3.1 Glyph Marketing Report

I’m happy to report that the action with Glyph sales has been really good since the servers came up after the patch.  The second thing I did when my server was back up was head for the Auctions and post a bunch of glyphs.  I followed my own recommendation chart for which glyphs to sell and I was able to bring in almost 800G before I went to bed.  I also posted a bunch before I logged for the night and this morning I had another 500G waiting in the mail.

I’m fairly confident that the market will remain good today.  With all the server problems last night, many people left early and didn’t come back on my server.  In all likelihood those folks will be popping in today and trying to finish their glyph shopping.  So those of you who didn’t get in on the fun last night still probably have time to see some action.  There will probably be more competition from additional sellers, but I think the glyph market will still be strong for a few days as people trickle in and get their dual spec on.

As for the new 3.1 glyphs, so far they are MIA.  I didn’t see any pop up on my server last night, although it’s possible people found them and didn’t post.  Until these trickle into the market, the old glyphs will probably still sell for a bit longer.  Most likely the new glyphs will end up being very similar to the JC world drops that were added a while back.  When they do show up on the Auction, they will be charging thousands for one recipe.  In the meantime players who get the dual spec ability are going to need something for their glyph spots and they will probably go with what’s currently available.

For those that missed my post on which glyphs were most popular for pre-3.1, you can jump to Part 1 and Part 2 to get ideas on what to sell.  Of the new trainer glyphs the only one I’ve done well with so far is the Glyph of Mutilate for rogues.  This is a core ability for Assassination rogues, so I don’t see it being a problem to sell.  I also sold a couple of DK ones, but I’m not sure what their long term value is so I hesitate to recommend them.

I mentioned that posting glyphs for sale was the second thing I did yesterday.  The first thing I did when the servers came back up was farm up the Rituals of the Moon recipe.  I had enough mats for four combines, so I made those and ended up with 3 gray and 1 red wolfie books.  I put a few on the Auction but I haven’t sold any as of this morning.  So the market of that item is unknown at the moment, I assume most folks don’t really know about it.  I’ll be updating the post that talks about farming this recipe later today, so if you’re interested in the item keep an eye out for that.  Rituals of the New Moon has now been updated, if you’re interested in getting this recipe, please read the “update” section of my previous post.

Feel free to share your experiences with the 3.1 glyph market in the Comments..


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  1. Suzi Says:

    I had the same idea about the Rituals of the New Moon recipe and it wasn’t long before it dropped for me (I got mine from a Silverbrook Villager in Silverbrook village). I created 5 (2 white, 2 red, 1 black) and put 3 up for Auction of different colours.

    Unfortunately no one else had put any up and I had no idea what price to set mine for. I decided to put them all at different prices. None have sold yet and someone else has added one since then, undercutting my prices. I guess it will take a while before we can really tell how much demand there is for them.

  2. Hinenuitepo Says:

    Grats on the golds! :)
    I still don’t have a high level inscriptionist, but did about 2k in JC business after the patch. Lots of opportunities there.

  3. kaliope Says:

    Yep, I think this patch is helpful for all crafters as folks are gearing up their “alt” spec with new items and buffs.

    I had the same pricing issue with my books, they were the first up. Last I checked I still had no competitors, but no sales either. For the pricing I just calculated the going rate for AH inks and the other mats and added a 20% increase to the base cost. We’ll see what happens :)

  4. Æsir Says:

    I had say gliphs galore for every one. I have made around 2k gold from gliph auctions since the patch came to live servers. And i expect today to make more money as , as far as i know, i have all the gliphs previous to this patch (and that means uniqueness).

    As for the rituals, sucks that are bop, but i will get around that (my inscription toon its a level 70 rogue (fitting xD)). I dont know if any of the recipes only drop for inscriptors or for every one, as none of them have shown up yet.

    Keep up the good work, you are a good place of info :-).

  5. Merlot Says:

    Thanks to your advice, I’ve been raking in the gold on my inscription alt, but he’s sadly too low to go farming recipes in Northrend just yet :)

    How do the new recipe books work? Are they BoE? Do they drop for anyone, or just for inscriptionists? And are they random drops or targetted (like some of the engineering recipes in BC)?

  6. amorob Says:

    The books are BoE – they give a random recipe to the people using it so their prices should not get as high as the BC JCing recipes did. World Drops probably outside of Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra.

    I made good money on my Shifting Twillight Opals – I also made a great amount from glyphs – at least 4k and counting. I am thinking the sales will continue throughout the weekend. I found the Shaman healing glyphs were going like hotcakes at first. I sold 15 of each the first day including the new one Glyph of Earth Shield (A must for Resto healing shaman)

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    Making Blog

  7. Zanzan Says:

    Can you believe it? The Books of Mastery are listed in my AH for 2500 gold. Crazy! I got one from a guildies and learned a DK glyph – Glyph of Hungering Cold. We will see how that one sells.

  8. Markco Says:

    Hey kaliope, just checking in to say hi. I made around 9-11k so far from glyphs and am hoping to make even more this weekend (though I’m not sure how tight competition will be).

  9. kaliope Says:

    Hey Markco – action on my server really ramped up yesterday. More folks were posting glyphs and the prices went down by about 50%. I’m hoping this weekend will be a bit easier since so many more players will jump online… we’ll see :)

  10. kaliope Says:

    Books of Glyph Mastery have just started showing up on my Auction House today and they are priced at 4-5K each. If this is indicative of the market across servers, 3.1 glyphs are going to be insanely priced for a good while. I see a few of the new glyphs up and they are selling for 100-200g apiece.

    One other observation – minor glyphs seem to be retaining value better than majors today, at least on my server. Can’t hurt to check if there’s too much competition on majors :)

  11. Debrashavi Says:

    Do you know if it’s best to learn all of the NE glyphs and then to learn the book? Or would it be okay to learn the book while one is learning the NE glyphs?

  12. kaliope Says:

    Deb: I honestly don’t know the answer to that, I made a point to complete my research before the 3.1 patch went live. Anyone know if the new glyph books will teach an old recipe to folks who didn’t learn all the previous research recipes?

    I will chat with some of my guildies and see if they’ve had trouble with the glyph books teaching non-3.1 items…

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