3.1 Blacksmithing Changes + Tournament Update

We got a question over the weekend regarding the upcoming “tweaks” that are being made to low level Blacksmithing items.  I confess, I didn’t have much interest in this when I first read it since my Smith is already capped.  But clearly this could be an important issue for new players or folks who are just picking up Smithing.  So I went ahead and did a quick eyeball review of the new vs. old items to give an overall impression of the changes.

The first significant change I spotted was in the first tier of recipes, many of the previously common (white) items have been upgraded to uncommon (green) quality.  This should mean less crap to sell back to the vendor, assuming your server has enough noobs to buy lowbie gear.  I didn’t do any actual counts, but I would say 80-90% of the common items have been boosted in this manner.

The next change I noticed was on some tweaks to stat allocation.  I didn’t see much on existing items with reasonable stats, but items that were previously bad have been modified to a more rational distribution of stats.  In general you’ll see Spirit being replaced with more appropriate melee stats like +crit, +stam, or +strength.  But as I said, items that already had good stats were largely untouched.

In other news, I’ve continued to work on the Argent Tournament to see where the dailies will lead.  The first round of quests has two dailies that let us “assist” in building the coliseum.  There are three other dailies that grant you “aspirant” tokens, which one of the NPCs wants you to give him when you reach 15.  It’s takes about 3 days to get enough (some quests are kinda broken atm, this is an estimate) tokens, so right off the bat you’re in for three days to unlock the next phase.  Today I did that and was upgraded to “valiant”, which now allows me to collect “valiant” tokens.  Once again I have dailies I can do which will let me get up to 4 tokens/day, these quests are quite similar to the last wave.  My goal for the current level is to collect 25 valiant tokens which will presumably unlock yet another wave of quests.  I’m not sure how many versions I’ll be going through to reach the “champion” tokens needed for the goodies, but I’ll keep plugging away at it :)  It will take almost a week to finish this next level unless I figure out a new method for getting tokens beside the daily quests.  So far this is feeling very much like the Shattered Sun system, where each level you complete unlocks a new one.

An interesting aspect of my new status was that I was sent to my faction champion after I turned in my tokens.  So now my Night Elf Druid is working for the Darnassus group instead of the regular Argent Tournament guy.  He didn’t give me a choice of leaders though, so I’m not clear how to go about championing a group that isn’t your personal race.  I probably would have picked Darnassus anyway, but this still leaves a question mark for those who want to do other factions and/or multiple factions once they complete their main faction.  I guess we’ll see where this leads!

Feel free to post any questions you have for future PTR investigations :)


5 Responses to “3.1 Blacksmithing Changes + Tournament Update”

  1. Sheldreyn Says:

    Thanks to have looked that up!

    I’m glad to see some lower level BS stuff will see use for my alts :D

  2. Tsark Says:


    What’s your reputation level with your capitals? One suggestion I had seen was that you could only choose cities where your rep was already revered/exalted….

  3. Gronyon Says:


    What’s the point of the capital championship ? Is there any reputation gain ? will it replace the “sell 20 runic” way (and so huge decrease in sell prices) ?

    Or is it something for “after you are exhalted” ? just to get some funny things (mounts, pets) ? (I guess those are Bind of Pickup and so not ah-able)

  4. Gorman Ghaste Says:

    I’d love to get more details on the new zesty clam meat recipe.

  5. kaliope Says:

    Tsark/Gron: I am currently Revered with three of the five Alliance cities, but I did not get an option of which one to champion. However I just unlocked some new quests last night that I think might allow me to switch, I’ll keep an eye on that. For now my only choice is to stay with the home city faction they forced on me at the end of Phase 1.

    So far I’ve gained minimal faction with Darnassus, the dailies all give rep with the Silver Covenant. I’m not sure when the city faction gains kick in, but again I’m plugging away and will keep notes on any changes that happen.

    Gorman: Cooking is my next mini-project, probably later today. I’m going to track down the Dig Rat Stew guy and this new clam recipe and write up a post, so stay tuned!

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