Pet Bombling & Lil Smoky BOMBSHELL!

I don’t know how many of you caught this little gem in today’s patch notes:

“Engineers can now obtain the schematics for Lil’ Smoky and the Pet Bombling from certain creatures found in Gnomeregan. Specialized Gnomish or Goblin engineers can obtain both schematics equally. The repeatable quest that used to randomly grant these schematics has been disabled.”

but yours truly is ON THE CASE!  That’s right folks, I just spent the last two hours in Gnomer so I could bring you the skinny on this HUGE, STUPENDOUS, EARTH SHATTERING NEWS for Engineers!!  I told my husband earlier, this is like the Spectral Tiger of Engineering.  Every Engineer wants one.  Every Engineer will pay obscene amounts of money to have one.  Some Engineers will claim they took up the craft JUST FOR ONE OF THESE PETS!  I’m shouting because I still can’t believe Blizzard made a change like this, you could have told me I won a new car and I’d be less shocked.

As soon as I saw this, I dropped all my other PTR projects and marched my warrior’s little butt over to Gnomer to start farming these bad boys.  The first time I went through I cleared a lot of mobs and killed all the bosses.  I had no idea what I was looking for so I pretty much killed everything that looked important.  When I got to Mekgineer Thermaplug, I finally scored!  He drops the Pet Bombling recipe 100% of the time.  So that part is pretty easy, I killed him five times and got this plan every time.

Lil Smoky is a different story, but I think I have it figured out.  This plan only seems to drop from Arcane Nullifiers, I looted it four times during my six runs through Gnomer and it always dropped from an Arcane Nullifier.  The problem is that it isn’t a guaranteed drop and it might not be just any Nullifier.  I killed lots of Arcane Nullifiers during my Gnomer runs, they can be found in several places in the dungeon.  But I only got the drop off the Arcane Nullifiers that were right near Thermaplug.  Three of the drops were from Nullifiers that were inside Thermaplug’s room.  One of the drops was from a Nullifier that was right outside Thermaplug’s door.  So I kinda feel like it will only drop from Nullifier’s that are near Thermaplug.  Obviously I can’t back this up with concrete data, but I can tell you that I killed some of the Nullifiers in the corridor leading up to the Thermaplug’s room each time I went through and it never dropped from one of them.  But I got it four times from the Nullifiers that were stationed in front of or behind the door to Thermaplug.  Feel free to kill others if you like, but this is my advice for getting the drop.

So once this change goes Live, you may have to spent extra time in Gnomer to get Lil Smoky.  I can tell you’re broken up about about that.  The recipe has a pretty good drop rate, but you could end up going 2-3 times if you get rotten luck on mob spawns or drops.  Sometimes Nullifiers don’t spawn inside the room and you get the chicken mounts, so you have to reset and come back.  The best way to deal with this project is to get yourself the Workshop Key.  NOW.  Go on… go do it… I’ll wait here.

For those who don’t have this key and don’t know where to get it, you need to go to Gnomer and kill the Electrocutioner 6000.  It’s one of the first bosses, so if you get a bit lost hopefully you’ll still stumble across the right place.  Once you have a key, you’ll be ready to farm your new recipes when the patch hits.  The boss with the key and the area you need for the recipes are in two different parts of the dungeon, so unless you know Gnomer like the back of your hand I’d get the key ahead of time and then use the Backdoor entrance to farm the recipes.

Finding information about using the Workshop Key (aka Backdoor entrance) is also a bit challenging, so I’m including that here.  You enter the dungeon area normally and when you take the elevator down to where the troggs are, just keep going straight (you should be heading north).  After a couple of sets of stairs you should enter an oval room, at the top is a corridor which leads to the workshop door.  On the other side of the door is the instance portal, go through that and continue following the corridor and eventually you’ll hit another door.  Unlock this second door and you’ll be in a diamond shaped room called the Engineering Labs, turn right here and you’ll be headed west.  At the northwest corner of the room, turn right again and follow this corridor in a northwest direction where you’ll quickly reach a T intersection.  Turn left at the T and take that corridor to the Launch Bay, you’ll still be heading northwest.  Once inside the Launch Bay, follow the southern curve of the room to the tunnel that exits to the southwest.

In this tunnel is where you’ll find some Arcane Nullifiers, so if you want to kill them for a possible drop feel free to do so.  Once you reach the end of this tunnel, you’ll see the door to Thermaplug’s room.  Kill any Arcane Nullifiers you see in front of and behind this door, then kill Thermaplug once inside.  With any luck you’ll have both recipes, but if not just run back out to the Workshop door and reset the instance.  It takes 10-15 minutes to get in and out, including clearing the mobs that aggro you.  I didn’t use stealth at all on my runs and was still able to get in and back out in less than 15 minutes.  That’s all there is to it, pretty darn easy if you ask me :)

Here’s some pretty photos of my adventure for you to enjoy!

3.1 Test Realm, Pet Bombling Schematic

3.1 Test Realm, Pet Bombling Schematic

Patch 3.1 Test Realm - Lil Smoky Schematic

Patch 3.1 Test Realm - Lil Smoky Schematic

Oh, and one more thing…



22 Responses to “Pet Bombling & Lil Smoky BOMBSHELL!”

  1. Thracyyus Says:

    I must have bad luck as none dropped for me in the entire instance on the PTR. Oh well thanks for the info on who drops what :)

  2. Shibeton Says:

    Still not anything close to a real fix for engineering…750 Posts here and yet only one blue stating engineering is fine…

  3. Lisa Says:

    Any word on the fact that fish feast are now supposedly not bop? Several guildies are saying they just require 450 cooking to drop now.

  4. wisely Says:

    I can confirm that Mekgineer Thermaplug will drop the Pet Bombling receip (I got it today also), I think the logic is simple, he is the only mob in this instance which will summon an add which is very close to the same model of the pet.

    And by the same logic, I believe (my engineer in PTR already got this receip before so no test can be done by me) the Lil Smoky receip will be dropping off from the Nullifiers also because the model of these mobs is just the same as the pet.

  5. Drayik Says:

    Kinda depresses me a little bit, having taken the time to get one pet, droppng engineering, taking the other spec, and getting the other pet. I was one of the few proud owners of both pets, and now their making them extremely easy for any level 40 engineer to pick up… Good for you guys, but damn… >.<

  6. Molly Says:

    Actually, unless you tricked a GM, there was no possible way to have both engineering pets before 3.1

  7. Tsark Says:

    Kal, you’re cited on the front page of wowinsider, yet again :-D

    Thanks for these info – I had seen the item on the patch notes, but it was great to get more accurate info about drops chance and locations.

  8. Pure Says:

    I was wondering if you have to have engineering for them to drop. Or if i can go farm them first, then drop a profession to relearn engineering.

  9. Crytz Says:

    They need to make the pets BOE, we need to be able to sell some stuff already! I love engineering but its so worthless for anything besides pets/mounts

  10. kaliope Says:

    Tsark: I saw that – they’re horning in on my thunder again! It’s fine, it just sends more traffic my way =)

    Pure: I believe this will only be viewable by Engineers since the text says “Engineers can now obtain…” which to me would indicate that no one else will see the Schematic.

    Crytz: I suspect they left the pet BoP to give Engineers a reason to keep the profession. As usual Engies are unhappy with their trade and this is an easy way for Blizz to increase it’s cache. Since previously it was very difficult to get one of these pets (sorry to those who actually had one), now they are making them available to all Engineers. Engineering has never been intended as a cash-generating craft, it’s predominantly a “cool toys” craft and these pets add quite a bit of cool factor imo!

  11. KiwiRed Says:

    I’m looking forward to (finally!) picking up a Bombling to go with my Ol’ Smoky. It would have been nice if they’d fixed this some time back, but it’s nice that it’s been fixed at all…

    Wonder if there’ll be any more engineering pets in future? (Actually, profession-based pets would be nice – I can easily see alchemists making assorted colours of Slime pets to ruin new shag carpeting Azeroth-wide…)

  12. Dave Says:

    “Still not anything close to a real fix for engineering…”

    That’s because it isn’t broken. If you are unsatisfied with engineering, you need to realize that most other crafting based primary professions are just as bad. Tailoring, blacksmithing, leatherworking – same situation. Jewelcrafting is the only one that seems to have a leg up.

  13. kaliope Says:

    Lisa: I just checked on the Test Server and I was able to mail a Fish Feast from my druid to my rogue. So you are correct, that will be changed in 3.1

  14. bldavis59 Says:

    hey kal

    first of all i want to thank you for having such a great WoW crafting site, in fact it is where i go for all my crafting info, between the guides and your blog about new recipes.
    the article on lw saved me a lot of headache picking a spec for my main! ( a dwarf hunter who hit 70 last nite!!!!)

    ok and second is
    i completely agree with dave (two above this blog)

    engineering is just as bad as any other crafting prof, the only way i made any money off of any of my lower lvl profs is making green items and sending them to my enchanting DK.
    esp my tailor and bs, those 2 i had the most trouble with.

    anyway, thank you again kaliope for your excellent site, i have actually been using it for several months, and have even been able to send several guildies here when they had questions regarding crafting

    ROCK ON!

  15. Shibeton Says:

    @Dave, blvdavis59:

    While I heard the situation is bad with other professions, I disagree. For me craftings is not about making gold. It’s about usefulness and uniqueness. Currently Engineering has neither, we haven’t had any cool or funny gadgets implemented, not even upgrades for most of the usual stuff (seaforium, teleports, flares etc.) and as Bornakk clearly states in the thread linked above there’s nothing coming up with Ulduar. For some time I thought, ok, if it’s at least useful for pvp (which I don’t even play) it’s ok, but now that they nerfed the Lightning Generator I wonder what’s left for engineering. And don’t get me started on the tinker/self-enchant-stuff. BS, Tailoring and LW at least get the promise of new recipes. And since there’s not gonna be any engineering recipes in Ulduar, that’s one more important let-down lorewise. Don’t get me wrong, I usually don’t whine about game mechanics but I’m currently at a point where I can’t decide between quitting engineering (mainly due to the arcanite dragonling and reflector schematic farming effort) or WoW itself. I can only refer to a statement on the offical forums: “At this point, getting rid of Engineering would actually be a buff for it.” If what Bornakk states is seriously the case Blizzard should either contemplate getting rid of engineering or make it a secondary.

  16. kaliope Says:

    Hey Bld: Glad you like the site and thanks for sending your peeps over!

    In general, I think the one nice boost that Engie got was the self-enchants… but I also believe they should have made sure the self enchants were more raid friendly and competitive with other self-buffs for crafters. I suspect that Blizz is of the opinion that the Hog was a huge addition and should solve all our Angst. Unfortunately I think they overestimated how much we would love the Hog and use it as a cash cow of some kind. I’m not nearly as unhappy with Engie as most, but I do agree that it’s not as fun or cool as it has been in the past.

    Engineers should keep making themselves heard and if you have an idea, make sure you get on the PTR and submit suggestions for your idea. It’s one thing to QQ on the forums and it’s another thing to go into the testing environment and offer solutions. Being constructive will probably go farther than just adding to the din of dissatisfaction ;)

  17. Shibeton Says:


    I would agree with you…however, for some reason Blizzard won’t let me log into the forums (didn’t try the European ones, but they don’t get any intention anyway, no pun intended). On the other hand I feel that PTR-feedback doesn’t get any response. Even while the bosses were tested there was no response to (in my opinion) valid feedback. Furthermore I still recall one post from GC stating most feedback will be discarded. Most of all I think there are huge amounts of superb ideas already out there.

  18. Dave Says:

    Shibeton –

    Actually I wasn’t referring to making money at all. I was commenting upon usefulness, the same as you. For example, Tailoring. Not a whole heck of a lot useful there. The Ebonweave gear is handy for new 80’s with low hit rating, but that lasts about 2 weeks. For WotLK, Tailoring got a mount & some currently poor cloak enchants that will be upgraded in the next patch. That’s it.

    In contrast, my Engineer made some goggles that are insanely overpowered at 73 and comparable to lvl 80 gear, as well as some nifty trinkets that will last a long time. Plus a new cheaper repairbot that is incredibly useful for raiding. Also a new land mount, and it already has the best flying mount in the game.

    I think most Engineers are just suffering from ‘The grass is greener on the other side’ syndrome, and ignoring the bright spots in the profession they already have.

  19. Shibeton Says:

    I disagree once more…first money, won’t argue with you there. Would have to add though that every caster needs the leg enchant with new gear while only hunters need the scopes. I don’t know how you feel about it, but I don’t really care about leveling gear. In TBC I agree, the goggles at level 62 were pretty good. They lasted even some way into raiding. However, in WotLK you get one level per day (without even trying), so gear isn’t really that important. I’d say that the trinket and goggles provide some headway but since leveling is no issue anyway that really isn’t an argument. As goggles and trinkets go, you’re pretty much set when you did your first couple heroics or start raiding. As far as the repbot goes I feel that it isn’t viable since almost always one has the Travelers Mammoth and there’s a repair npc nearby. The mounts are kind of two-sided, on one hand it’s nice, on the other hand it doesn’t provide much more than towards the achievements. And the motorcycle is sooooo overpriced most engineers don’t even bother getting it themself. I think the problem that most engineers have is that a promising profession is just left out to wither and die…as far as tailoring goes let alone the new crafted gear is better than some of the BiS items. And from what I read about the new cloak enchant it’s better than the regular enchants. So yes, I see the point about tailoring and leatherworking also being looked over, but let’s put it that way: you can see light at the end of the tunnel…I just think there’s a tendency nowadays to always ask for engineering nerfs as soon as the actually get something. And the whole fun profession or pvp profession argument isn’t viable anymore if you look at the recipes.

    Lets just look at this list:

    No reagents for scrapbot. FIXED!
    No new goggles.
    No clear superiority in our bop bonuses versus standard enchants.(tinkers).
    No new reputation patterns.
    No new/upgraded gadgets (MC hat, netomatic, world enlarger).
    No fix for specialty switching.
    No real difference between specialties at 80.
    No new teleporter.
    No new flares. (easily most important of all)
    No disorient on grenades.
    No new seaforium.
    No engineer assistance on motorcycle.
    No use for Indestructible Frame or Neo-Dynamic Gear Assembly.
    No new pet/mechanical dragonling.
    No connection to siege vehicles (repair or bonus damage).
    No point.

  20. Dave Says:

    At level 80, engineering goggles hold up well to the tier 7 items. They are better than most heroic helms (I’m saying most, since there are a few exceptional heroic helms that are better than Naxx helms). So they are drastically overpowered at 72, and still useful at 80. Sounds like a great deal to me.

    Yes, leg enchants from tailoring are useful, but do any of them require tailoring? Nope. Any profession can use them, so that’s really not a good reason for having tailoring? The BoP enchant is EXACTLY the same as the BoE enchant. Only the mats are different. And since you are looking for uniqueness, that really tosses them out of the discussion.

    Repair bots aren’t useful? Either you are kidding, don’t raid, or never die when you raid. Repair bots are one of the most useful items in the game, and *require* engineering. And saying that they are useless because there is often a Traveler’s Mammoth nearby? Are you really comparing a dirt cheap consumable to one of the most expensive items in the game? “This 5g item is useless because someone else may have a 20000g item somewhere nearby.” Not to mention how absurd to suggest that they are all over the place. Perhaps there is an exploit I’m unaware of that allows someone to mount their Mammoth in the 4 Horseman room.

    Tailoring items better than best in slot? Please. I *wish* that were the case. “The light at the end of the tunnel”? Where? Or do you mean the mediocre buff to cloak enchants?

    The things you want would buff engineering far past most professions in the game. If there was any suggestion I’d have for engineering, it would be to put a teleporter in Howling Fjord.

    Just drop the profession already. It’s clear that you’ll never be happy with it. And then in a few months you can post about how your new profession needs to be buffed.

  21. Shibeton Says:

    From what I’ve heard so far the only usable goggles are hunter (and even our guild hunter-engineer dropped for well…you can guess what…), tank goggles are inferior to the even nerfed BS helmet and as far as caster goggles go, my destro actually benefits aggrowise everytime I can trade in crit for haste. There might be class exceptions but I’ve yet to find people doing 25 raids that still wear goggles…as far as leveling benefits go I couldn’t care less…my point with the leg enchants was that you actually provide something which can be used by more than a single class. As far as the tinkers go, the only thing that helps a little are the accelerators and since not every class can use haste this much its not that much of an upside. Sorry if I sound snobby, but if you wipe that much that you need repbot you’re either doing hardmodes/achievements or you’re seriously in the wrong guild. And I don’t see how repair bots give you any advantage progressionwise except saving a little running time or a mage giving a portal and a warlock summoning a stone. And with Naxx outside respawn you can easily just fly over to the NPC…Malygos and Sartharion areas are so small it doesn’t matter anyway. Well if you make the point about the chopper you might as well buy the (it was at the time I built mine) much cheaper mammoth. Furthermore you can mount at Malygos and Sartharion and with the respawn point at Naxx there really is not that much a point in repbots anymore. If you would even consider that blizzard actually had to patch the repair-ability (in 3.0.8 or something it was I think)…If you would just look at the PTR tailoring epics you would see that the crafting belt is way ahead of the currently best cloth caster belt which is dropped by Thaddius Heroic…quit your whining already and realize that tailoring isn’t that bad. Even if it would be, which it is not, it would only be fair comparing to how overpowered the cloth set was in TBC. As far as the cloak enchant goes the EJ warlocks favors it above all others on the PTR, and theorycrafting supports this. Just because it isn’t live yet you shouldn’t assume it won’t be. With the metaphor I meant that Blizzard is actually doing something about the sorry state of YOUR profession. You know the thing is that people like you actually force blizzard into keeping engineering down since everytime engineering gets buffed people complain. You know why? Because everyone assumes engineering is a) crap b) only for fun or c) for PVP. I was happy with engineering all the way through vanilla content, heck I was even okay with TBC, but WotLK is just a slap in the face…And no, after the time farming recipes and building all the cool vanilla items I won’t drop the profession and the time invested. Engineering has lot of potential. As far as qq-ing goes: You try engineering for one year with your raiding-main char and not some sort of Sunday afternoon kill-time twink. As far as the whole state goes just look at the thread I posted in my first comments and even after ignoring the whole qq and flaming I think several people make lots of valid observations.

    @kaliope: Sorry for leading this off-topic, but I had to respond. I will refrain from further comments.

  22. kaliope Says:

    No worries, I’ll just lock the thread :) Sorry fellas, I’m gonna have to end the debating here.

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