A Closer Look: Rituals of the New Moon

One of the new Inscription items we’ll be seeing in 3.1 is called Technique: Rituals of the New Moon.  This is a farmable drop recipe that creates an off-hand book.  I like the farmable drop thing, I wish there were more of these for Scribes.  Still, I’m happy to see something new for us :)  Here’s the recipe:

3.1 Inscription Recipe: Rituals of the New Moon

3.1 Inscription Recipe: Rituals of the New Moon

So I set out for Grizzly Hills to find me some Silverbrook miscreants to slay.  I actually remembered the mobs near the Forest’s Edge camp just south of Amberpine Lodge, so I went there instead of the camp at Silverbrook.  I probably killed about a dozen mobs before I got the drop, which isn’t bad at all.  I haven’t tried the Silverbrook camp, but I plan to go there when 3.1 is Live and see if the book drops there as well.  I assume it will since that’s where the patch notes tell you to go.

Anyway, the drop is very farmable and I’m hopeful that it will be a decent seller.  Not because the item is great because I don’t think it is.  The part I’m hopeful about is the “use” effect.  One of these items will turn you into a giant wolf for two minutes!  Even better, there are several colors to choose from and each book you create will be a different color.  I only had enough mats on the Test Realm to make 4 books, but I got two reds, one gray and one black.  Here are some pics of me in my giant wolf garb (click image for larger version):

Giant Red Wolf

Giant Red Wolf

Giant Black Wolf

Giant Black Wolf

Giant Gray Wolf

Giant Gray Wolf

As you can see, the wolves are HUGE!  This is me standing with a Belf guard in Dalaran and I’m totally dwarfing her.  It’s even more obvious when you walk around how much bigger you are.  From what I can tell these giant wolves have all the same emotes as a normal wolf: ground sniffing, tail wagging and random scratching.  You can also do the cute little doggie dance – yay!

The books are on a ten minute, shared cooldown but that’s pretty good considering that similar items are on a one-hour cooldown.  The cooldown for the book is not shared with the other “disguise items”, just with other versions of the book.  I could see this generating good sales as a novelty item, since the stats themselves are not exciting.  The mats are fairly easy as well, which is nice for once!  I think this will be a fun addition to our Scribing arsenal, so make sure you nab it when you get a chance.


I just wanted to let everyone know that I did farm this item again after the patch went up yesterday.  I went to Silverbrook proper (not the small camp near Amberpine Lodge) and killed about 28 mobs before I got the drop.  Wowhead doesn’t have any drop rates posted yet, so we really don’t know what the actual ratio is, my experience would seem to indicate it’s pretty reasonable.

Now for the bad news… a guildmate of mine tried to farm the same recipe shortly after I did.  When he first went to Silverbrook he was unable to target the mobs, they were friendly.  I suggested he complete the Escape from Silverbrook quest, as I remembered it required you to kill the mobs there.  Strangely enough, he did that quest and still wasn’t able to attack the Silverbrook mobs.  He went on to complete about 10 more quests including the whole Ursoc the Bear God chain, then was able to kill the Silverbrook residents.  I believe he also killed around 150 of them before he got the recipe, maybe he’ll be kind enough to pop by and correct my retelling if I missed something :)

I honestly don’t know which of these quests might be important for those who have trouble with Silverbrook mobs.  I have never done the Ursoc group quest on any toon, so I’m not convinced that’s a factor.  However, I encourage anyone who knows more about how these quests tie into the Silverbrook camp to share their information in the comments.


15 Responses to “A Closer Look: Rituals of the New Moon”

  1. Turq Says:

    *sigh* Twilight invades WoW. next up….make-up wearing vampires

  2. wisely Says:


    This is a very cool piece of info.

    I would like to know more about this item.

    1. after you transferred to the wolf, can you keep your normal action bar and do you have any limitation on casting/attacking?

    2. Can you mount when you are in wolf form? I guess the answer is probably no.

    3. The book is in 10 min CD, but what about your wolf form, does it have a timer also?

    4. Can you dance in wolf form? If yes, what does it look like?

    5. Any other special ability you can discover while in this wolf form? Like any kind of enhanced moving speed maybe?

    Sorry for so many questions, hope you can give some more details, as always, keep up the good works.


  3. Wulf Says:

    Awww… I wish I could turn in to a Giant Wolf! >.< I refuse to drop my two professions.

  4. Sherry Says:

    Wow, a werewolf!

    The offhand item appears to be bind on equip, which means that we could possibly buy this on the auction house?

    Since its an offhand, does it mean that all classes can equip it, or only casters?

  5. wisely Says:

    All classes can use this item.

  6. kaliope Says:

    Wisely: Sorry, I meant to come back and answer your questions but I got distracted apparently!

    When transformed you keep your normal task bar and you have the costume buff which says “Unable to attack or cast spells”. If you mount the costume pops off.

    The buff has a 2 min duration and 10 minute cooldown on the book.

    You can dance and run in wolf form. The dance looks just like the shaman ghost wolf dance. I don’t think you have enhanced moving speed, it feels like normal run speed to me. I haven’t identified any special abilities yet, other than the dancing :)

  7. *K@iRi* Says:

    Well I’d say that this is very dumb… How can you have the same level with a different kind of wolf???? And by the way Red Wolves are an endangered Animal… So I suggest that you lay off with the Red Wolf…. This is so ridiculous, I’m Shocked and apalled!!!! >=(

  8. Aurede Says:

    I am the “guildmate” mentioned in the post. Wanted to add one thing.

    When I couldn’t target the mobs in Silverbrook I went to the small camp southeast of the Amberpine lodge and killed the Silverbrook mobs there after about 200 of them I gave up and did the quest line to make the Silverbrook camp kill able. I don’t know if the recipe drops in the the south camp or not. It just didn’t for me.

  9. kaliope Says:

    Hi Aurede!! Thanks for stopping by and double-checking my info, I wasn’t sure I had remembered everything accurately.

    And yes, for anyone who tries the southern camp – I got the drop there on the Test Realm, not Live! So I can’t promise that location still works, I merely suggest it as an alternative if the northern camp is crowded and you want to give it a shot.

  10. Hadryan Says:

    Just a tip as far as these are concerned. I herb in sholazar for about 3 hours and get enough ink to make 15-20 of these. I buy the eternals off of the AH in bulk, and on my server I can get them at a per unit price of 2-5g in bulk depending on the market. I grab enough parchment to crank them all out, then head to the IF bridge and sell them for 75g a pop. I don’t have my price in the add, so if business is good I can move the price up a bit. I’ve done this for several nights in a row now and each time have made over 1k-1.5g gold and sold every book I made. Your milage may vary depending on the eternals prices on your server. Most people don’t have a clue what they are so I make sure to tell them in the add that it turns you into a large wolf. Good luck with your drops. Took me about an hour to get mine.

  11. Hadryan Says:

    And just to clarify, mine dropped from the northern camp, Silverbrook proper.

    Sorry for the double post.

  12. kaliope Says:

    No worries and thanks for the marketing tips!

  13. Zalaunka Says:

    I farmed this today and got it at 55 kills, not too bad. And I’m pretty sure that I’m the only person on my small backwater server with it so they don’t sell fast, but the first person offered 200g! So its going good, thanks for the write up on it!

  14. Catoren Says:

    58 Kills in Silverbrook!

  15. Xazzie Says:

    It took me 4 kills ( it dropped on the 5th ). I farmed where the OP recommended, south of Amberpine Lodge. [Silverbrook Hunters]

    I don’t know if this just makes me lucky or if the drop-rate has been increased.

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