The Argent Tournament

I seriously considered writing a guide to this event, I actually did the whole chain up to Champion status and took a couple of pages of notes to document the progression while the Test Realm was up.  Then the WoWInsider folks said they were writing a guide and shortly after that I found an excellent walk-thru already available at Banana Shoulders**.  There’s also an article on WoWWiki for folks who prefer a more outline-oriented format instead of the walk-thru version.  So instead of a tourney guide… I wrote one for Noblegarden :)

There’s just one thing I wanted to add to the abundant tourney information that’s available elsewhere.  When I logged my level 77 hunter in tonight, I had an email from Justicar Whatserface.  I thought this was kinda weird, but I couldn’t imagine why I would receive an email if I was too low.  Since I’m still working on my level 74 Gorilladin and level 75 Kitty, I haven’t done much adventuring in Storm Peaks or Ice Crown yet.  I’ve been finishing up Sholazar and Grizzly Hills to try to get my pets a bit more experienced before moving up the food chain.  But I’m a curious type, so I flew on up to the new area to see if the quests were really available.

When I got there, they were unlocked for me!  At first I thought I’d just pick up the quests from the Blastbolt Brothers since they seemed pretty easy.  But when I went into the Silver Covenant tent they welcomed me with open arms and gave me their dailies!  I actually tried the Edge of Winter to see how hard it was and my 74 ‘rilla killed Lord Everblaze just fine with mend pet.  So it seems that as long as you can fly – you can joust!!  As far as I’m concerned, this is a great way to get XP and start collecting tokens so you can buy neato gear as soon as you reach level 80.  Woot!!

Or as the fella who watched me free the maiden from her icy prison said:

“Well I’ll be damned!”

**I know that the Banana Shoulders site may not be working when you visit, but the guide is so well done I wanted to share the link anyway.  Especially if you’re a visual type, there are lots of screen shots mixed into the guide to depict exactly what you have to do.  So if you’re having any trouble at all figuring out the Tourney, this guide is where I’d start :)


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  1. Alazasthas Says:

    One thing that I would love to say is that contrary to most of the dailies before the patch, the Argent Tournament won’t be so fast to finish. To do all 5 (at Aspirant level) you will need about 45 minutes including the flight to all the places. This is using Epic Flight as a druid (consider the same time with Epic Mounting Skill).

    If you are in a heavy populated server or a PvP one, please do consider that many many people are doing the same as you, so bring your PvP gear and some patience.

  2. Svet Says:

    Question – how can a 74 get there since you don’t get cold weather flying until 77? and even if you could take the flight route – you neet to get there first to grab it?

  3. Alazasthas Says:

    The Argent Torunament need the Col Weather Flying skill, as there i no direct riding path to get there.

    I think that maybe if you have a Warlock buddy that wants to be youor summoning partner and do the dailies with you and someone else, you could theoretically be able to do some of the quests.

    According to Wowhead, all the quests are 80, so you might not even be able to get them if you are below 77.

  4. kaliope Says:

    Svet: If you didn’t get a message from the Tournament NPC then you’ll probably be unable to access the quests, even if you somehow manage to get to the proper location. As I mentioned in my post, if you can fly – you can participate. Just because someone ports you to the Tourney grounds doesn’t mean you can actually complete the quests. You also need to fly to do the rotating daily (Lord Everblaze, Water Hyacinths, etc) and you have to be able to kill the 78+ mobs for the “kill 10 mobs” bit. It’s really designed for 77+ players, unfortunately.

    Now I suppose if you wanted to just do the jousting quest everyday, that would be an option. It would also take you 3x longer to complete each phase since you’d be skipping 2 out of 3 dailies. Your only other option would be to partner with a high level and have them just babysit you through the whole thing, but I can’t imagine that being realistic for most people unless you multibox or have a spouse you routinely group with. Even with that, you’d still have the issue of how to fly up to Lord Everblaze, etc. It might be workable, but I think it would be a challenge and potentially annoying to the “partner”.

  5. mandm413 Says:

    Pet is 74, the hunter is 77.

  6. kaliope Says:

    Yes, my toon is level 77 so she’s got the Cold Weather flying ability and had an epic mount from BC. She’s good in terms of travel, I was just concerned about performance in Icecrown because my pets are still 74/75. But I quested for 2 hours there last nite and had no problems. In fact I helped tank a few 78 elites with my 74 gorilla pet :) I’m sporting a mix of blues and a few old Kara epics, so my gear is probably a bit better than average. I suppose that could be why I’m not having trouble despite my pets being underpowered. Either way I’m taking advantage of the situation cuz there’s some nice goodies on that Tourney vendor!

  7. Alazasthas Says:

    One good thing about the new dailies is that you just need to fit them in your daily grind.

    If you are doing the fishing dailies, Wintergrasp is as near to Dalaran as its the trees to be chopped, the flowers to be pick or the Fire revenant to be kill. The road to the troll or silvan lady fits nicely if you are still grinding that single daily to become exalted with the Dwarf Expedition.

    The Uldar blocks fit with your Sons of Hodir quest grind too.

    As for the Scourge, you can easliy couple it either with the Ebon Blade dailies at the Shadow Vault, or the ones at Ymirheim.

    So be good, try to keep your quest log flexible and move your daily chores around to fit the new ones from the Argent Crusade.

  8. kaliope Says:

    I totally agree Alaz, I do the same thing with my dailies. I pick up the fishing/cooking/JC in town and then hit the tourney to see what the rotating daily is there. Then I plan a travel path that let’s me knock out as many as possible with as little backtracking as I can manage. I also find it VERY convenient to have that new 30 min hearth, so I can get back to Dalaran quickly and I’m only one hop away from Icecrown for the dailies that are done there.

    Good tip! Makes the process less painful if you combine all your dailies into one big tour :)

  9. Jackyl71 Says:

    Another tip… Once you get Champion status with your primary faction/race, be sure to start the Aspirent (?) quests for one of the other races. Two of the dailies overlap with the Champion dailies, so they are basically free (for example, Champion – kill 1 commander, 5 lieutenants, 10 scouts / Aspirent – kill 3 lieutenants, 10 scouts, 15 boneguys -or- Champion – kill 15 scourge / Aspirent – kill 8 scourge).
    Each race has their own quartermaster, so i am guessing they each have different kinds of gear available.

  10. bldavis59 Says:

    As far as the new cities go, you can get a new one as soon as you hit champion with your home faction. I am a dwarf hunter, hit champion with ironforge (complete with the title “of Ironforge” due to being exalted)
    Next i talked to the Gnomer Champ, to see if you can switch your second city, alas you cant. I was hoping to become Gleagh of Stormwind, but oh well

    As you gather dailies, make sure you grab BOTH the aspirant and champion versions, as the kills count for both.

    and a side note to Jackyl’s question, yes each city has specific gear (ie racial mounts, armor, weapons, pets) you must be champion with that city to purchase.

    A interesting lil tidbit, once you are champion of your race, and choose a new city to work on, you can ride their mounts even if you arent exalted with them (ie me with gnomer) so if there is a mount you wanted to try out, but dont have the rep to buy, or the gold, just become that cities valiant!

    I will update later if you can ride three diff mounts when you get your third city,(i should hit champ of gnomer tomorrow)

    BTW for those other achievement whores like me :D at VALIANT level, you can challenge the horde valiant riders, just need the daily Grand Melee in order to do so (and yes they count towards the quest)
    Do this over 4 days (3 per daily, 10 factions, 1 on last day) and you have Lance-A-Lot!

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