New Engineering Goodies + Inscription Update (3.1 PTR)

The Test Realm for Patch 3.1 went live earlier today and the news has been rolling fast and furious.  I also got a quick chance to snoop around a bit, although sadly I was not able to turn up as much information as I’d like.  Stupidly I copied the only one of my 70+ toons who isn’t able to get to Dalaran.  For now I’m stuck with the starting zones in Northrend until I can get another toon copied.

On the plus side, I was able to find a few of the new recipes including two Engineering items that I haven’t seen posted elsewhere, plus one old-school item for lower level folks:

3.1 PTR Recipe for Engineers -> Reticulated Webbing

3.1 PTR Recipe for Engineers -> Reticulated Webbing

3.1 PTR Recipe for Engineers -> Springy Arachnoweave

3.1 PTR Recipe for Engineers -> Springy Arachnoweave

3.1 PTR Recipe for Engineers -> High Powered Flashlight

3.1 PTR Recipe for Engineers -> High Powered Flashlight

In other news, MMO-Champion is showing 60+ new glyphs being added in 3.1, but I was unable to find these on the trainer.  Sadly I was only able to visit the trainer in Howling Fjord, so there’s a possibility that the trainer in Dalaran has different goodies.  I will try to confirm this when my Scribe gets to the PTR which will hopefully be tonight or tomorrow.  The other possibility is that these new glyphs will all be Research, which would mean another 2 months of the daily discovery grind :(  I’m hoping at least some of these new glyphs will be available from the trainer, or even faction-based would be fine with me.  But I personally haven’t even made it through the regular research recipes, so throwing new ones into the mix wouldn’t be my favorite option.

That’s all for now, hopefully more Inscription news coming soon!


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  1. wisely Says:

    Hi Kaliope,

    if you have a chance, can you please also check the new JC pattern for Prismatic Black Diamond?

    What I need to know is :

    1. at what skill level can we learn this skill?

    2. can we learn it from trainer directly?

    3. can this skill be used to level up JC skills? I am guessing this could be learn at 270 skills, and I am very interested to know how many skills we can use this cut to level up our JC skills. This could cause serious effect on the current market price of thorium and old world gems.

    4. what kind of gems will it produce? TBC green gems? or some old world gems?

    Thanks a lots.

  2. Hansinator Says:

    I have to say that the new tinkers is something to be very happy about as an engineer. As I approching almost full level 213 gear. Ther is almost nothing I gain from engineering. Been thinking alot of getting BS on my prot warrior but dont really want to drop Engi cause I like it alot :) and these updates are something to be really happy about :)

  3. kaliope Says:

    Wisely: Yes, I have been prepared for the JC Black Diamond recipe :) I just cleaned out my banks and made some AH buys so I could bring a stack to the PTR with me and I plan to track down that recipe when I get there. I’ll be checking all the Dalaran trainers today and then move on to faction vendors for new recipes.

  4. Shibeton Says:

    While going over the Engineer “enchants” I noticed that the flex underweave now grants agility and the nitroboost does grant crit.

  5. Diabolos Says:

    The flashlight is a nice gizmo, but I wish there was a L80 version of it. It would help fresh 80’s who need it with a nice +hit trinket. It is nice how it doesn’t have an eng requirement to use though.

  6. wisely Says:

    It took me 40 minutes to travel from Dalaran to Shattrah,

    then I found this new skill from the trainer there,

    need 300 JC skill to learn this.

    If this stands, it will have less to no effect to the current economy (namely thorium) as this is close to meaningless.

  7. Gronyon Says:

    New glyphs will most probably be all researched for.

    Don’t be so sad about it. it’s because they are all from research that we can actually make gold out of it. You only need to be lucky the first few days and pop a glyph that is very interesting. … :(

  8. kaliope Says:

    Gron: I agree with you, I’m fairly certain the new Inscriptions will be researched. I checked several Inscription trainers in different zones and I found no new recipes on any of them. I tried my research last night and unfortunately I got an existing Northrend glyph, but I’ll keep trying and see if I can confirm the research angle. I also hope to spend today visiting faction vendors to see if any new additions have been made.

  9. El Says:

    In the first PTR build, the majority of spells reported as glyphs still had no properties set in the data files. In short, the game client would not know how to use these spells as glyphs.

    Unfortunately, hacked data files can be terribly misleading. It becomes quite clear to anyone that spends time in game, that almost none of the new profession-related data is actually available to players.

    Worse, there is no reason why it will eventually become available: Anyone that recalls the “7th scribe-only glyph slot” saga, will appreciate this. For months it was being reported as a personal benefit, based on data file hacks. Yet it was never available in any public playable version of the game.

  10. kaliope Says:

    So true, so true. At this point I’m pretty sure that these items aren’t implemented yet. Instead I’m using my time to learn the Argent Tournament system so I can be helpful when it goes live :)

  11. El Says:

    Likewise. That and going round and round in circles looking for the fishing trainer and bobber vendor: All the other professions are camped out there, so I must be missing something…

  12. Torx Says:

    Well… me for one is sad to see that Blizz dont add more or better recipies for us poor engineers… I wish that Blizz should see engi as a really good proff to have and helpfull in ways no other proffs give. No new goggs, guns, trinkets(l80) Just som frustrating “enchants” that dont even stack with other enchants. And not even good ones…. Sad sad sad. E-Molle, and scrapbot is in use all the time though.. Yey! But its the only good things for a raid/party or self. Maybe the chopper… nah!!



  13. kaliope Says:

    Torx: My understanding (and I could be wrong) is that Blizz sees Engineering as a “fun” profession and not so much as a profit-generating one. They’ve given a few things that they believe will contribute a small revenue stream, but otherwise I think they expect Engie to be reserved for those who want the ‘cool toys’ and aren’t desperate for gold.

  14. renlock Says:

    Who cares about gold; all I want is a prof that’s valid for raiding. LW gives u +64 AP/37SP with fur lined bracers, Enchanting gives +64 AP/38SP with ring chants, Alch +64 ap/37SP and increased duration on flask, BS gives sockets which can give u +64 AP/38SP, JC gives u +66 AP with JC only gems, inscr gives u +64 ap/37SP with inscr only shoulder chants. (same idea with SP just diff #s)

    Does that seem to show a trend? Where’s the Eng only whatever that’s +64AP/37SP over other best in slot improvement? How about ability to “tinker” trinkets to add 32 AP/19SP?

    What does Eng get that’s better than available to non-engs in slot in question? Nothing. I’m not a tailor but I hear they have it bad too.

  15. kaliope Says:

    Renlock: Have you copied your Engineer to the PTR and submitted a Bug/Suggestion report on this issue? Clearly you’re very passionate about it and have numbers to back up your feelings on the matter. This is exactly the kind of feedback they solicit on the Test Realm and the more people bring this to their attention, the more likely they are to fix it in a future patch. Get thee to the PTR my friend!

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