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I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m going out of my mind with all the activities that are going on right now!  As soon as 3.1 hit I started working the Argent Tournament to beef up my pet collection.  I have three toons who are high enough to do it, so I’ve been doing the dailies on all three when I can.  Then Noblegarden rolled into town and after waiting out the first couple of days to let the furor die down, I started walking my gals through that too.  Since these events only happen once a year, I try to get at least two of my toons through each holiday so they can all make progress on the “Strange Trip”.  Then as I was in the midst of taking my third gal through the Noblegarden egg farming, the server time rolled over and Children’s Week went live.  Phew!  There’s not enough of me to go around, heh.

So now I’m doing Children’s Week times Four, because it takes three years to get all the Shattrath Pets and I want to make sure all my girls collect one pet each year for that.  And I’m STILL doing Argent Tournament dailies when I can work them in to keep earning Champion’s tokens.  My weirdness is actually paying off for me here, back in the day I made a point to create a character of each race as an “equal opportunity” sort of thing.  Now, having a gnome/dwarf/human/nelf is gonna pay off for me.  I can farm FOUR of the tournament pets and only do the champion chain once for each toon, WOOT!  Meanwhile I can accrue tokens on as many toons as I have time to do the dailies on.  One of my gals is going to buddy up to the Exodar so she can buy their pet eventually, so I’ll be totally covered.

In case you haven’t figured it out, pet collecting is one of my newest passions.  Not that I have time for more of that, but I’ve already gotten Stinker on Kaliope and I’m working up to the Fawn.  Krystella is close to getting Stinker also :)  The tournament is a way to get five different pets with one activity.  If you do all of the dailies every day for 8 days, you can buy a pet.  For those of you who aren’t interested in pets but are interested in generating cash, farming these pets and selling them to the other side could be an excellent way to do that.  These pets are selling for 5-10k on my server, I could see them selling at the upper end of that range on a cross-faction auction.

But this is not the purpose of my post… I wanted to share how fun these pets are!  I bought my first one for Kaliope a few days ago: a Teldrassil Sproutling.  This is the perfect pet for her because she is a tree druid and the sproutling is her “mini-me”!  I haven’t seen anyone else on my server with one of these and I suspect its because folks don’t really know what they’re getting.  I was gonna make a movie to show it off, but I’m lazy and I found one on YouTube instead:

See the Sproutling in Action!

I LOVE THIS GUY!! He’s kind of a sleepy fella, but when he dances he just warms my heart =)  Sadly, I’ve emoted him to death to see if I can trigger any of his emotes and so far I’ve had no luck with that.  It would be amazing if I could /dance him to activate the dancing feature.  The only downside to him so far is that he seems to sleep a lot… think newborn.  But he’s really a great pet, unlike most of the ones that just follow you around.  Personally, I think every tree druid should have one.  Taurens, I hope you have a bud on the other side!

So it was with a bit of trepidation that I went shopping with Krystella to get her new pet.  She just got 40 tokens last night and was finally able to afford the Elwynn Lamb.  Unfortunately I just wasn’t feeling the same excitement about owning a lamb.   They don’t really scream “I’m special”, do they?  But I went ahead and bought one, cuz I’m a total nerd and I’m collecting virtual pets.  I took my new sheep out and trotted him around, just to see how I felt about him.  He came with me as I went through some Orphan quests.  He’s kinda cute when he follows you around, he’s got a funny little butt wiggle that he does.  But I got the surprise of my live when I saw his own little movie come to life.  At random moments, he spawns a wolfish predator who takes him out!  Check out this movie I found on YouTube:

Elwynn Lamb vs World

It’s kinda long, so if you’re in a hurry to get to the action you can skip the first two minutes of commentary and just watch the ending.  So what started out as one of the most boring pets turns out to be one of the more interesting pet dramas!  I’m jazzed now to see what’s in store with the other Tourney pets =)


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  1. Kring Says:

    I really hope they do something with the fawn… it has no special something at the moment which is a bit disappointing…

    And for the other factions. They come automatically if you do the quests for the champion’s seals because these are the same quests just with less mobs.

  2. Ruhtra Says:

    Yeah, there is a lot to do right now. I wish I was more into the seasonal stuff, but I have always been into the children’s week just because it is different so I am happy it has started.

    Eventually I am gonna check out the Argent Tourny, but I am just not that big on it yet. My wife has messed around with it and one of her friends has been real active in it, but for me I have been going fishing. So relaxing! lol

  3. bldavis59 Says:


    im just 75 (had to ding for the Bad Example achievement), but
    I’m SO looking forward to doing the tournament.

    OK, now for the reason of this post, I had logged onto my toon just before i had to go to work tonight, and in Dalaran, there was a DWARF advertising about Horde tourney pets in the NAH, 3 of them for 5k each. I ingured about why so much, and he told me it was a discount, they are going for 7k on the AAH.

    And don’t feel bad Kaliope, I am kinda pet crazy too, and acheivement crazy, so much so that I blew 3k on 2 pets jusst to get the 25 pet achievement .
    And just to demonsrate the depth of my madness, I got Discover Icecrown today (yes on foot, cant fly yet) and only have one arean in SB left and then Stormpeaks, and with that, I will have the title of Gleagh the Explorer! YAH!

    • bldavis59 Says:

      just an update:

      I hit 77 last night, bought my cold weather flying, and then got my EPIC talbard!!!
      I am now Gleagh the Explorer! (Drenden)

      Now its tiem to start my quest to oget ALL 5 PETS! HEE HEE!
      BTW, anyone have the IF pet yet?

      Im just curious wat kind of pet it is, and wat it does.

  4. Suzi Says:

    I had no idea that happened with the lamb! I wasn’t very excited about this pet but I sure am now! Aww, poor thing though.

    I haven’t got any of the Argent Tournament pets yet because some of the items were ups for me so I’ve been buying those instead, but I’m looking forward to eventually collecting them all.

  5. dorgol Says:

    I’m into my 2nd Champion… and still trying to decide what I want more: the Argent flowing mount or pets. I guess I could get them all (sooner or later), but it’s hard to decide where to start.

  6. Raima Says:

    I was going to get all 5 pets first, then work on the mount, but I just got the fawn yesterday due to a very very generous guildmate who -gave- me the tiny emerald whelpling he had farmed (he farmed another one an hour or so later for himself). And then I got lucky getting Mr. Pinchy -and- having him give the magical crawdad box on the first try. And a proto-drake whelp was on AH for 400g, when normally they’re over 500g. I have the Sen’jin mask pet now, access to the magic broom from the blood elves, and will soon have access to the Mulgore Hatchling (very cute!) but I think I’m saving my tokens now for the argent hippogriff, and after that, for the racial mounts. In a few years, I’ll have them all!

    Since I was already Ambassador of the Horde, I’m now working on getting Champion of the Horde. Its pretty easy. I just pick up the 4 valiant quests and do them at the same time as the Champions quests. More money, barely any added time. The 3 extra jousts for the valiant melee quest are so much faster than the champion jousts, my health spell isn’t even up yet when I finish one. The “find me a weapon” quest is the only one that doesn’t overlap and isn’t right at the grounds.

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