Argent Tournament Intro (3.1 Patch)

I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I’m working on the new Tournament event on the Test Realm and I finally have something concrete to share.  I don’t want to give away too much because it’s nice to actually discover new content when Blizz puts in the time to create it.  I thought I’d just give a general overview of the process for those who’ve been wondering how it will work.  This isn’t normally the sort of thing we cover here at the Kaliope Blog, but I know many crafters are also avid Achievement Hounds as well as collectors of novelty items and the Tourney has a good supply of both.

There are three levels of quests, in my mind it has some similarity to the Shattered Sun progression in terms of unlocking the next wave of content.  You start out as an Aspirant (noob) and collect tokens which you use to ‘buy’ your way into the next level by completing daily quests.  You’ll be able to earn about 4 tokens a day and you need 15 tokens to move up the ladder.

The next tier of quests work in the same fashion, you do some dailies to collect tokens and save them up for your faction leader.  Only the second level requires you to give 25 tokens, but has the same output of about 4 tokens a day from dailies.  So you can expect to spend at least 6 days on this step of the progression.  The nice part is that you’ll be getting rep with the Silver Covenant + your home factions when you turn these quests in, so even though you’re a scrub you are still getting something out of it.

Once you turn in your 25 tokens you’ll finally be a Champion of your home faction.  Initially you can’t select which faction you represent, but once you unlock the Champion level you have the opportunity to switch.  I haven’t actually done that yet, but I’ll try if I get a chance while this PTR is up.  Phase Three is when you are able to earn those Champion tokens that you may have seen for buying the goodies.

I don’t really want to go into details on the quests, but there are some fun ones and some challenging ones.  In addition to the dailies there’s a more lore-oriented quest chain that’s worth doing because you gain a good amount of Argent Crusade faction from it.  I’m not certain how they all tie together yet, but I’m still working through to see where it goes.  I plan to continue working on this, I’m curious how it’s going to play out.

Feel free to post ANY questions you have about the tourney or professions on the PTR!


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  1. Alazasthas Says:

    This is one of th ebiggest things to be done in the next patch.

    Just wondering, if you already are exalted when you get to the Champion part, do you automatically get the new title?

    How many Tokens you can get each day on the last tier? 4 each day too?

    Are the mounts and pets bind on pick up, or are they tradable? Can you buy any mount or pet with your tokens, or just you can buy the ones you are current ly a champion?

    Is there are cost in changing your Champion city?

    Thnaks for all the help, Kaliope

  2. kaliope Says:

    1) I’m not Exalted so I can’t really answer that part. I may reach Exalted via these quests since I’m currently Rev with most Allie factions, but that wouldn’t necessarily clarify the situation. I did get an Achievement when I turned in the Champion quest, so I assume any relevant title would apply if you were Exalted at the time.

    2) The last tier appears to be 4 tokens as well, I saw three new dailies and one of them offers 2 tokens with the others give one. The double token daily is a group quest.

    3) Mounts and all other vendor goodies are BoP but at this time pets are not. That could change before Live…

    4) As far as I can tell, there’s no cost. It looks like a simple quest that you pick up from the other faction champions. Once you turn that in, you become their minion (I presume). The quest actually pays 1.3G, so it looks like they actually bribe you to switch teams ;)

  3. Hagu Says:

    1) My pally is already exalting with argent for the Argent Champion title, but it sounds like my other toons that are wearing an Argent tabbard should switch since this will be a way to get Argent rep easily/easier?

    2) Is it true there are vehicles involved? I *loathe* vehicles in WotLK, starting with the bugfest in November. How much can a non-vehicle person do in the tourney?

  4. kaliope Says:

    1) You can get daily rep with Argent Crusade via the Tourney dailies, so if it were me I’d switch to another tabard on toons that will be doing the Tourney. I don’t plan to do any of the current Argent dailies for my toons, although I may knock out the Icecrown quests just to get a baseline going prior to 3.1.

    2) Yes, there are vehicle-style mechanics involved in the Tourney. If you are determined to avoid them, you can skip the daily for that, although there are a couple spots in the chain that you’d need to suck it up if you want to move forward. Sorry :(

  5. Rahl Says:

    Not sure how you like links to other sites, but banana shoulders has a great guide to the quests and whats involved in all facets of the tournament.

  6. kaliope Says:

    Rahl: That’s totally fine – I encourage readers to share! I was toying with writing a guide myself but since there are several others already in development I may just post up links to other guides when the patch hits :)

    Here’s a link directly to the guide post, not that there isn’t other great info on the main page cuz I saw a few other nifty items during my visit!

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