Updated WotLK Herb Chart

Several changes have been implemented with Herbalism, mostly a few of the herbs have had their skill levels tweaked over the last six months.  On the Test Realm I went ahead and revisited my original Herb Skill Chart to compile an updated version…

Goldclover: 350
: Companion herb for Goldclover, Tiger Lily and Talandra’s Rose
Firethorn: 360
Tiger Lily: 375
Talandra’s Rose: 385
Frozen Herb: 400
Adder’s Tongue: 400
Lichbloom: 425
Icethorn: 435

Not that this matters to anyone who’s already capped, but it could be helpful to anyone needing to level up.  Hopefully this will give you an idea of what order to do your herbing so you can level up with minimal frustration.

And alternate tip from several of our readers is to go high level Outland zones and pick herbs there for awhile.  The Isle of Quel’Danas and Netherwing Ledge are two places specifically mentioned as good for leveling Herbalism past 375.

2 Responses to “Updated WotLK Herb Chart”

  1. Gronyon Says:

    Hi Kaliope

    what was the chart before ?
    375 on goldclover
    400 on tiger lily
    425 for rose
    450 for the rest

  2. kaliope Says:

    The old chart I had from beta was:

    Goldclover: Requires 350
    Firethorn: Requires 360
    Talandra’s Rose: Requires 385
    Tiger Lily: Requires 400
    Frozen Herb: Requires 415
    Lichbloom: Requires 425
    Adder’s Tongue: Requires 430
    Icethorn: Requires 435

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