3.1 for Scribes, Part 2

Ok, first I want to throw out a reminder about sharing opinions on glyphs.  Everyone has personal favorite – I include myself in this pool of guilt.  Right now I’m sporting Glyph of Healing Touch, which most Resto Druids don’t use.  I like having a fast, powerful heal and Glyphed HT has half the cast time and almost double the healing power of Nourish.  It’s not listed on most Druid sites, so I left it off the list because I can’t back it up with expert opinion.  My point is… I’m suffering too!

So in the interest of not confusing the befuddled, let’s hold back on tossing out too many suggestions.  The goal here is to create a list of solid, well-established glyphs.  Crafters want to know what will sell and by following standard builds and accepted glyphing practices we can provide that information.  I’m not going to stop you guys from disagreeing in the comments, but I will point out that debating the merits of a glyph is more likely to get it passed over when Scribes are choosing which items are guaranteed to sell.

That said, let’s move on to the remaining classes in our Glyph suggestion list:

Death Knight
Unholy: Plague Strike | Bone Shield | Scourge Strike
Blood: Obliterate | Icy Touch | Plague Strike | of the Ghoul
Frost: Obliterate | Icy Touch | Plague Strike | of the Ghoul

All: Rupture | Slice/Dice | Sinister Strike

Arcane: Arcane Blast | Scorch | Arcane Missiles | Molten Armor
Fire: Fireball | Scorch | Molten Armor
Frost: Frostbolt | Molten Armor | Water Elemental

Prot: Righteous Defense | Judgement | Seal of Vengeance
Holy: Holy Light | S of Wisdom | S of Light | Flash of Light | Divinity
Ret: Consecration | Judgement | Avenging Wrath

Disc: PW-Shield | Flash Heal
Shadow: SW-Pain | Shadow | Mindflay
Holy: Renew | Flash Heal | Circle of Healing

If you don’t see your favorite listed here, it’s because I didn’t find a reasonable level of agreement on it and left it out.  That’s also why some lists are skimpier than others.  There were many cases where an EJ thread proclaimed a glyph “situational” or “too close to call” and other sites were split on it, so I didn’t list it.  There’s still plenty of debate on class mechanics and that will surely be reinvigorated by the new 3.1 glyphs.  Hopefully this list is narrowed down to the sure bets in terms of sales value.

As for minor glyphs, I leave that up to individual crafters to decide whether they want to venture down that road.  I think minors will be more volatile in general, but there could be some classes where it’s very obvious which ones are good and which are crap.  You don’t need me to advise in situations where the choice is obvious, and I’d rather stay out of the debate for situations where it’s not.  Here is my suggestion: if you know a minor is valuable then make it, otherwise skip them.

I hope these lists are of use to our Scribes out there, that’s my primary intent.  Feel free to disregard any class puffery that may develop in the comments.  If you’re worried about a particular glyph then just don’t make it.  You should also use your own personal experience to expand this list, these are just suggestions for classes you may not know much about.  There are plenty of glyphs to go around, so you could easily restrict yourself to four or five classes and still have a wide selection to sell on patch day.  Good Luck!


12 Responses to “3.1 for Scribes, Part 2”

  1. Alazasthas Says:

    I think that in the minor glyph issue, just craft the ones that remove a regeant requierement form one of the class spells. Those seems to be pretty constant choices with many players.

  2. Hinenuitepo Says:

    Well, of course, I posted last time as the first DK, and two of the ones I listed weren’t there.
    It seems there may be confusion as to whether people are glyphing for tank or dps on the DK sections.

    I can’t link specific EJ threads here because I’m at work and EJ is verboten, but I can tell that two of the three ‘unholy’ glyphs listed right now won’t be bought by most unholy dps. Scourge Strike is a no-brainer, as is the minor glyph ghoul (not listed for unholy. Ironically you list it for the other two trees that benefit much less from the glyph). But plague strike? That strike makes up less than 1% of an unholy DK’s damage when glyphed for scourge strike (you hit PS to get the disease rolling but it should almost never fall off during a fight). And bone shield? Same thing – you should never lose your shield during a boss fight, but if you do, it only costs one rune to put it back up. D&D routinely makes up 15-25% of an unholy DK’s damage; glyphing that is a vastly superior dps improvement over bone shield. Some behind-the-times don’t use it for raiding because the old fear on the glyph made tanking some trash a nightmare, but that effect is looong gone. Pestilence over plague strike is still clearly a much better dps improvement in that in trash pack you can pest and never have to plague strike – when switching targets they’re already diseased.

    So, to reiterate; you’ll have much better luck making scourge strike, ghoul, pestilence, and death and decay for unholy dps DKs.

    While it’s another minor glyph and I personally don’t see the point, I see a lot of DKs in general with the horn of winter glyph.

    For unholy tanks, yes, Bone Shield will sell well, as will Icebound Fortitude.

  3. Hinenuitepo Says:

    I looked back at the first topic Kaliope and I didn’t see any other comments on DKs, so I’ll have to assume then that you may have looked at some EJ threads…

    Just keep in mind that there is a distinction between tanks and dps in what glyphs will be used most often. I’m obviously dps and two of your three listed for unholy seemed more aimed at tanks. Not that tank glyphs won’t sell – because they will, but aren’t dps DKs more common? I don’t have hard data on this, but I’d be willing to put some (real or in-game) money on there being twice as many dps unholy DKs as tanks.

  4. kaliope Says:

    Hin: Since this is clearly upsetting you, I’ll post my source for the Unholy DK glyphs:


    Section 8.3.4 – The whole post is focused on DK DPS for all three trees, I took the Unholy recommendations straight off their list. I understand that you disagree with the glyphs I listed, I don’t play a DK so I can’t really argue your points at all. However, I did my research and in the absence of personal experience I think EJ is a reasonable substitute ;)

    It will be OK, I promise!

  5. AlmightyCow Says:

    The problem with that particular EJ compendium thread is that it’s out of date. For instance, the Frost Strike glyph (-8RP on FS) is a no-brainer for frost specs, but wasn’t in the game at the time the post was written.

    Similarly, changes to Death Strike for blood in 3.1. may mean blood DKs glyph for Death Strike over Obliterate.

    For unholy, the longer disease durations and desecration procing off of scourge strike in 3.1 further de-emphasizes any use of plague strike in DPS rotations. Glyph of Ghoul makes sense in its place.

  6. kaliope Says:

    You guys may be completely correct in your assessment of various changes to DK glyphs and how 3.1 might affect their usage, but this sort of commentary is of no use to crafters who want to prepare for 3.1, which is the purpose of this post.

    Does anyone have anything to contribute regarding DK glyphs that would actually be helpful to Scribes? Perhaps share a link of another source that takes your concerns into account? I’d feel better having my research knocked down if there was an alternate source on the table. Otherwise this is all we have to go on. If it’s wrong I can just remove it completely and have no recommendations for DKs.

  7. Lesharo Says:

    As a beginner scribe who’s been hoarding inks for months now (I think I have a mililng addiction), your time and effort for doing some glyph research is greatly appreciated! Theorycrafting the “best” glyphs will rarely result in consensus, given the varied playstyles of such a large in-game population.

  8. dorgol Says:

    Ret Paladins will be looking for Glyph of Exorcism now that it is usable on all targets (with talents Exorcism is hitting HARD and the glyph adds 20% more damage). It should be listed as one of the primary Glyphs.

  9. Hinenuitepo Says:

    I’d say ‘upset’ is far to strong a word! ;)
    I’ll still buy the glyphs I buy, just trying to help folks out here – as you are trying to do.
    As Lesh points out, the compendium is not just poor for 3.1 prep, it predates 3.08, much less 3.09. Unfortunately, my work (military) filters most official wow sites out so I can’t go to them to find alternate citations. All I can provide is a thinking person’s rationale for why I’d pick one over the other… and my experience with things like recount. The scourge strike glyph is a post 3.08 change, which essentially made unholy dps rotations change from PS IT BS BS … then Scourge Strike repeatedly but you had to IT/PS each disease duration to keep diseases up. NOW, the SS glyph means that you essentially never have to IT/PS in a ‘normal’ fight because SS refreshes your diseases. So, NOW and for 3.1 both, people shouldn’t be using PS glyph.

    Similarly, changes from early dps info, Pest glyph wasn’t very good and so bone shield was essentially a throwaway glyph; you don’t want bone shield to drop since it’s a good dps increase, so why not get a couple extra bones in there. BUT, if you’re doing your job right (and your guild doesn’t suck), all the bosses currently in game die before all your default bones expire/are used up. If they do happen to drop, it’s pretty easy and an insignificant dps loss to refresh it.
    Now, I think those are pretty clear and cogent arguments; if your readers can use that to help, great. If not (or you can’t afford to change your guidelines requiring a recognized site to endorse it), then no worries. After all, I’m sure in 3.1 this will change and hopefully there will be more theorycrafting/data gathering to give us evidence for which glyphs are best then.
    I’m sure that most glyphs will find buyers anyway since people don’t always buy what’s best – either they have no idea or they buy for other reasons that what’s best for pve tanking or dps.

  10. Hinenuitepo Says:

    Not being able to edit is lose. :)
    Anyway, I do follow pretty much all the EJ threads for DKs from home. I’d love to promise I’ll find you sources from there and maybe I’ll try, but I tend to prioritize home (as opposed to work/lunch break) time as 1) family, 2) raiding, 3) other wow stuff, 4) EJ and ‘essential’ theorycrafting, and 5) sleep. I’ll see if I have the energy to see if there’s anything else on sites like deathknightinfo.com or other nascent DK sites to satisfy you.

  11. dylan Says:

    For healing priests, the prayer of healing glyph will become very popular because of the changes to that spell.

  12. till Says:

    Concerning mages:

    The current popular arcane build 57/3/11 does not include scorch, some prefer mage armor glyph to molten armor.

    Source: http://elitistjerks.com/f75/t42876-arcane_thread/
    (see point 5 for specs)

    The frostfire build 0/53/18 uses glyph of frostfire.

    Source: http://elitistjerks.com/f75/t37364-frostfire_bolt_thread/

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