3.1 for Scribes, Part 1

In preparation of a release in the next few weeks, I’m putting together my glyph recommendations for the much-anticipated Dual Spec feature.  I’ve done some research on the current “top dogs” for class glyphs that will hopefully narrow the playing field a bit.  In this article I’m going to present the first five classes and follow up in a Part Two with the remaining five classes.  Minor Glyphs will not be covered here – dealing with Majors is enough of a chore!

Just to complicate things, we have a bunch of new glyphs coming in 3.1, but from what I’m seeing the vast majority will be world drops.  While some of these new glyphs may eventually become “best in slot” for a given class, this will be largely unknown on D-Day.  Therefore I assume that most rabid shoppers will go with the tried and true suggestions for their second set of glyphs.  But if you happen to find one of these new glyphs on the first day, by all means crank a few and see how it sells.  It certainly can’t hurt to take advantage of the scarcity factor :)

This list is compiled using the most recommended glyphs for a particular spec.  I make no guarantees that they are the best glyphs, merely my best attempt at compiling the list.  In many cases these recommendations were taken from or cross-referenced with Elitist Jerks and other high visibility class sites if I knew of them.  The main purpose here is to weed out the junk so Scribes aren’t sitting on a full stack of Glyph of Craptastic because they had no idea that XX class never uses YY ability.  So here we go…

Balance: Moonfire | Starfire | Insect Swarm
Feral (Tank/Kitty): Maul | Rip | Mangle | Frenzy Regen
Resto: Regrowth | Lifebloom | Innervate | Swiftmend

Protection: Devastate | Blocking | Revenge | Sunder
Fury: Cleaving | Heroic Strike | Execution
Arms: Rending | Execution |Mortal Strike

Survival: Serpent Sting | Steady Shot | Hawk
Beast: Beastial Wrath | Steady Shot | Viper
Marks: Steady Shot | Hawk | Serpent Sting

Resto: Chain Heal | Water Mastery | Earthliving | Healing Wave/Lesser
Enhance: Windfury | Stormstrike |Flametongue
Elemental: Flame Shock | Lava | Lightning Bolt

Affliction: Immolate | Siphon Life | Corruption
Destro:  Conflagrate | Imp | Immolate | Curse of Agony
Demon: Felguard | Curse of Agony | Corruption

As you can see, there are some duplicates between specs so we can potentially get by stacking only 5-6 glyphs per class.  This is more likely to apply to pure classes than hybrids, who tend to have completely different functions for each spec.  But for those of you who don’t really want to stock up on every glyph out there, you could just keep a stock of these more popular glyphs on your bank alt for the big day.

And since I can smell the debate on the wind, I will open up the Comment area for suggested modifications/additions to this list on one condition.  If you want to share a change to the list – post an expert source link.  While I greatly value my beloved readers, you and/or your buddy are not a known community expert.  On the other hand if you know a class site that I don’t, I’ll be happy to make changes to my list based on their recommended glyphs :)


10 Responses to “3.1 for Scribes, Part 1”

  1. Karthis Says:

    For DPS feral Druids the change to the Glyph of Shred is making it a must-have.

  2. Gleithan Says:

    PvE Beast Mastery hunters are probably going to want to use Glyph of Serpent Sting in place of Viper. Viper is pretty much fast enough mana regen as it is. Also, almost every (PvE) hunter will use the same minor glyphs: Mend Pet, Feign Death and Revive Pet.

  3. bob Says:

    Feral Druids DPSing will take
    Shred, Rip, and the new Savage Roar

    Tanking Druids will take
    Maul, Frenzied Regeneration and Growl

  4. bob Says:

    For Feral DPS Glyphs

    For Feral Tanking Glyphs

  5. Hinenuitepo Says:

    Unholy dps DK:
    D&D, ghoul, Scourge Strike, Pestilence (minor)

    I’ll refrain from listing the others despite the fact that I have a pretty good idea, but for unholy, these are clear winners for now.

  6. Figworth Says:

    Affliction warlocks will NOT use glyph of Immolate. Unstable Affliction and Immolate (in 3.1) share the same spot, and are not able to be up on the boss at the same time. Corruption and Curse of Agony are still must-haves; My bet is for the glyph of Haunt being the third slot (though it is coming in 3.1, and so is not available yet).

  7. kaliope Says:

    Fig: As I mentioned in my post, these recommendations are reflective of current glyph usage, not 3.1 theorycrafting. I’m sure many things will change in 3.1 but Scribes need suggestions on what they can create prior to 3.1 for immediate sale when Dual Specs debut. From what I interpret your suggestions to be, they aren’t helpful unless you take 3.1 changes and glyphs into account, correct? Right now Immolate is a recommended Affliction glyph as per Elitist Jerks:

    “Note: Glyph of Immolate and Glyph of Siphon Life are clear choices, Glyph of CoA is the usual third glyph since 3.09. If Glyph of Unstable Affliction would lower the GCD as well as the cast time, it would be very slightly better, but I still don’t know if it does.”


    To All: Let’s try to stay focused on currently recommended glyphs, not new 3.1 glyphs. We have no idea how long it will take for new glyphs to trickle into circulation and therefore I’m not including them in my lists.

  8. Alazasthas Says:

    I will say that the minor are the ones that a great investment, all druid must have the rebirth one, as its so conveninet not to carry seeds a nymore.

  9. kaliope Says:

    I agree that the minor glyphs could be quite a money maker themselves, but since there’s usually no combat benefit, the favorites could be more subjective. Thanks for bringing this up though, I think I’ll tag a little commentary on the Part 2 post :)

  10. dorgol Says:

    Kaliope: While EJ says it is best for Affliction NOW, from day 1 of 3.1 Immolate will be completely useless to an Affliction ‘lock as they can’t even be use the spell.

    Whether Curse of Agony or Unstable Affliction are better, I couldn’t say.

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