Daily Fishing Quests in Patch 3.1

Yes, as promised I’ve got an overview of the new Fishing quests from the Test Realm.  I would have had this up sooner but one of the quests was eluding me in the rotation.  For some reason the RNG god has the same problem with the Fishing quest as he does with the Cooking quest… there’s way too much love for the meatloaf.

The first quest is called Blood Is Thicker and it requires you to go to Borean Tundra and get yourself bloodied.  Yes, that’s right, no DETA love for you.  Once you’ve rubbed animal blood all over yourself, you need to go into a body of water and wash it off.  This will create a bloody pool from which you can fish the Bloodtooth Frenzy, so be aware of positioning when you hop into the water.  Collect five of the bloody fish and return to Marcia Chase in Dalaran.  I was able to get my five fish in about 3 casts after I created the bloody pool.

The next quest is called Monsterbelly Appetite and you are tasked with retrieving a missing limb from a particularly nasty monsterbelly.  For those who aren’t familiar, you have to go out a bit from the Borean Tundra coast to reach the Frozen Sea where the monsterbelly spawns are located.  I was able to snag the needed “bloated monsterbelly” in two casts, the missing arm is inside the bloated fish.  You need to give the limb to the nurse in Dalaran (Olisarra) to complete the quest.

A particularly easy quest in the rotation is Jewel of the Sewers, which can be done right in Dalaran.  All you need to do is go down into the sewers and fish up the “corroded jewelry”.  I was able to fish up this item in 3-4 casts, so this quest is really quick and easy to do.

Probably the most time consuming quest is Dangerously Delicious.  You are sent to Wintergrasp to catch ten terrorfish.  I have to say this quest is very aptly named, because I was terrified the whole time!  Collecting ten terrorfish took 22 casts – the longest time investment of any of the quests.  Standing in the middle of Wintergrasp was pretty intimidating, I was expecting to get ganked at any moment.  These fish have about a 50% drop rate, so you’ll be standing there awhile.  It’s not like some of the other quests where you bop in, cast a few times and walk out with your quest goodie.

The final quest is the one that eluded me on the test servers: The Ghostfish.  You are sent to Sholazar Basin to discover the secret of the ghostfish – and don’t come back until you figure it out!  It took me about 8 casts to get the ghostfish, as soon as you fish it up you kick off a timer.  You have one minute to eat it or the fish expires.  Once you eat the fish, the quest completes and you’re done.

When you turn in your fishing quests you get a goodie bag with a variety of items.  It has a random amount of cash and usually some vendor junk.  It may also include some pygmy oil, deviate fish and water walking elixirs.  Some of the vendor junk is worth a lot, so make sure you sell it.  Once I got a piece of jewelry that sold to the vendor for 100g!  You also get Kirin Tor rep for this quest, which is why my rogue has been leveling Fishing.  This is one of only two (three for Jewelcrafters) daily quests that grant KT rep, so anyone working on that can add the Fishing daily to their repertoire.

If you want more detail on the quests or the items in the goodie bag, El has an excellent write-up on his site.

4 Responses to “Daily Fishing Quests in Patch 3.1”

  1. LunaHexe Says:

    How many hours will it take to do all fishing quests including travel time ?

    Sounds like a huge time-sink for me …


  2. Diabolos Says:

    I believe you cannot do all the quests each day and it should work like the Dalaran cooking daily where you get 1 random quest each day. Kaliope is merely listing all of the quests for us.

  3. kaliope Says:

    Thank you Diabolos, that’s correct. These are daily quests, they are offered at random each day. You can only do one at a time and depending on which one you get they can take less than 5 min (for the sewer one) and up to 15 for the terrorfish (fly to WG and fish for 10 min or so).

    The time sink is pretty much on par with other dailies, which if you aren’t interested in the random goodies that drop from the bag – it may not be worth your time. From what I understand there are a couple of epic gems and some new fishing poles that have a rare chance to occur in the goodie bag.

  4. dorgol Says:

    It took me until the week before WotLK to finally get my fishing hat. I didn’t get Mr Pinchy until last week. I STILL don’t have a croc pet.

    But I’m happy to see new fishing additions… maybe luck will shine on me this time and I’ll end up with a turtle?

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