Inscription Recipes from the 3.1 PTR

We got yet another new update on the Test Realm yesterday, and I popped over to do my usual rounds of trainers and see if any new crafting goodies showed up.  I was in luck because some new Inscription recipes were added to the trainer in Dalaran!  And I’m so tickled because it looks like I’m the first site to have them ;)

Out of the 60-ish new Inscription recipes that showed up in the data files (as reported by MMO-Champion) only eight are on the trainer at this time.  Sadly, three of the eight are for Death Knights, two for Shammies and one each for Druid/Rogue/Priest.  I find that a strange mix of items, it seems to me if you’re only going to put a subset of glyphs on the trainer that you’d at least try to offer one for each class.

Anyway, since I know you’re all dying to see… here’s the goodies:

3.1 PTR Glyph of Dark Death

3.1 PTR Glyph of Obliterate

3.1 PTR Glyph of Disease

3.1 PTR Totem of Wrath

3.1 PTR Glyph of Pain Suppression

3.1 PTR Glyph of Mutilate

3.1 PTR Glyph of Monsoon

3.1 PTR Glyph of Earth Shield

I found a few other new items as well, so I’ll be sharing those in a different post :)


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