A bit of goodness in Northrend

As I write this, I’m standing in Dalaran near the fountain at a late night party.  I have no idea how long it’s been going, but I’ve been here for almost half an hour.  There have been 20-30 players coming and going, despite the fact that it’s 3am server (12am to me). Horde and Alliance are all dancing in a circle, wearing our pink dresses and patiently zapping each other with Spring Flowers.  Each time a player gets bunny-eared, they generously remove the ears so the next person can zap them without waiting for the cooldown.

Even though the fellas are not part of the achievement, a good five or six are also here, dancing and socializing.  Folks cheer at each other when they fire off their bunny ears, to thank the person for standing around just to be zapped.  People have brought their pets and kegs of booze, everyone is just hanging out and having a good time.  It’s really quite the display of cross-faction cameraderie and cooperation.

I just wanted to share a heart-warming story to balance out the bad taste of egg hunting madness that might still be lingering =)

Noblegarden Dance Party in Dalaran

Noblegarden Dance Party in Dalaran

Click the image to see the full-size version, complete with bunny ears.  Ok, now you can carry on with your egg hunting!


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  1. KoleBigEars Says:

    WOW…I wish it was that way on my server. I think I am surrounded by every jerk that WoW has to offer. It is as if the bad kids were kicked out of school and my server is the “alternative school” for the “losers”.

    I constantly get harassed, yelled at and called a multitude of names because I say to leave the horde player alone who is trying to fish in IF or doing quests/farming in WG.

    …ohhh if I had the money I’d move all of my toons to a different server…

  2. Debrashavi Says:

    Looks like a blast! This has been by far the most enjoyable World Event for me :)

  3. Sashre Says:

    This was the first holiday that I really enjoyed, probably because it had no PvP element which I am abysmal with.

    When I did the egg hunt there were 49+ people doing it with me, but only 2 were camping. the rest of us were having a blast chasing each other around, someone was setting off fireworks, dancing in the streets, brewfest casks for everyone to enjoy. I haven’t had that much fun in-game in more than a year.

  4. kaliope Says:

    Sashre: I actually witnessed the same thing on my server last nite. I went to Teldrassil about midnite (server) and there were less than 20 folks in the zone. When I got there, about half were camping eggs and the rest were actually hunting. I started hunting as well, but confining myself to a small section so others would have somewhere to path. As the night wore on, less folks were camping and more were hunting (there were still a few die-hard campers). Even better was the fact that no one was griping in general chat, people were just having fun with it and I enjoyed myself as well.

    For those of you who were burned in the first couple of days, I’d try again. It seems the hard-core holiday nerds have mostly cleared out :)

  5. bldavis59 Says:

    OMG! that sounds so awesome! I was lucky enough to only run into one spoil sport, and that was egg hunting! as far as the bunny ears, most ppl (horde and alliance) were very nice and helpful. What happened is a player would go to Dal outside the opposite factions zone and emote (/e) what they needed, and most of the time we would go find one or if none were there we would say no to the person.

    Sadly this was not always the case. More then once, my fellow alliance players would ambush horde women, yelling their location out in dal. late last night, there was a troll female (my last one) who came out of sunreavers and emoted she would stand there if we were nice (if i remember it was “(name) will stand here if your nice and dont fight” I thought that was amazing, and i almost wish my toons were female just so I could return the favor. (all my toons are guys)

    Its very heart warming to know that once all the im-mature idiots log, there are some ppl still out there that know how to have fun and enjoy the holiday fo rwhat it was meant to be.

    BTW I am now Gleagh the Noble! was in IF omw to Badlands for Desert Rose, when the server shutdown, but logged on this morn when i woke up (10 min after server sttart-up lol ) and was able to finish up!

  6. KiwiRed Says:

    “Hard-core holiday nerds…” Kind of puts it in perspective. ;)

    It’s fun, though, when people can just have fun playing the game.

  7. Sherry Says:

    Noblegarden is definitely more fun now that the jerks have all scooted off!

    I have my own “bit of goodness” story to share too:
    People would pass around the tuxedo sets and dresses to people who need the achievement in the area, so that everyone would be able to get it, and save on buying the chocolates and then finding a person!

  8. Raima Says:

    There are definitely some races where females are much harder to find. Like Orcs, and Dwarves. Trolls to a lesser extent. I play on Maiev, which is horde heavy, and still, every time I brought out my level 22 orc rogue (female) even the horde was thrilled. I got her a port to Dalaran, so I could camp her in front of the Alliance Inn area, along with other members of my guild who happened to have females, usually a troll and a blood elf with me. Some of the Alliance would join us, but the dwarves were very very few. In fact, so far during this holiday, I’ve only seen a female dwarf on 4 different occasions, and it was just the same 2 multiple times. (Thank you Vyxin and Puffsplus!!!)

    Also, you guys are right, is so much more fun to hunt the eggs than to camp them! I don’t have the patience to stand in one place waiting for spawns, lol. Half the campers I saw were afk, so I took their eggs anyway.

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