New Alchemy Goodies in Patch 3.0.8

Alchemy is getting a couple of new items in the upcoming patch, nothing major but still interesting.  The first new item is called “Lesser Flask of Resistance” and it gives +50 to all schools of magic for one hour.  Like all other flasks, it persists through death.  This doesn’t seem like a highly beneficial item, but for guilds who are moving through new content it could be handy to beef up resistance among your ranks.

The main problem I see with it is the use of Fire Leaf, an already high-priced component.  From what I can tell the low availability of Fire Leaf is the main reason that the Flask of Endless Rage is consistently more expensive than other Northrend flasks.  By adding Fireleaf to yet another flask (in competition with Flask of Endless Rage) I can see the supply getting even uglier.  Here’s a pic of the recipe for those interested:

Alchemy Lesser Flask of Resistance

Alchemy Lesser Flask of Resistance

The second new item for Alchemists is a fun little goodie called Ethereal Oil.  This is a fished-based oil, much like the Pygmy Oil or Blackmouth Oil items.  And it uses the Glassfin Minnow, which up until now had no use in-game despite being implemented since Beta.  At this point Ethereal Oil has a pure novelty usage, it turns the drinker translucent for five minutes.  Even cooler – it stacks with Pygmy Oil.  For those of you who haven’t discovered this yet (or didn’t want to waste your Pygmy Oil), Pygmy Oil stacks and if you drink enough of them you get transformed into a Pygmy.  Now with this additional effect you could be a Ghost Pygmy!  I might have had a little fun playing with these effects… here are some pics of the two oils in action:

Ethereal Oil in Action

Ethereal Oil in Action

And for those of you who want to see the recipe itself for collection purposes:

Ethereal Oil

Alchemy: Ethereal Oil


7 Responses to “New Alchemy Goodies in Patch 3.0.8”

  1. Dahl Says:

    I do think Ethereal Oil will be used for fun .. and bg =)
    Anyway, it’s like a food buff, you drink it?
    Does it persist on death or no?
    /frush hands and start fishing ^^

  2. kaliope Says:

    Dahl: It’s not like a food buff, it’s like a potion. You drink it and you are ghostly – no waiting. So yeah, I could see that being useful in BGs since the effect can be done on the fly. Wow, that would make you hard to target, sounds very handy for a healer!

    I did not test it thru death, but I assume that would wipe it. It only lasts 5 minutes anyway, I’m guessing you’d want to keep a stack on hand for repeat usage.

  3. dorgol Says:

    Ethereal Oil is used in the new Elixir of Water Walking recipe. Personally, I’ve never seen anyone using the Pygmy oil, so I have doubts on Ethereal Oil being used much.

  4. Thunder Says:

    Nobody used Pygmy oil because it was so rare and had a far greater value in its use for Mojo flasks. Its component, the pygmy suckerfish, was mostly found in open water in the low level zones.
    Great news though. The suckers seem to be dropping in every low level fish node since 3.08. Fishermen and alchy’s rejoice!

  5. kaliope Says:

    I agree with Thunder, I believe the reason folks weren’t using Pygmy Oil is because it was hard to come by – it was used as a component in at least one flask recipe – and therefore no one wanted to waste it for entertainment purposes. That was certainly *my* reason for hoarding it instead of drinking it :)

    On the PTR pygmy suckerfishes were dropping from inland spawned pools at a 75% rate, which I didn’t report because I suspected it was a testing scenario only. However, last night I confirmed that they are still dropping from inland fishing spawns, only at a much lower ratio (maybe 10%). This is notably easier to collect than the previous methods, so I think this will mean higher availability in general and a greater willingness to use it for fun.

  6. Diabolos Says:

    I went fishing in Sholazar and Grizzly Hills last night to get my cooking to 450 (Chef! Woot!), and I did get a TON of Pygmy Suckerfish, all from pools. I’m guesstimating from memory, but I think I got roughly 70 of the expected fish from pool spawns, and close to 50 Suckerfish when I was done. I pretty much tried to fish ONLY from the pools, since I only needed Nettlefish and Glacial Salmon. This was all done in about 90 minutes.

  7. Markco Says:

    These two potions are great! The invis one is sort of a new deviate fish for fooling around and the resistance potion would be great for bg’s. I have a post coming out 1/29/2009 that has to deal with making money from alchemy pvp potions. I’m going to link to this post to provide more information for my bloggers.



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