To Be A Chef

I don’t know how many of you are going for the Profession-related Achievements, but I’ve been working on the “Chef” title recently.  This requires you to do a number of tasks, including cooking every Northrend recipe in the game.  You also have to make five Great Feasts and waste them on lame-O PvP’ers (no… I’m not bitter about that at all)!  Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been doing this off and on between raids and rep grinding.  I thought I’d highlight some of the tougher tasks in here for those who haven’t given this a stab yet:

The Cake is Not a Lie: You have to bake (not eat) a Delicious Chocolate Cake.  This could be rough for those who never got the cake recipe.  My tip to you would be keep doing the Dalaran Daily and the Outland Daily cooking quests.  Those are the two sources for this recipe so I’d work on both until you get it.  I would love to see Blizzard take pity on anyone who hasn’t managed to get it for over a YEAR and add it to the token vendor’s recipes… but clearly they don’t listen to me ;)

The Outland Gourmet: This one requires you to make every Outland recipe in the game.  Once again, if you’re missing one or more of The Rokk’s recipes you should probably keep doing his daily until you get it.  Don’t forget to train the recipes from Kylene the Barmaid in Shattrath.

Captain Rumsey’s Lager: This comes from the goodie bag given with the Fishing daily quest in Shattrath.  Luckily it comes from the only Fishing quest that doesn’t require Outland-level fishing.  You only have to do Crocolisks in the City which sends you to Stormwind/Orgrimmar and you can get by with minimal fishing level.  I’ve done it on my rogue who’s sitting under 50 fishing skill.

Dinner Impossible: Present a Great Feast in each of five battlegrounds.  I’m sure this doesn’t sound hard for some of you, but those of us who dislike PvP might not be too jazzed.  It’s my understanding that you can just pop this up at the beginning of the battle and then leave, just make sure you get the completion credit before you run like a little girl :)

The Northrend Gourmet: Make one of every Northrend recipe in the game.  This will require you to collect and craft every new recipe.  Obviously the main time sink will be getting all the  recipes from the daily quest vendor.  You’ll also have to get all of the recipes for the Emotion foods, which are random world drops.  My anecdotal evidence is that they seem to drop pretty frequently in the early dungeons, so you could try running those.  As for the world drop chances, I’ve looted them from such a wide range of critters that I don’t think there’s any meaningful pattern.

Collecting the mats will also be a pain, most folks just won’t be making such a wide variety of foods for personal use.  Concerted effort is required, and if you don’t fish it will probably cost you.  You’ll just have to keep an eye on the auctions and try to find fish that are posted at a reasonable price.  For some fish this is harder than others, demand is pretty good for the better fish foods.

My own path required a couple of hours of hunting for specific nodes of fish across half the continent, just to fill in the gaps of the foods I hadn’t casually prepared myself.  I also had to farm/buy additional meats for the feasts I hadn’t made yet.  Don’t forget you need 5 extra Great Feasts for “Dinner Impossible”.  Right now I’ve done every achievement except that one, which I’ll tackle later tonight.

As always, feel free to share any tips you might have for the “Chef” achievements in the Comments :)


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  1. dorgol Says:

    Tips? Don’t really have any other than “don’t miss the daily cooking quest if you can possibly avoid it”.

    Also, the Cake recipe really DOES seem to be random. My druid has only done a few of the Shattrath daily quests, but managed to get it on his 3rd Dalaran quest.

    The “emotion” foods drop EVERYWHERE. Including raid dungeons (saw two of them drop in Naxx last weekend). I know it’s random, but I had all 4 recipes on my Paladin before leaving the Fjord, and my Warlock has 2 (or 3?) and he only recently finished the same zone.

    My own journey to Chef was delayed as I didn’t get WotLK until nearly 6 weeks after release. However, I’ll be getting the title Wednesday (or tomorrow if I’m lucky)… I’m just lacking 2 Tokens to buy the Fish Feast recipe. Once I have the title on my Paladin, I’ll start focusing on getting it on my Druid, Warlock, and (maybe) Warrior.

    In case you didn’t notice, Cooking is my favorite tradeskill seeing as I’ve leveled it on every character except my mage (conjured food has it’s own benefits).

  2. Gorman Ghaste Says:

    Patch 3.1 will make getting the Chef de Cuisine achievement (160 recipes) easier–vendors that sell the Dig Rat Stew recipe will be added for both horde and alliance.

  3. dorgol Says:

    Speaking of Dig Rat Stew… some enterprising players have been putting that recipe on the Alliance AH for the last few weeks at a minimum of 350g (though I saw the maximum listing at 3500g).

    I’m betting those players who actually SPENT a coupl-a-hundred gold on that recipe are going to be PO’d. :)

  4. Alazasthas Says:

    Well I just wanted to add that getting the Northrend Gourmet also entitles gettign Cooking up to 450, as you need that skill level to purchase the Fish Feast.

    Also, you need 425 to get the Gigantic ans Small Feast….and you’ll need those to level up to 450 if you want to spend less mats cooking :D

  5. kaliope Says:

    Thanks for the tip Alaz! I was already capped when I started this project, so I didn’t think about the repercussions to folks who weren’t capped. But yes, you’ll need to be 450 cooking to learn the Fish Feast, which is part of the Northrend Gourmet achievement.

    However the Chef de Cuisine achievement (learn 160 recipes) is not part of the Chef meta-achievement as I currently only know 130ish recipes and I still qualified with the lower version (I believe 100 recipes is the one that counts).

  6. Antont Says:

    When i leveled my Deathknight through outland, he was just a fun sideproject. No intention of even becoming an alt. Therefore i destroied my Buzzard Bites recipie from the quest in Hellfire.

    Now, however, he’s my alt wannabe tank, and i have decided to max hes cooking. How can i get to cook buzzard bites now, so that i can become the Chef that i am of heart? ^^

  7. Alazasthas Says:

    Yep you only need 100 cooking recipes to get the meta achievemet. I just installed a crafting mod called “Ackis Recipe List” which allows you to scan your professions and see what you are missing.

    The 160 achievement calls to get all the cooking recipes in Azeroth, Outlands and Northrend, except the only epic pattern involved in the War of the Shifting quest. So if you have the achievement you surely have combed all of the cooking that could be done :D

    Antont, if you want that recipe you will have to roads: hitting the AH to see if one is available, or place a ticket to a GM to restore it.

  8. dorgol Says:

    @Antont: Sit in Hellfire and pay some lowbie DK to give you the recipe after they finish the quest. :)

    @Kaliope: Just thought i’d drop in and congrats myself on getting Chef title yesterday. I was feeling so good I shared 3 Fish Feasts with a random Malygos 10 pug that kept wiping. :)

  9. kaliope Says:

    Gratz Dorgol! I got mine a couple of nights ago and I celebrated by firing off the rest of my heart fireworks in Dalaran. I still have a Fish Feast in my bag that I’m debating how to use….

  10. Alazasthas Says:

    Only thing I might complaint about is the waste of resources you need to do to get to 450. I think that novelty items (just like the Gigantic and Small Feast) should be requeried for the Northrend Gournet….but not the sole means to get to 450 with cooking 25 of them.

    I like the idea od becoming larger or smaller, but they dont do anything else for the amount of items needed. But well thats me :D

  11. Rakhman Says:

    For the Dinner Impossible achievement, I would recommend doing the following:

    Queue for a battleground, say AV, then queue for another (eg WSG) then another (eg AB). I think the max is 3. When you are offered the first BG, take it, lay out the feast. Check the achievement that you get credit (I did). You should get offered to join another battleground immediately, or soon. Accept and repeat. /afk out of the last one, or play it if you want.

    You can even get offered to join 2 BGs at once – two dialogs will appear. Just accept one, when you zone in the other dialog is still there, so you can lay your feast and get into the next BG. I did my last 3 BGs in around 3 minutes using this technique.

  12. kaliope Says:

    Rakhman: That’s a great tip for the BG achievement, I wasted a couple of hours going into BGs, deserting and then waiting for the deserter buff to wear off so I could queue up again. Of course I used the down time to work on my Coins in the Fountain achievement, but I’m sure this will help other folks who don’t really want to waste that much time on one achievement :)

    Alaz: I agree with you that for the amount of resources needed, a simple “big”/”little” buff is kind of a let down.

  13. Raima Says:

    I got the Chef title a few days after it became possible to get it (the patch that introduced the missing recipes plus a few new ones). The hardest part for me was remembering to do the cooking daily every day, and I didn’t get the cake recipe until just before I had enough tokens to get the final recipe from the vendor.

    I’m working on the Chef de Cuisine now, and am 3 recipes short. Its frustrating, because there are only 4 recipes left that I’ll be able to get, and all are alliance (I’m horde). I have many alliance-only type recipes that some kind alliance fellow has been listing on the neutral server for 2-4g each, but the Clam Chowder, Moongraze Tenderloin, Kaldeori Spider Kabob (sp?) and Filet of Frenzy recipes have not been sold when I’ve been looking, and I”m starting to think I need to start up a second account just to have an alliance toon on that server to put things up, lol.

    Unless any of you reading this have alliance toons on Maiev? You can make a killing with those 4 recipes :)

  14. kaliope Says:

    Raima: I recently used a Horde toon to purchase the vendor pets for my Alliance characters, so I think that’s the easiest route for cross faction items if you have the option. I’m also toying with doing the same for the one Alchemy recipe I’m missing. It might be easier to make your own lowbie alt than coordinate with another player to sell it to you.

    Also, two of the recipes you list (moongraze tenderloin & kaldorei spider kabob) are quest-related, so it’s unlikely that anyone would sell them Horde-side. But you could make a brand new Alliance toon, level up to 10 in an hour or so and do the quests yourself :)

  15. dorgol Says:

    Yeah, I’m still 3 recipes short of 160. Deviate Delight is one of them, but I’m not willing to pay the AH price it gets posted to on the Ally AH. One of the others can be bought in the Draenei starter area, I just haven’t made it there to buy it. The last one I’m waiting for is Dig Rat Stew… gogo 3.1 for us Alliance dudes. :)

  16. Hema Says:

    I got the chef title the day the patch came out as I was ready to go, but as for the 160 recipe achievement…it seems to be bugged. Im not sure if any of your readers have got it yet, but I have got all available recipes except the epic AQ one, the dig rat stew and, not being a rogue, thistle tea. My achievement is only showing 157/160 however so im not quite sure what else to do :(

  17. Svet Says:

    @Antont – the Buzzard Bites recipe also shows up in limited quantities on the Desolace Kodo Caravan sellers.

  18. Alazasthas Says:

    Folks, remember that the last tier of the cooking recipes learned (thats it 160) is not needed for the meta. Youonly need to know 100 for that one.

    If you are a completisionist like myslef, well you only need to bite the bullet and hit the AH for the other faction recipes…..if you are like me in a PvP server :D

  19. Alazasthas Says:

    Hema: As I said before, just download the Ackis Recipe List mod from curse. That one check your profession tab and tell you which ones are you missing.

    I was amazed the other day I did it. The maximium amount of recipes you can learn is 161 (at least for me as an Alliance)….need to check if that counts the thistle tea…if so, well we are screwed to get the broodlord head.

  20. Raima Says:

    Its somewhat more difficult for me to just make an alliance toon and use it, since it will require purchasing another whole account to do it. PvP realms are annoying that way. If I’m lucky, my husband has some friends who play who don’t already have any horde toons on our server.

    I know that the spider kabobs and the moongraze tenderloin are quest rewards, but I always hope somebody will decide to make an alt just to farm 250g a day or whatever they could make off that recipe on the neutral auction house. Probably more, lol. Just make the toon, level it high enough to get the recipe, sell it, collect the funds, mail it to your main, and delete the alt. Especially effective on realms like Maiev, which is horde heavy, and the need for recipes like that is high (among those like me who want that achievement just to have that achievement).

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