PTR Cooking Update (3.0.8)

Over the weekend I was finally able to purchase the Small Feast recipe to test the 425-450 range of Cooking.  I did have to spend some time gathering the necessary fish – I didn’t bring any with me to the Test Realm.  As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, the Feast recipes are yellow when you learn them and turn green very quickly, to the frustration of Cooks wanting to hit the level cap.

Despite that, I was getting skill points for them 90% of the time on the test server, which is pretty good.  And I’m happy to confirm that the Small Feast recipe stayed yellow beyond 437 (the point that it currently turns green).  It stayed yellow all the way to 440 and all the way to 445.  I ran out of meats/fish to cook beyond that, but I think it’s unlikely for it to turn green until 450.  Even if it does, this will eliminate a HUGE amount of pain and suffering on the part of chefs everywhere.  I’d much rather suck it up for the last few points of Cooking than endure the torture of slogging through 13 points of skill on green recipes.

Here’s a pic of my Cooking window at 445:

Cooking Skill Changes 3.0.8 PTR

Cooking Skill Changes 3.0.8 PTR

So thanks to reader Gorman for reporting on this rumor (this change is not mentioned in the patch notes) and prompting my investigation =)


6 Responses to “PTR Cooking Update (3.0.8)”

  1. Gorman Ghaste Says:

    Thanks for investigating–I’m just glad that it seems to be true, since I’m still at 448 cooking!

  2. kaliope Says:

    Well I can’t promise it will help at 448 since I wasn’t able to confirm beyond 445 but I’m hopeful that it will hold thru 450. Good luck!

  3. Gorman Ghaste Says:

    Confirmed–the 2 feasts did stay yellow through 449.

  4. kaliope Says:

    Thanks for coming back and sharing, that’s good news for other Cooks who are looking to cap :)

  5. Gorman Ghaste Says:

    Now that we have those 3 new recipes, I was wondering if you’d consider doing a post on the Chef de Cuisine achievement? I’m sitting at 159, and I know I don’t have Dig Rat Stew (I’m alliance) or the Chimera Chops. I have rarer ones like Deviate Delight, Goldthorn Tea, Desert Dumplings, and all the outland cooking daily reward recipes. I was just wondering if there were any others I’m missing.

  6. Diabolos Says:

    Thanks for this helpful post! I grinded to 450 cooking last night and managed to get my Chef title! ALLEZ CUISINE!

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