Engineering Change in Patch 3.1

Under the guise of a “buff” comes this revelation about Patch 3.1 from Eyonix “Consumable ammunition has been removed from the game.While I’m sure Hunters will happily ditch their quivers and kiss their arrows and bullets goodbye, this is a nerf to Engineers.  There’s not a whole lot that Engineers can make for other players and I suspect many of us rely on ammo as an income-generating item.  Other products we can sell are scopes, which are only replaced for a weapon upgrade, and motorcycles which are a high-end, single purchase item.  Engineers can also make the Overcharged Capacitor, but this is a limited market item since the quest for it is only done once per character

While I’m happy for Hunters and their new freedom from weapon consumables, I can’t help but wonder where this leaves Engineers.  I know that we aren’t intended to be a high cash-flow profession, but taking away one of our major revenue sources is kinda crummy.  I can only hope that Blizzard intends to implement something new for us in an upcoming patch <> that
will replace ammo as a consumable item.  Obviously there’s been no announcement along these lines, but so far there’s been no information about tradeskills at all, so that’s not conclusive.

I guess the question is, how many Engineers actually rely on their profession to generate gold and how many use their second profession for cash instead?  My second profession on my Engineer is Enchanting, not exactly a brilliant combination.  As a result this particular toon tends to be more gold-challenged than my other toons, although my Leatherworking Scribe isn’t too far behind right now.  On the other hand, I’m not sure I have much room to complain since Engineers are the only crafter that can farm Eternals, whichs tend to be pretty popular.  My Engineer is 71 now, which means she can’t really farm Eternals as effectively as a level 80 can.  So I’m not sure I’m the best judge of the state of Engineering for folks who can navigate the world more effectively.  Plus a lot of Engineers take Mining as their second trade, which is generally a pretty good revenue source.

It’s hard for me to say how much of a problem the loss of ammo is vs. the Eternals, Scopes and Hogs that are still on the menu.  But I’m going to assume it’s a problem and suggest that Blizzard come up with some new goodies for Engineers.  I really dig these new vehicle quests we have which parachute you out if you somehow screw up, so how about consumable parachutes that are usable by other players?  Other than Druids, no one else has the ability for insta-cast flight, perhaps parachutes would be a good safety net for those Oops moments?  Flares didn’t really find a footing in BC, but if they were a bit larger and lasted longer, they might pick up steam as a raid consumable.  We used them this weekend for practicing the Heigan dance and I thought they did a pretty good job for that.  Perhaps a new mount would be a good way to go, I think it would be fun if Engineers could make a basic version of one of these new combat vehicles, although that might get a bit out of control in PvP.  Then again, it might make folks like me who don’t care for PvP a bit more likely to participate =)

This is a bit off-topic for marketable goods, but I’d also like to point out that we did not get a new transporter trinket for Northrend.  I think those crazy gnomes at Fizzcrank’s Airstrip or K3 are both great candidates for that.  With all the new pet related Achievements in the game, it’s high time we had a few new Engineering pets.  I think an evil Mecha-Gnome would be a fantastic pet!  We’re also missing a new transmogrification gadget (aka Poultryizer) that we can use to torture other players.  I like leper gnomes, or dare I dream of perhaps… Ogres?!?!  Ogre dance FTW!!!

This is just a few of my ideas for ways to spice up Engineering after the ammo is gone.  I’ve put together a little poll to let Engineers speak out on this topic.  You can vote in the poll here and please fill out the last question if you want to share your own ideas.  I’m sure my fellow propeller heads have great ideas too… so serve ’em up!


14 Responses to “Engineering Change in Patch 3.1”

  1. BobTurkey Says:

    Tis a bit sad for Engineers really. Making my own ammo was one of the main reasons my hunter is an engineer. Hope they put some useful stuff in to replace the ammo patterns, athough I suspect they’ll leave the patterns and just make them unlimited use.

    Gobble gobble.

  2. Zigystardust Says:

    Having just maxed my priest’s engineering last night, I’d love to get my hands on a new Dimensional Ripper. It seems like they left out a lot of the “fun” items that engineering traditionally had, pets included, in Wrath.

  3. Posolutely Says:

    Another nerf to Engineering was the buffing of the player-made BoE epic plate helms.

    The Engineering goggles, as a result, are no longer even close to best in slot.

    I mean, the least they could do is let my totally awesome glove rockets stack with a normal glove enchant… right?

  4. Tlo Says:

    Breaking news on Feb 10, 2009 – consumable ammunition will not be removed in Patch 3.1. They still plan to make this change in a future patch.

    In Patch 3.1, they will remove the quiver/ammo pouch, somehow preserve the attack speed bonus of the quiver/ammo pouch, and greatly increase the stack size of ammo.

  5. kaliope Says:

    Yep, was just going to put another post up now :)

  6. Dave Says:

    Hopefully the presevation of attack speed doesn’t get handled by the same team that was supposedly going to introduce a new way to increase mount speed when the riding crop got nerfed….

  7. Adam T. Says:

    Well, two things bother me slightly. One, having several engineers myself, I agree, this will take away a major source of cash-flow for me. I sell ammo to many others, as well as having my Leatherworker make the ammo pouches that are popular amongst some. There are plenty of other ways to make gold to be sure, but this would generally net me 20-40 a day even if I was being lazy about it.

    Also, while I applaud Big Blue for making money on WoW and attempting to please the masses (which they do very well) … can some of us agree that ammo *should be* a consumable item?! I don’t know an archer IRL that gets his arrows back. I was disappointed to hear about this. I’m in the minority though and I am a casual player that liked the challenge of the game when a certain … balance … was missing. I believe some people should be excluded from things and some things should require a true, major effort to obtain. For me anyway, it adds to the game.

    Anyone else have an opinion on that aspect?

  8. Dave Says:

    That legendary bow that doesn’t require ammo suddenly seems a lot less….legendary.

  9. Poule Says:

    Engineers make a lot of money selling eternals that they extract out of thin air (on my server anyway) so i’m not too sad about your revenue making abilities.

  10. ClemSnide Says:

    Me, I don’t sell the Primals/Eternals from gas clouds (“fart mining” as I call it), since I have so many other crafters who need it. Even if my guys don’t, there’s always a guildie who does. And now that my Alchemist has all the Northrend transformation discoveries, it’s going swimmingly, if a little slowly– that huge amount of Earth that my Miner digs up can become the much more useful Air in one day (less if she gets a bonus for being a Master).

    But he could sell them if he wanted. I have also sold some ammo, or the ammo-making machines, at a decent profit; not quite enough to buy the materials at auction and mass-produce them, but enough to supply my Hunter and then some.

    My whol chara setup is,in fact, aimed at self-sufficiency. Between us I can work in any profession, and now that we have Enchant scrolls and reduced BoP items, can cover my charas’ needs in most cases.

    I’m not too worried about money; I have enough to do the things I really want to, though it’s going to get dicey when everyone hits 70 at the same time and needs a fast flier! But who knows? By that time, Blizzard might decide to cut the cost of higher-level Riding skill. You never know.

    On the topic of ammo as a consumable, though, I’d prefer to see things left as they are. Hunters are pretty potent charas, and limiting them by having to carry arrows or bullets is just part of the cost of doing business. What next? Making pets happy all the time and not requiring us to carry around food for them?

  11. Tlo Says:

    As for the hunter pet happiness issue, my hunter uses Glyph of Mend Pet and no longer carries pet food…

  12. Gunisher Says:

    I always saw the extra cost from buying bullets countered the reduced cost in repairing from FD. But I’m not gonna complain about it. As an engineer i am only really making bullets for myself these days.

  13. Okori of Zangarmarsh Says:

    What engineers really need is a reusable Repair Bot with a ~4 hour cooldown (Similar to Moll-e) that gives us a cut of the repairs that people make with it!

  14. Balshon of Staghelm Says:

    Okori that’s a beautiful idea why shouldn’t we be able to get the money from the bot after all it’s our materials that went to make it and we still have to pay for repairs off of it so in my opinion we should get all the money off of the device after all no one else did the work to make the thing except the engineer

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