3.1 Recipes Now Online

Some of you have noticed that there are a number of missing recipes on Crafter’s Tome, predominantly Ulduar drops.  These items finally started showing up in the Armory last week, so I’ve tried to collect as many as I could and add them to our site.  Not all of the information is complete, because the Armory is still showing no drop locations for some items.  There may still be some items missing and I will continue to monitor the Armory for those.  The most glaring omission is the Alchemy recipes which are purported to be in Ulduar.  But all of my latest updates are now on the site including all of the new Glyphs learned from books.

Please bear in mind that I do not use sites like Wowhead or MMO-Champion as my source for recipe confirmations.  They often mine items that are not truly live, so I rely on the Armory to confirm that new items are actually in the game.  If a recipe is not showing up in the Armory, I’m probably not going to put it on Crafter’s Tome unless I can get an in-game confirmation elsewhere (spotting on the AH or seeing an actual drop in person, for example).  Please feel free to send me your personal information if you spot a recipe in the game that I don’t currently have, screenshots of your new goodies are even better!

And just so everyone knows, I’m still working on cleaning up some of the Cooking changes (no more spices and stuff), the removal of book training from the secondary professions and all of the guides still require updates along these same lines :)

Wow, I need a helper!


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  1. Tamrisa Says:

    Just wanted to thank you for all the work you do for the crafting community =)
    I know how hard it was for me to shuffle through 3 bank alts worth of stuff that is no longer needed for skill ups on crafting lol

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