Day 2 on the 3.1 PTR

And the word of the day is: Slow.  This is how things are moving on the  PTR right now.  Luckily we got a new patch last night which seems to have improved performance a bit today, but there’s still a good amount of lag, frequent server crashes and occasional client crashes.  Most people don’t realize that being on the PTR means you’re testing new content, not just discovering new content.  Having come from a software testing background, I have more patience than the average WoW player so the current sitation doesn’t overly upset me.

The part I’m most frustrated by is the lack of my best friend – the bug report button.  Please Blizzard, I can’t tell you that the quests are confusing and the instructions sorely lacking if you don’t give me a B1^@% button!  I know, I know – I can post on the PTR forums.  And get flamed by 99 uber-leet jerks for every one person who might actually agree with me.  No thanks, my tolerance level does not extend to being treated like dirt by pimply-faced twitch freaks with too much time on their hands and a severe lack of adult communication skills.  I’m basically a casual player and I prefer to provide feedback based on a casual user’s abilities and interests.  Not enough forum trolls stand up for the little guys, so I do my best to fill that void when I can during the test phases.  And no blue button makes me sad, I’m actually writing myself notes for when it shows up.  But they are missing out on valuable feedback for the items I don’t bother to write, my notes only extend to the things that annoy me enough to write them down.

Ok, I guess I’m done ranting.  I wish I had some actual news to share… I tried really hard to find something interesting to report.  I visited all the faction vendors this morning (Hodir, Ebon Blade, Wyrmrest, Vanguard, Kirin’Tor, Kaluak & Argent Crusade) but found zero new recipes.  I visited multiple Inscription trainers but found no new recipes.  I also tried doing my Research, but got an existing Northrend glyph.  I did find the Titansteel Spellblade recipe on the Smithing trainer

3.1 Test Realm: Titansteel Spellblade for Blacksmithing

3.1 Test Realm: Titansteel Spellblade for Blacksmithing

so that’s something.  I haven’t found the new Leatherworking items either, the LW trainer doesn’t seem to have them.  So far I’m finding a whole lot of nada.

On the upside, after several hours of meandering through the new Argent Tournament, I’ve located some of the new pets and mounts (the ones related to race factions).  As reported on WowInsider earlier today, they are part of the Tournament event in Icecrown.  Unfortunately they are purchased with tokens that no one seems to know how to get.  I tried doing a handful of the new quests (another adventure, let me tell ya) and got some sort of tokens, but not the ones required for purchasing.  So right now what I know isn’t terribly useful in terms of how to get any of the new goodies.  Let’s just say if you want those cool pets or mounts, you’ll probably be spending lots of time at the Argent Tournament.  The one bit of good news I can share is that so far I haven’t had to do anything PvP related, for those who might be worried.  But overall no one seems to know how the majority of this stuff works because the NPCs don’t actually explain much.  I will keep an eye on this as testing progresses, perhaps they will patch in more information as they build on the current content.


3 Responses to “Day 2 on the 3.1 PTR”

  1. Zanzan Says:

    I copied my Tailor/Chanter and my Scribe/Skinner (I know – weird combo) to the PTR. I found the same result you did with my Scribe. My Tailor did not find the new craftable epics reported by MMO-Champion on the trainer in Dalaran nor are they specialized patterns from the Mooncloth/Shadowcloth/Spellcloth vendors.

    There is a trainable enchant for spellpower to staffs (65 I think) and a “purchase with 10 Dream Shards” 81 spellpower enchant for staffs. To learn the 81 spellpower enchant you must be 450 enchanting.

    On a non-crafting note: I think the dual spec is going to be very confusing to the average player and will take alot of time to set it up. A nice touch is the ability to choose some or all the talents you want before you click the Learn button. The catch here is that you need to enable the preview ability in your Interface.

  2. Mike Says:

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  3. Sheldreyn Says:

    I was wondering, did you have the time to check the “updated” blacksmihting recipe ?

    Based on the patch notes, the crafted gear under 300 should now have more “useful” stats

    I haven’t been able to log on to the PTR yet and no other site listed that change.

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