JC Goodies from the Test Realm (3.1)

A couple of new Jewelcrafting items are being implemented in the 3.1 patch and I have some screenshots to share with additional information.  The first is a low level necklace with +HIT on it, I’m just not sure if lowbies are hurting for Hit rating enough to trade 8-12 points in other stats for this piece.  Seems kinda skimpy imo and the mat cost is pretty high (8x Truesilver bars):

Amulet of Truesight

Amulet of Truesight

The other item is a new gem cutting recipe, but for old world stuff.  Conceptually I thought this was a great idea, take something that’s currently crap-tastic and make it relevant.  Unfortunately Blizz didn’t manage a score with the “make relevant” part.  This recipe cuts a black diamond (not the blue one, the green version) into a random red/yellow/blue cut gem from Burning Crusade:

Prismatic Black Diamond

Prismatic Black Diamond

I made about 20 of these on the Test Realm and got a number of Bold Blood Garnets, Golden Draenites, etc.  This recipe might have actually been helpful at the beginning of the last expansion to use up old mats, but I don’t think anyone bothers with these Outland gems anymore.  The Northrend ones are so cheap and there’s no level requirement on them, why would you use an Outland gem?  A better implementation would have been to combine the diamond with some type of Northrend ingredient to make a random Northrend gem.

So color me not impressed with these two items – I don’t think I would have wasted the Dev time on them.


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  1. BobTurkey Says:

    Yes hit rating as you are leveling is in greater demand as levelling has become easier. This means that you are more requently trying to hit mobs with levels higher than your own.

    Leveling as a prot warrior I am regularly fighting such mobs and my ability to kill them, not the risk of them killing me, is the limiting factor.

  2. Fear.Win Says:

    Would have been nice to combine the diamond with an Outlands green gem to make an uncut green quality Northrend gem of the same color. Our guild bank was full of Outlands uncuts that we just vended to get rid of =\.

  3. Gronyon Says:

    I didn’t get if the black diamond recipe creates cut or raw gems.

    If it creates raw gems, then it will be interesting if the required skill level is around 270-295, to skill up to 300 while stockpiling gems for points above 300.

    If it creates already cut gems, then it would still work for skill points, but the created gems would directly go to the trash. snif.

    If skill level is 300+ then … I really don’t get the point.

  4. Wendylady Says:

    Black diamonds have always been easy to get in tons in BRD, so this is now a new and cheep why to level JC for us. That is all it is. JC can farm them eazy and cut the stones we need in mass amounts to lvl at the end of BC..

    So stop complaining it saves you your gold.

  5. kaliope Says:

    Gron: Yes, the black diamond recipe makes cut gems not raw ones. Sorry I didn’t make that clearer in the post.

    Wendy: I realize that black diamonds would be easy to farm in 50+ dungeons, but Outland green gems are even easier to farm so I still don’t see the point. Given the choice between clearing BRD for a handful of black diamonds and doing a few laps around Hellfire in the same timeframe, I’d stick with Hellfire and probably end up with more gems from the prospected ore. I guess I’m not seeing how this is a better alternative.

    I’m with Fear on this one, I’d combine it with an Outland gem and turn it into a Northrend gem so you’d take 2 obsolete items and turn them into something at least marginally useful. I think most people are staring at personal or guild banks full of this old stuff and it would have made more sense to create a new recipe that addressed that issue. Instead they made a new recipe that takes obsolete items and cranks out more obsolete items, which seems like a wasted opportunity to me.

  6. Darkspite Says:

    The neck “might” be a good twink item. I’d have to go back and check the other available necks in the 20-29 bracket, though.

  7. kaliope Says:

    Dark: I thought about that too before I posted… the PVP necklace and the River Pride Choker, even the green BOE necks all had better stats IMO. Of course, this is assuming you don’t need the hit to kill things higher than you. If you did need to stack some hit I think I’d take a look at the 3.1 BS items before considering this. They also gain some hit as well as other stats, you might be better off going that route if you’re desperate for +hit. Unfortunately the new stats don’t seem to be up on Wowhead yet or I’d give a link.

  8. Sherry Says:

    Actually I found green outland gems to sell well at certain times on my server, specifically when people were levelling jewelcrafting and there is a paucity of raw gems in the auction house. At those times, green gems could sell anywhere from 5-10 g.

    As for hit, i think it is there perhaps because even for mobs/players the same level as you, you would still require a certain hit% so as not to miss your attacks.

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