Recipe Data Updated for 3.0.8

This is just a quick post to let everyone know that I think I’ve finally caught up on all my updates for our recipe data and hopefully it’s current with Patch 3.0.8.  New items include all the PVP gem recipes that were added to the Wintergrasp vendor, as well as the known World Drop gem recipes that were just released.  Also included are the ongoing Alchemy discoveries and Inscription research glyphs that I’ve been plugging away on since November.  If anyone spots any errors or omissions, feel free to drop me an email!

Also, we’re starting to get some preview information for Patch 3.1 through official forum postings.  To be honest I didn’t expect to see a PTR for at least a month after 3.0.8, so it’s rather surprising to me that Blizz is already leaking information, with rumors of a new PTR any day.  On the other hand, clearly players are unhappy with the current state of the union, so perhaps this is their way of reducing the angst.  So far I haven’t seen any crafting related news, in fact according to MMO-Champion’s Blue Tracker there hasn’t been a Blue Post tied to Professions in two weeks.  This makes me a sad girl, that so little attention is being paid to the Crafting Community.  I sure hope it’s not indicative of their intentions for 3.1 in general.

There seems to be a pretty strong feeling (not backed up by any Blue as far as I have found) that 3.1 will give us dual specs.  As soon as the PTRs go up, I plan to hop in there and investigate that as my top priority.  In the meantime, any Scribes who plan to cash in on the frenzy surely can’t go wrong by stockpiling some herbs.  I’m still contemplating my options but I do plan to put some effort into preparing for the spike in Glyph sales.  I don’t know that I’ll go all out as Markco has suggested, mostly because I don’t have enough free time to farm all those herbs and keep up with all of my other “Tome” duties :)  But I’ll be happy to share my thoughts on that once I decide what I’m doing, perhaps it will be helpful to those who want to take a more moderate approach.


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