Kaliope’s Guide to Noblegarden

Tomorrow kicks off the newly revamped Noblegarden and I’m very excited about this event being expanded in Patch 3.1.  I’ve always liked this holiday but thought the content for it was pretty skimpy.  So when it went up on the test servers, I made a point to check it out.

To get things started, you seek out a quest giver in your home city.  They will give you a quest that sends you to Noblegarden Party Central aka any newbie zone.  I worked the Darnassus area since my druid can teleport right to it, so I picked up my quests in Dolanaar. Other spots you can choose are Azure Watch, Kharanos and Goldshire ( or Horde counterparts of Razor Hill, Brill, Bloodhoof Village, and Falconwing Square).  The current population may affect your choice also, but I don’t think it really matters where you go.

There are two quests: A Tisket, A Tasket and The Great Egg Hunt (a daily quest).  The Tisket quest is fairly easy, you collect 10 Noblegarden Chocolates and turn them in.  Since most Brightly Colored Eggs will contain a chocolate, this goes pretty quickly.  When you turn the quest in you get an Egg Basket, which can be used for a 60% speed buff (10 second duration) but only works where Brightly Colored Eggs are hidden.  The other quest unlocks a daily (of the same thing) and it requires you to collect 20 Broken Shells, which you acquire by opening Brightly Colored Eggs.  This quest rewards a Blossoming Branch, which is used for an achievement, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting as many branches as you need.

The bulk of the time sink for Noblegarden isn’t really in the quests, it’s the completion of achievements.  And the main activity you’ll be doing is hunting for Brightly Colored Eggs.  They contain the chocolates used for currency to buy items from the Noblegarden Vendor, which are needed to complete Noblegarden quests:

Noblegarden Vendor Goodies

Noblegarden Vendor Goodies

Eggs are also the best source of important items to complete achievements, so be wary of purchasing things too quickly from the vendor that you can potentially loot from an egg.  Just to give you an idea of what to expect, I made a list of all the items I got while collecting 100 chocolates:

2 pairs of Black Tuxedo Pants
1 Blossoming Branch
2 Elegant Dresses
2 Spring Robes
1 Tuxedo Shirt
1 Spring Circlet

As you can see, over half the the stuff being sold by the vendor is also looted from eggs.  So don’t go crazy buying until you’ve done most or all of your chocolate farming, then just grab the missing pieces.  Be mindful of the fact that you won’t get achievement credit for looting the Elegant Dress or the Black Tuxedo outfit if you purchase them, they have to be discovered in an egg to count for their specific achievements.  However, at this time those two particular achievements aren’t required for the Noblegarden meta achievement, so if you get desperate you can go the purchasing route.  I truly doubt anyone will have that problem though, the drop rate on all the outfits is pretty reasonable.

So here’s the breakdown of achievements you’ll be doing:

  • Blushing Bride: Kiss someone wearing an Elegant Dress while wearing Tuxedo Shirt and Pants (requires an Elegant Dress, White Tuxedo Shirt and Black Tuxedo pants, which may be purchased from the vendor or traded)
  • Chocoholic: Eat 100 Noblegarden Chocolates during Noblegarden (requires 100 chocolates)
  • Desert Rose: Use the Spring Robes to plant a flower in 5 desert zones (requires Spring Robes)
  • Dressed for the Occasion: Discover an Elegant Dress in a Brightly Colored Egg (not currently required for Meta achievement)
  • Hard Boiled: Lay an egg in Un’Goro Crater’s Golakka Hot Springs as a rabbit (requires Rabbit costume randomly acquired while looting eggs, can also be costumed by another player with the Blossom Branch)
  • I Found One!: Loot a Brightly Colored Egg
  • Noblegarden: Hide a Brightly Colored Egg in SW or Silvermoon (requires 1 Noblegarden Egg purchased from the vendor for 5 chocolates)
  • Shake Your Bunny Maker: Use Spring Flowers to put bunny ears on a female of each race (requires Spring Flowers sold by the vendor for 50 chocolates)
  • Spring Fling: Find your pet Spring Rabbit someone to love in 4 cities (requires a Spring Rabbit’s Foot purchased from the vendor for 100 chocolates)
  • Sunday’s Finest: Discover the Tuxedo Shirt & Pants in Brightly Colored Eggs (not required for the Meta achievement)

As you can see, there are a few items in here that direct you to purchase from the vendor.  It’s possible that some of these are still lootable, but given my sampling it will probably be easier to purchase them.  First is the Spring Rabbit’s Foot, this is an actual pet that you buy for 100 chocolates.  Then you need the Spring Flowers, which cost 50 chocolates and one Noblegarden Egg which costs 5 chocolates.  If you combine those items with the 100 chocolates you need to eat for your Chocoholic achievement, that’s 255 chocolates in all that you have to collect.  Luckily the respawn rate is good, I was able to run laps around Dolanaar pretty non-stop.  Unfortunately once crowds hit these areas, it could be more difficult, I can’t really say how crazy it might get on live servers.

The big problem I had starting out was finding the darn eggs, the NPCs do a great job of telling you nothing about where to look.  So I started out doing a huge lap of the whole zone, looking all over for eggs.  In my first pass I found one egg and it took me about 30 minutes.  Since I found the first egg near the inn at Dolanaar, I decided to go back there and be more diligent in my approach, I looked under every bush and fanned outward from town.  I managed to pick up a few more eggs this way, but not many.

Eventually I figured out the system and here’s the thing:  these eggs are hidden in the same manner that your evil, sneaky parents would do it.  There are lots of them in town and near town, under benches, on top of posts, and yes under bushes.  Some of them are in plain sight, but they’re tucked into nooks and crannies where you wouldn’t really think to search.  Those kind are fairly obvious once you know what you’re looking for, but it took me a while to catch onto the system.  The bush ones are the hardest to see and also the most plentiful.  I took some screenshots so you guys could see what to look for (click picture to see a larger version):

Brightly Colored Egg under a bench

Brightly Colored Egg under a bench

Brightly Colored Egg in a bush

Brightly Colored Egg in a bush

Now there are some sprinkled farther away from town, but in my initial zone-wide forays, I didn’t find many.  Of course I was also riding on my mount and had my camera at max distance, which I’m sure didn’t help me see squat.  So use these pictures as an example of what to look for.  If you have trouble seeing the small blob of aqua, zooming your camera in should help.  Eggs that are hiding in a bush are easiest to see from above the bush, although some of the bushes aren’t too leafy at the bottom and you can see a bit of egg from ground level (but not always).  All eggs seem to be this same design, which might be confusing for folks who hunted eggs in previous years.  Once you get the hang of it, eggs are easier to spot.  It just takes practice.

The  trickiest achievement on the list is Hard Boiled, which tasks you with going to Un’Goro as a rabbit and laying an egg.  This bad boy will require planning on your part to complete.  First, the rabbit costume is something that randomly happens when looting eggs.  Alternately, I’ve heard that a buddy with a Blossom Branch can zap you into a bunny, but I didn’t have a buddy on the PTR to test this out.  Now for the bad news… once you become a bunny, you can’t cast spells, use your mount or ride a gryphon.  You have to travel on foot to Un’Goro from wherever you are after the transformation.  The effect lasts about an hour, as I recall.  So you don’t have enough time to trek all the way from Dolanaar to Un’Goro on foot.  Also, if you take damage of any kind your outfit comes off, I once ran too close to a cooking fire and my costume dropped.  I doubt it would survive a fall or a mob attack either.  One thing you can do in bunny form is hearth, so first I’d set your hearth near Un’Goro: I recommend Silithus.  Then travel to Darnassus and loot eggs until you become bunni-fied.  Next hearth to Silithus and run to Un’Goro.  Once you get to the springs, just stand there until you lay an egg.  Egg-laying is an automatic bunny emote, heheh.

Now I know some of you are saying “why not Gadgetzan?” and I have an answer to that.  On foot the time to get to Golakka Springs from Gadgetzan Inn is about 11 minutes, and from the Silithus Inn to Golakka Springs it’s only 6:30 minutes.  I did a timed run with the in-game stopwatch for both routes, because I knew some smart-ass would give me a hard time.  Now if you have a mage buddy who will portal you around – great!  If you’re an Engineer with a transporter to Gadgetzan – go for it!  But for us regular schlubs, Silithus will be the easiest way to reach the springs on foot.

All in all I had a great time doing this event.  It looks like a lot of work, but it really doesn’t require a heavy time investment (unlike some other events we know).  Since the bulk of the action centers around eggs that spawn continuously, you’re not chained to any 1 hour debuffs that bottleneck your ability to collect the items you need.  I also appreciate the fact that Blizzard put in a vendor for event-related items, so if you’re being tortured by the RNG gods, you have a way around it :)  Just remember that some of the items have to be looted to count for their achievements, but if that’s not your concern then the vendor is a good fallback.

So enjoy the flowers and bunnies and try not to get a tummy ache!


26 Responses to “Kaliope’s Guide to Noblegarden”

  1. Lora Says:

    Thanks alot! It’s looking really good!

    – Lora

  2. Boats Says:

    “It looks like a lot of work, but it really doesn’t require a heavy time investment (unlike some other events we know). Since the bulk of the action centers around eggs that spawn continuously, you’re not chained to any 1 hour debuffs that bottleneck your ability to collect the items you need. ”

    It’s a PITA cause everyone and their mother are fighting for those eggs. Even at 2am server time there’s more people than egg spawns. If you have some lag (like I have due to being abroad), then you’ll be beaten most f the time by someone else. Even if you where picking the egg 2secs before the other guy.

    All places are full of people. I haven’t tried the Draenei area but Dolaran was as full as Elwyn Forest.

    So, my suggestion is don’t even try at peak time :)

  3. Suzi Says:

    Nice article!

    I just wanted to add that on the PTR I was saving up enough chocolates to buy the bunny pet when I found it in one of them (I also found the tuxedo pants, 3 elegant dresses and the spring robes).

    I wouldn’t be too quick to purchase anything unless you know you won’t be able to do some of the achievements at the end of the week or if you don’t mind spending more time collecting eggs.

    It’s a really nice change of pace. :)

  4. kaliope Says:

    As Boats has mentioned, the activity levels on the live server are INSANE. I hit the egg hunt in Teldrassil just a few minutes after midnite and there were already 49+ players there. Not only that, but just about every person there was camping individual egg spawn locations. By doing this it basically removes that spawn from the hunt and lessens the number of eggs that can be collected by those who are attempting to engage in normal hunting. When the majority of spawns are camped, it effectively shuts down the egg hunt for everyone who isn’t already stationed at a spawn. Sadly if you stumble into this scenario, you have little choice but to participate in the camping or waste your time in fruitless laps around the town.

    After a while I actually switched locations to Exodar (the least invaded zone on my server) and even though there were only 30 ppl there, the same camping action was in full swing. Personally I find this behavior very odd, I’m not sure how everyone on my server all simultaneously decided that static spawn camping was the most appealing approach to egg collection. I would love to see Blizzard find a way to address this head on, imo this type of behavior is sucking all the fun out of the event.

    The only advice I can give is to try egg hunting during off-peak hours or just wait a day or two and hope these hard core kill-joys move onto something else after they complete their achievements.

  5. bldavis59 Says:

    I saw the exact same thing on Drenden (US PvE realm)

    I happened to be in WG when NG started, but hit the Dalaran portal to SW and went to Goldshire. BIG MISTAKE!

    The egg-camping was in full swing within 20 min, so my guild leader and I both went to the village in Dun Morogh, and there was approx 15 ppl when we arrived. We both got the “I Found One!” acheivement within 5 min (granted, this was approx 12:30 server time)

    By the time i had to get ready for work (1:30 server) I had found a total of 8 eggs, and noticed a specific pattern which allows me to do laps of the village.

    For those with egg-campers, simply note the location of the campers and wait until early morn and then just patrol the spawn points.

    Just a thought for next year, in case any one from Blizzard reads this, Random Egg Spawn Points?
    Sure, it’ll be a pita, but that would eliminate the campers as eggs wouldnt spawn in the same place every 30 sec (or whatever the timer is on them)

    BTW Great Post Kaliope!

  6. Styxy Says:

    Thanks for this helped a lot.

    I got most of my eggs running around Falconwing square in a circle pattern keeping up the basket speed buff. Was about 10 others there at about midday but racked up the eggs pretty quickly. Really annoying thing I find is the finding females of Dwarves and that i paid 100 chocolate for the pet rabbit and got it from an egg about 10minutes later -_-.
    Good luck to everyone doing this.

  7. Lilyfae Says:

    As a note about the Hard Boiled achievement — if you don’t want to go out to Silithus to set your hearthstone, you can always hearthstone to Dalaran and take the Caverns of Time portal to make the run to Un’goro. It takes about 15 minutes to do so, hopping your little bunny bottom off …

  8. Sashre Says:

    I started in on the egg hunt at 12am just a few minutes after they first spawned. My goal was the 250 eggs that I heard you needed to do the whole thing for the holiday and in about an hour and a half of hunting eggs in Kharanos I got the following:

    244 eggs

    3 White Tuxedo Shirts
    1 Black Tuxedo Pants
    1 Elegant Dress
    2 Spring Flowers
    1 Spring Robes
    2 Spring Rabbits Foot

    It really annoyed me that it was the last 30 or so eggs I did that resulted in the pants, spring robes and not 1 but 2 Spring Rabbits. I could have left a lot of eggs for others if they’d shown up earlier.

    Big tip for everyone looking to do the Hard Boiled Achievement, bind your hearth stone to Silithus and then go do your egg hunt. Doing a Hearth run from there only takes about 6 minutes versus the much longer run from Tanaris.

  9. kaliope Says:

    My husband and I had an interesting conversation about the egg camping problem this morning. My theory is that the egg spawns are all in town because that’s likely a separate “zone” from the mobs that aggro nearby. Because the new egg basket gives you a speed buff that only works “near eggs”, they confined egg spawns to town. That way they don’t have to program a special zone just to accommodate the egg basket functionality. Sadly, at this point I’d trade the stupid basket in a heartbeat to get a larger egg spawning zone.

    Hubby had a novel solution that wouldn’t require creating a larger zone or additional spawn spots – teleport the campers! If someone stands in the same spot for more than XX seconds, they get teleported somewhere else. That idea had a certain poetic justice to it, I thought :)

  10. Rayne Says:

    About the Hard Boiled Achievement… Just get the branch thing and bring some friends to Un’goro with you. I took along 5 people and we all changed each other into rabbits and sat on the geyser with some horde. We all got the achievement at the same time (horde included). I wouldn’t waste your time running from Silithus, but if you can’t find someone to go with you then I guess that’s the best second option.

  11. Ssinn Says:

    You can go to Un’Goro with someone who has the Blossoming Branch, turn each other into bunnies and you’re pretty much done. So there is no need to travel all the way to Un’Goro as a bunny. Just thought I’d throw that out there. :)

  12. CandyLite News Says:

    Don’t forget that you will be competing with many other people for those eggs, and they are pushy. :))

  13. CandyLite News Says:

    Thanks for the information. :)

  14. Boats Says:

    Update: The draenei area seems to be the less crowded one (at least on my server) and with the easiest (less obstacles) circuit.

    Got most of the eggs between a midnight and an early morning run (6am server time).

    Got all the tuxedo/dress drops and bought the rest with eggs. So now I just have to spend some time doing the other achievements.

    So the key is finding a time and place where you can farm the eggs without a lot of competition. It probably took me less than 2hs to get everything. You need 3 drops from eggs so YMMV if the RNG doesn’t like you :)

    Hope this helps.

  15. Rakhman Says:

    I can confirm that you can party with a friend and use branches on each other in Ungoro.

    Also worth mentioning is that the OverAchiever mod now has tooltips for the female races you need to adorn with ears… we’ve found its very hard spotting a female dwarf or gnome. Overachiever is at http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/overachiever.aspx

    Nice guide, from my experience I can say its definitely worth checking these events out on the PTR so you can get a heads-up. I also have a similar guide (but it’s not formatted as nicely).

  16. Dave Says:

    I guess I don’t understand the anti-camping sentiment here and elsewhere. Of course it’s not the most enjoyable way to do it, but it is pretty much unavoidable due to the nature of the event: Take 45 people, each needing 100’s of eggs. Put them in a small area with 25 spawn points. How’s it going to work out? You can run around and potentially/probably get none, or you can find one spot and at least get 1 every once in a while.

    Now if there were ‘anti-camper’ mechanics, how would you like it if all of a sudden you lost your ability to loot the items? Not too much, I’d bet. Camping is not a player behavior issue, it’s a problem created by the nature of the event. To solve it, treat the event, rather than inhibiting player behavior.

    There are various ways to solve this:
    – Spawn eggs *everywhere*.
    – Make instance bosses drop multiple chocolates.
    – Daily quests that reward chocolates
    – Reduce the number of chocolates needed
    – Make the high cost items BoE (pet, poly book) so that people can buy them and people can sell their extras.

    The funny/sad thing is that Blizzard puts these things in low level areas so that new players get to take part in the event, and see more people/higher level people, which will hopefully inspire them to play on. Instead, they just get exposed to a bunch of sarcastic, greedy people :(

    The most fun is stalking people in Dalaran for the bunnymaker achievement. /who dalaran r-orc FTW :D

  17. Ed Says:

    Great guide to the holiday!

    I’ve been getting eggs over the past two days and only had the rabbit foot drop from an egg for me.
    the bunny run from caverns of time to un’goro was pretty fun actually, dodging elites as a bunny is a blast!

    If anyone knows and can post, do spring robes only work once or is it a re-usable item? :)
    Thanks again for a great guide!

  18. Alazasthas Says:

    Spring Robes are reusable as the flowers are.

    The wands are the only ocnsumable, as they only have 5 charges each.

    I went to Dolanaar and did a circuit around the inn….this way I manage to loot 250 or so eggs in about a couple of hours.

    I would suggestthe running method instead of the camping one, after a few runs around you will kow where you need to look for the spawns.

    Also, plan to pick up at least 250 eggs, that way when everything drops from the choclates it will be a great surprise.

    The custom you need for the Blussing Bride achievement is not soulbound, so if you are struggling to get it, or you are plain lazy, as a friend that have it, and you’ll get it much more easy than hunting the AH or the eggs for it.

    The only one I would say you need to hurry to get is the Spring Fling as you will eed to have a buddy that travels with you that also has the pet to even try it.

    And a word of caution, don’t waste your flower cooldown on a female that already have rabbit ears, IT WON’T COUNT FOR YOU. Hunt them when they have a clear head.

  19. kaliope Says:

    Dave: The anti-camping sentiment is primarily due to the fact that it removes some of the fun factor of the holiday – not that the people who engage are evil. As I said in the earlier comment, if you arrive to a town full of campers you have little choice but to do the same. I think part of the reason people are more irritated than normal by it is just the excitement tied to a newly revamped holiday. Combine that with the sheer number of eggs that are needed to complete all the achievements and you have a recipe for frustration. Last year, even though eggs were much harder to find, the act of hunting was more fun.

    I completely agree that this is predominantly on Blizzard’s head, while I’d prefer to see folks participate in the spirit of this event, it was Blizzard’s job to guard against this type of rampant abuse. The right thing to do would have been to keep the egg-spawn zones the way they were last year (everywhere) and simply increase the frequency of spawning eggs. While it might have required more active hunting, it would have greatly cut down on the crowding and temptation to camp.

    Luckily there are enough other fun activities tied in to Noblegarden that it balances out the ugliness of egg hunting in my mind. But I know every person I’ve talked with about it has grumbled about hunting eggs, even people who are normally quite patient. For me that shows that the egg hunt is a fail, they didn’t plan for the high participation factor which they surely could have anticipated. And in the end… as you said… it’s the children (noobs) who are hurt the most [sniff].

  20. bldavis Says:

    I am one of those people Kaliope mentioned, the patient ones. The thing that irritates me the most is I had a LVL 2!, yell at me and call me and egg thief cause she was AFK and i grabbed the egg spawn she had camped right when she came back. The wort part is I left to do WG, came back 3 hours later, and she yelled “EVERYONE WATCH OUT (my tooon’s name) THE EGG THEIF IS BACK”

    I dont understand how people can lay claim to a spawn and then be pissed when they go AFK. I am one of the people who is trying to do the hunt in the proper spirit and run around getting them. More then once have I been barely beaten to an egg and yet I veiw it as part of the holiday not as a crime.

    I agree that random egg spawns will be VERY frustrating, but then again, who never got frustrated doing Easter egg hunts growing up? It is all part of the real world holiday, so I think it should be part of this holiday as well.

    The Zone-wide spawning (as suggested by Kaliope) would alliveiate the problems to a certain extent, and help those ppl with lag issues have a btr chance. More then once have I clicked on an egg, just to not get cause I lagged and someone came up right after I did and get the egg. I only know this because they got the Dressed for the Occasion acheivement with that egg

  21. CandyLite News Says:

    You just have to laugh at those people who have a fit because they could not get hold of an egg.

    One person told me to “Move, my spot”.

    Guess what I did: just laughed and waited for my egg. Patience is definitely a virtue. :)

  22. Bluefade Says:

    It’s a cruel cruel world and the fastest clicker wins! :)

    I’m loving the holiday, campers and QQ’ers aside. I just made fun of them as I “stole” their eggs, hehe.

    To buy everything to complete the achievement for the title (and meta-achievement) you need approx. 365 chocolates. I decided to just acquire that many. As I got dropped items I just subtracted the cost from the 365 chocolates I needed and set a new goal number.

    That way I didn’t go buy something and have it drop off the next egg.

  23. Tsark Says:

    Just finished the meta for this holiday before the server shutdown, and I have to say: WORST. HOLIDAY. EVER.

    It’s not so much the time – I think I spent 4 hours at most (I waited until the craze of the first 2 days passed), which is still less than the time it took me to get all the elders, and not that much different from the fires of midsummer. It’s just that running around in circles looting eggs together with another 30 people is about as much as fun as the old rep grinds were (Cenarion Circle, Argent Dawn…) – and I thought Blizz had got the message that grinds are just not fun, no matter what they are for.

    That said – Kal, your guide is great, so thanks for that (even though I found it after the fact, it still resonated with me) and yes, I can confirm that you can do Hard Boiled with a friend (but then again, many people confirmed that as well already).

    Finally, a little-known fact: you can port from Sholazar to Un’Goro, through the Waygate in Southern Sholazar, assuming you’ve done the related quest (chain which starts from Avatar of Freya). Note that on arrival you probably need some means of levitating down/slow fall/engy cloak/rogue or cat druid reduced fall damage, or you may die. But, if you do have that, that’s one additional means of travelling to Un’goro.

  24. kaliope Says:

    Thanks for the Waygate tip Tsark! Also, there’s some hint that the ugliness is starting to clear up, for those who want to give Noblegarden another go. For more details, check out the comments on my newest post:


  25. Aldaras Says:

    I guess I was lucky, on Arygos realm. Got all the eggs I needed in Bloodhoof for two characters in about an hour each. Not many campers, most people were running around doing laps.

    For those who were wondering it works like this. There are a bunch of pre-determined spawn points. There aren’t enough eggs to occupy all the spawn points, so the respawn is somewhat random. Also the eggs do not respawn until someone loots one of them. So every time you grab one that triggers a respawn at another point. This makes it about as random as possible. Camping does work, but it’s not very fun IMO.

    Hard Boiled is a pain. You can use the blossoming branch to transform someone else into a rabbit. So if you pair up with someone the two of you can do it together. Otherwise you have to hearth and run, which I failed at three times before giving up.

    Shake Your Bunny Maker is just dumb luck. Dwarf females are tough, even on my server which is high population weighted towards Alliance. Didn’t have too much trouble with the rest of them.

    Overall I think it went pretty well.

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