhaps Blizzard had hoped this generic book concept would keep prices low because of the random aspect, but it’s had the opposite effect.  All of the book are priced at the same high level because sellers know that they all have a chance to give the buyer a good recipe.  That’s not really true at this point though, even the newer glyphs have mostly been deflated by now.  So there’s no chance you’d make your money back with the current market, but you still have to invest huge amounts of gold to learn all the recipes.

The fact is, we’ve seen this pattern before with Jewelcrafting and it was unpopular then.  Jewelcrafters also have world drop recipes which are seriously overpriced, but at least in their situation they can pick and choose which designs to invest in.  Scribes don’t have that option and therefore no way to selectively make recipe purchases according to their personal needs. So once again we end up in a situation where some tradeskills are at a heavy disadvantage to others because of the high expense of recipe acquisition.  At least Jewelcrafters can offset that a bit with the profits they make from cut gems, I don’t believe glyphs are nearly as lucrative in that regard.

Frankly, I’d be fine if this whole world drop category went away altogether.  I assume the purpose of it is to have a subset of recipes that are not widely available and therefore create stronger demand for those items.  It just doesn’t seem to be working that way in reality and right now the Scribe part seems like a fail to me.  I prefer the faction and dungeon/raid system much better, because it gives players a way to target the items they are interested in and work towards those targets.  I also think the Discovery system is a workable mechanic, at least while the discoveries are still ongoing.  Once the bulk of the players have discovered most or all recipes then you’re back to market glut.

The problem with world drop recipes in this scenario is that too many items are included and they are predominantly the cream of the crop glyphs.  I would prefer to see world drops used for recipes that are very niche oriented or highly specialized in some way.  I’m not sure how this would fit Scribes, but for Jewelcrafting I could see jewelry and trinket recipes being good items for world drops.  But if world drops went this route, we’d still have the problem of restricting access to recipes so those that have them can make a decent profit.  I have a plan for that too :)

I’d like to see specializations come back, I was bummed that they were dropped.  That said, I really like the shift to personal buffs that are the perk of having a profession, I think that’s a great change from BoP gear.  What I’d like to see instead is the idea of specializations as they currently apply to Alchemists (and maybe Tailors).  Let each tradeskill specialize in a particular subset of recipes (transmutes, elixirs, potions) and gain access to cool recipes through their specialization.  I think this would solve the problem of every crafter having easy access to every recipe, while still allowing individual crafters reasonable access to good recipes.

With Scribes I think a Specialization option could be a bit tricky.  Since the bulk of our items are glyphs, the only way to divide them into groups would be by class.  I’m sure some folks wouldn’t appreciate that and I’ll admit that I like being able to make glyphs for all my alts.  On the other hand with the prices being as low as they are now, it wouldn’t be a burden if my alts had to purchase them either.  Given a choice between the two, I think I’d prefer for my Scribe to have a decent income with a subset of specialized glyphs, even if it meant my other toons would have to buy their own glyphs at higher prices.  Dividing the glyphs could be done either by class or by role, you could make a case either way.  And I’m not claiming that this plan would be perfect either, no system is perfect.  But given the choice between specializing my Scribe and spending up to 11k for books of randomness, I think I’d happily specialize.


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  1. Mortalcoil Says:

    IMO make the book teach you how to research the glyphs, with a cost closer to darkmoon cards but not quite that much

  2. pastyone Says:

    you can still do your northern inscription research daily to learn the new glyphs.
    the books have a chance to learn older glyphs, the ones before the patch. So keep that in mind with the books.

  3. Gracehopper Says:

    They new glyphs can not be learned by the northern inscription research. I thought this too but wasn’t getting any of the new ones and read they are only from the books. I’ve had good ah sales so pick up a few books here and there but they average between 250-350g.

  4. Erika Says:

    They need to make it like the Heavy Frost weave bandage and bc engie recipes. But get rid of the randomness. That way the Glyphs themselves will be high but you wont have to worry about the glyph being high.

  5. Tsark Says:

    I completely agree with you about the system not working – basically, there’s just too many glyphs (and thus, we need too many books) to get the right recipes. I admit, however, I have a fondness for world drop recipes that can be traded. Scanning the AH each day, hoping to find the recipe you were looking for is a fond memory I have of basic wow. I’m just not sure how to recapture that system, though – and yes, if I have to pay tons of money, at least make me CHOOSE what glyph I get.

  6. Valartha Says:

    I guess I’m lucky…. I’m pretty much the only high-level scribe in my guild, so everyone is sending me the books that they find.

    I also saw the list of new glyphs, and I actually did learn one from that list through research, so either the list was incorrect, or the assumption that the glyphs can ONLY be learned from the books is.

  7. kaliope Says:

    Well it seems to me that we have some conflicting information on the research-ability of the new glyphs. I tested this on the PTR and never learned a 3.1 glyph through research, so I haven’t bothered to try it on the Live server. However if there are folks who *are* learning 3.1 glyphs by researching, please let us know which ones you discovered. I will also start researching again and see if I’m able to learn any new glyphs. Right now I have all the 3.1 glyphs listed as drops, but I can certainly modify it if we find otherwise.

  8. Shyraia Says:

    You can say what you want, but this system is already a whole lot better than enchanting was in BC. Having to farm one type of ogre in Blade’s Edge to get a specific enchant for hours on end wasn’t really a lot of fun.

    These at least are tradeable, they drop as random world drops, and you don’t have all the recipes in one go so there’s something left to save up for.

    Don’t underestimate how bored it is to just get everything easily. We value the things we have to fight hard for most.

  9. Ydraisa Says:

    What I think Blizzard tried with the new Books system was to prevent monopoly.

    As you’ve found out yourself, it’s quite expensive for any single scribe to buy all the books required to know *all* the recipes and keep a monopoly on the craft for a long time.

    What I believe they tried to do is give everyone a fair shot at either farming (as in lucky drops) or purchasing a small number of books, thus spreading the number of unique recipes between many scribes. I.e. I am the only crafter on this realm for glyph xxx and you’re the only one that can craft item yyy. We both have a chance at profits… for a while at least.

  10. Merlot Says:

    Inscription is unique in that it doesn’t scale neatly with level – a glyph you can craft and equip at level 15 could easily be the best choice for you in end-game raiding. Conversely, 3.1 glyphs may be worthless.

    The reason why people were prepared to pay for BoE jewelcrafting recipes is because, on the whole, they were the best gems in the game and guaranteed a return on investment – or at least, you could choose them based on personal need. You just can’t say that for glyph books. Not only are there hugely more of them, and not only can you not choose which glyphs to learn, a good chunk of the 3.1 glyphs are simply not the best choice for many raiders. You could be unlucky, like me, and spend ~700g on four books to learn recipes that sell for far less than any of the pre-3.1 glyphs. My gold would have been better spent on herbs.

    I don’t know if Blizzard was right or wrong to break the linear progression of professions, but their solution for adding new glyphs to the game is more suited to the old-style professions than inscription.

  11. Valartha Says:

    I wish I remembered which one it was. I haven’t been keeping track. >_<

  12. Viscount Says:

    Remember there were also a few new recipies added to the trainer after the patch.

    Also i remember reading that blizzard planned on increasing the drop rate as time goes by. They want some of the glyphs to be hard to get to begin with but as they become more available they will make it easier to get books so most people can have a chance to get them all.

  13. kaliope Says:

    You’re right Viscount, they did add a handful of 3.1 glyphs to the trainer. I don’t believe any of those were a “high demand” variety tho, I could be wrong on that.

    At this point I think most Scribes realize they probably aren’t going to get every new recipe anytime soon, unless they are lucky to have their guild feeding them books like a few posters mentioned. Given that, really the main problem here is the inability to selectively purchase new recipes based on need. I certainly understand why Blizzard would want to combat monopoly and/or glut, I’m just not sure randomizing the books should have been part of that equation.

  14. hoshisabi Says:

    Unfortunately, I bought about 8-10 more of the books than I should have, I sent myself a stack of 6 and got a message “You can no longer learn from this item” or something similar when I clicked on the second or third… and then won all the ones I had lowball bids on.

    I bought them for between 200 and 300, I sold them for 175. Someone else was very happy. Prices are dropping like crazy, so it’s just a little patience.

    When more of us have all of the inscriptions, the price will drop even more. I’m thinking the 50g range.

  15. herz Says:

    They should only be seen, and looted by those who have the profession, like the JC recipes… I refuse to pay for them on ah, and think its insane to pay 300g for a personal glyph that i can make if i had it learned from a book.
    I have seen one looted… which went to their scribe alt. Also i think the books should be “rare” and master loot-able in raids, so peope aren’t sending them to their scribe alts.

  16. hoshisabi Says:

    Eh, in all honesty, I made back quite a bit more than what I spent from selling the glyphs that I learned, as well as other glyphs. Sell a few favorites and you can earn the money quickly and easily. A few hundred a day, with Auctioneer to figure out what glyphs are selling for 20-30g (which is a “good price” on my server).

    They sell fast every day, and make good use of the ink trader in Dalaran so that you can get lion ink. It’s been far cheaper to buy Deadnettle to turn into Ink of the Sea and then trade that for lion ink than it would be to ever use the herbs that make lion ink’s pigment.

  17. Valartha Says:

    Well, the list I looked at originally must’ve been incorrect. I tried doing my research yesterday and got nothing new.

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